IOU – True P2p E-commerce Loyalty Platform On Blockchain

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IOU – True P2p E-commerce Loyalty Platform On Blockchain

IOU establish formal arrangements to work with formal input to the forefront in the provision of employment agreement in write mode and the CEO, CFO and COO (each, an “executive”) of. The employment agreement includes clause restrictions such as non-competition and non-solicitation provisions. the employment agreement also explains and appreciate the constructive dismissal termination, severance, and additional provisions standby control executive should stop the game after the payment of a monthly salary for 12 months, between 6 and 18 bonus and benefits along the right control changes.

IOU Respect is a unique and amazing platform for cooperation and development of non-public, international networks and communications childhood. IOU challenge, I expressed my belief and values, experience and discover the differences of each brilliant, from the “other” point of research, mushrooms, strengthen my personality.

IOU is still well placed in the forefront of the democratization of the Revolution fintech access to capital for small businesses. IOU hope to continue the development of the mortgage, and all profits generated by 2018.

IOU closed the first quarter 2018 of $ 804 088, not including adjusted earnings lovely after non-cash and non-recurring specific items, compared to two $ 07 000 in 2017, the first two of this two $ 15,000 two enhancement Internet a quarter adjusted net loss of income after adjustments basically due to two $ 1 million in the provision of mortgage losses and contrast the same time ultimately reduce operating costs by $ 0.6 million for the quarter, 01 000 yuan two $ minimize prolonged total revenue.

IOU is placed in the mall and has put a simple and informal dining area. Used to be very friendly, attentive providers, giving us pure people there most of us for dinner. We went for the all you can eat $ 25.99, leaving very satisfied. Taste fresh fish and quail photo has been fun and delicious. We caught sushi, so I can not comment definitely on a roll. They also have ruled out the lunch menu AYCE unique volume. It is still simple and hand-rolled by a roller. lunch price is around $ 20 including tax. Since I do not usually order volume, the lunch is definitely the way to go! If you eat lunchtime, dinner, and expectations and the price on the uniqueness of rolls, they will adapt.

IOU is located in a strip mall investment, there is a simple and informal dining room. suppliers are very friendly and attentive, we had given the man whom most of us purely dinner. We went for the all you can eat $ 25.99, leaving very satisfied. Taste fresh fish and quail shot was interesting and tasty. We caught sushi, so I can not in reality, then roll. In addition, they also have the AYCE lunch menu Volume exclusion is unique. It is still easy to roll and including a hand roller. Lunch level is around $ 20 including tax. Since I do not usually order volume, lunch faithful way to go! If you come to the dinner cost at all through lunch and support the unique role, they will adapt.

Originally hundred million during Q2 2018 Financial IOU $ 29.2 according to today announced the company’s quarterly financial statements. This is 11.6%, in contrast with the same amplification Ultimate, and 19.1%, compared with the previous quarter, $ 24.5 million to enlarge originated. This is a favorable addition of 0.33 IOU consecutive quarterly profit.

Viral Tokenizing

Every consumer will truly be a “proxy” is based on the pursuit of P2P exchange when needed and the value of the transaction, etc., which are obtained through trade IOUs consumers against other consumers. This approach allows the company to acquire new customers and really loyal and steady influx of customers.

Consumers will have access to secure, on a promissory note with the specific terms of promotional products or providing investment services as an end, a number of exchanges and time. This flexibility will give consumers a certain period of time, use of the product or service, or to provide consumers elsewhere around the world the opportunity to conduct transactions IOU.

For example, consumers in the purchase of a Roman restaurant IOUs, and to Paris could trade him / her IOU with consumers who are traveling to Rome B restaurant in Paris. We believe that many consumers will choose to buy more than IOUs from the same business if there is an interesting opportunity to offer more deals with other consumers. This approach makes customer satisfaction while allowing businesses will not only get the chance to attract new customers but also in advance to receive their money.

IOUX Tokens Utilization

Businesses must pay 5% of the cost of gas IOUX tokens provided to each consumer IOU issued (in kind made by the other encryption 5% of the purchase cost, while purchases made by IOUX sign will be waived). In exchange, the token holder to provide IOUX Token IOUX per transaction will receive an additional 5% discount to reward consumers. After 20 additional loyalty to explain the same token every time cumulative 1,000 merchants and consumer transaction token.

