IQeon – The First Decentralized Gaming Platform

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IQeon – The First Decentralized Gaming Platform

IQeon – This time I will talk about the diversion everybody realizes that the diversion was a versatile amusement that used to divert themselves from little youngsters to grown-ups, and could spend up to hours at an opportunity to play in the diversion is likewise a variety of diversion kinds, for example, enterprise, astound, fps, survival, and others. also, now the market has been developing quickly diversion sales and further developed, and numerous are presently utilizing the cash to purchase a virtual money in the amusement is the precious stone utilized for the exchange to buy the things et cetera. here I will clarify a fascinating platform for gamers absolutely what platform it yes I will clarify platform IQeon.

IQeon is the first decentralized gaming platform in which players can earn real money competing with each other in intellectual games.

Probably everyone at one time dreamed of just playing games and getting paid for it. At last, it became possible. Thanks to the decentralized IQeon gaming platform, everyone can earn real money on their intelligence and achievements in the game.

Sounds good, right? Let’s see how this will happen.

IQeon creates an ecosystem of various games and mobile applications with the ability to earn game currency by performing achievements or defeating opponents in intellectual games. At any time, you can exchange this currency for IQeon (IQN) tokens, which have a certain pecuniary value.

With the introduction of the blockade into intellectual games, it becomes possible to guarantee automatic payment to the winner thanks to smart contracts. Earlier, if the players wanted to receive material compensation for the PvP duel, an oral agreement was established, which could be broken and the winner could not be paid. Thanks to IQeon, this factor is eliminated and the duel between online players can be called fair and fair. Not only because the payment is guaranteed, but because the conditions of the game are absolutely the same for all participants in the fight. Solves only your intellect and ability to adapt quickly.

What are the benefits for mobile application developers?

In order to create a quality mobile application and monetize it, you need large investments. The IQeon platform allows developers and content owners to create their own application with a simple design with minimal labor costs and attachments. You can use the ready-made scripts database and game mechanics that are represented in the designer, and create your own, unique application.

The next point – the developers of the application will constantly earn from the commission. For example, players who want to bet or “fight” in one of the games make equal bets (for example, 500 IQeon each). The number of bets will be 1000 IQeon, 88% (880 IQeon) of which will be
the prize fund that the winner will receive, and 12% (120 IQeon) will be the commission of the platform. 50% of the platform commission (60 IQeon) is paid to the developer as a reward.

What will the investor receive from investing in IQeon?

Of course, it will increase its invested capital! First, the game industry is developing very rapidly, with more and more users downloading new games and applications every day, but no mobile application allows you to earn and withdraw real money. That will significantly affect the popularity of the platform, and then the price of the IQT token.

Secondly, the partnership system introduced by IQeon will expand the circle of developers and users in the ecosystem of the platform, which will increase the demand for this cryptocurrency.

Thirdly, based on IQeon, it is possible to create not only intellectual games but also applications for learning and motivation. The last two versions of applications are gaining popularity since 2015 when most people began to be interested in self-development, proper nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.

ICO Details

  • Start sales: January 30, 2018.
  • Sales end: March 13, 2018 or upon reaching the maximum amount, which is equal to 20 000 ETH.
  • Accepted currencies: ETH, LTC, BTC
  • Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum investment: There are no restrictions.
  • The quantity of tokens for sale: 6 500 000 IQN

During the ICO, a bonus program operates, the size of which decreases with each week. So if you plan to invest in a promising project – now is the time!

How will the released tokens be distributed?

In total, it is planned to issue 10,000,000 IQNs based on the ERC20 standard. The distribution will be as follows:

IQeon Bonus

  • Pre-sale (2 rounds) = 13% (1,300,000 IQN)
  • Public sale = 57% (5,700,000 IQN)
  • The project team = 12% (1 200 000 IQN)
  • Bonus Fund = 10% (1 000 000 IQN)
  • Partners and consultants = 6% (600,000 IQN)
  • Bounty program = 2% (200,000 IQN)
  • All tokens that are not sold at the ICO stage are destroyed!

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