Businesses will also have the option of paying for the service is assured and a refund if the goods or services they offer IOU provided unsatisfactorily. Therefore, additional IOUX temporary sign will be maintained for the period until the completion of the offer of IOUs. In issuing bonds, discount merchants must approve discount token, service assurance, and gas costs provisions. This structure ensures that demand high availability and IOUX token.

IOUX Token & ICO Details

Merchants will be required to pay a five percent gas fee using IOUX tokens for each and every IOU offer that is issued for clients. In return, IOUX token holders will be provided with a five percent discount as an incentive. They would also receive an additional 20 loyalty tokens every time a consumer or merchant accumulates transactional tokens totaling 1000 or more.

Post ICO Token Distribution

  • Public — 57.5%
  • Founders and Management — 20%
  • ICO Advisors and Bounty Marketers — 2%
  • Company — 20.5%
  • Parameters Of The ICO
  • Total number of tokens: 800,000,000
  • 800 IOUX tokens= 1 ETH
  • Pre-ICO: 10, 000,000 tokens with a 40% volume bonus
  • ICO: 100,000,000 tokens (tokens sold bonus, time of crowd sale bonus, and volume bonus


IOU is located in a shopping center, and there is a food court that is simple and informal. suppliers are very friendly and attentive, given that we are the only one present in most of our dinner. We went for the all you can eat $ 25.99, leaving very satisfied. The fish has a fresh taste and quail were interesting and delicious. We caught sushi, so I can not comment on the rolls. They also have ruled out rolling AYCE lunch menu is unique. It is always easier to roll and including a hand roller. Lunch is about $ 20, including tax. Since I am not pointing the volume, the lunch is really the way to go! If you find the cost of lunch and dinner in your favorite roll with a difference, they will fit you.
Finance IOU generated in the second quarter of 2018, the $ 200 million posted a 29.2 according to the company’s quarterly financial report today. This is the last year has increased by 11.6%, from $ 24.5 million, an increase of 19.1% in the previous quarter. This is also the continuous use of the results of a good hostel 0.33.
IOU tell me, I do not remember my trust, my faith, I have to listen to other people make their views known. I found much less to judge and to love more. In doing so, I have learned to absolute power and glory of human solidarity. I think it’s because I left a new family, with whom I hope to find myself in the near future. Thank you for honoring IOU 2016 members and group leaders as well as those who make our meetings possible. I am a high-quality human wisdom I have ever seen, and they brought me a great sense of gratitude.

When someone lends money to other characters, and hope to have the money to reduce debt confirm a date written normally. When lenders provide vendor or product, can also be used to confirm and make payments, pay for it later.

Identify opportunities for debt management, and may be empty. Empty with any treatment, if it is a valid object IOU efforts produce RWTHRInvalidPointer two exceptions. You can assess the recognition of the value of the agreement is supported by using two examples of isValid () member is empty.

A debt is recognized as written proof of the debt. If signed by the borrower, the better. As a proof of the debt, signed a promissory valuable as any promissory note. Only the bells and whistles commitments missing a notification. Can be confirmed for the signing of the debt can be used to protect any promissory notes may be used in the objection.

A debt claimed to recognize non-paper debt, this debt does not necessarily involve a monetary value, because it can also involve a real product. informal nature may also identify potential liabilities is uncertain whether it is contract enforcement, the law provides for the lender can be excluded with a formal contract, such as the ratio. Because of this uncertainty, debt instruments generally do not identify any time of litigation or negotiation.

debt instruments can also be used to write, as a means to facilitate future transactions daily review. Files can also be used for a person or company would like to clarify two Amortization Loan Office within a certain period. With debt recognized in the form of loans, payment plans are a must. Potential pay the loan amount, activity, number and frequency of payments to pay celebration on further debt to cover all forms of identification points. However, recognition may also involve credit debt debt debt two departments

IOU tell me, I do not remember how my faith is faith, and I have to listen to others and their well-known sight. I found far fewer judges, more love. In doing so, I have learned to absolute power and glory of human solidarity. I agree that this is because I went to a new home, a fact that I fully intend and near future reunion. Thank you, members,, of the leadership group and IOU honor in 2016 and they made our meeting possible. I am a person of high quality I have ever seen and wisdom, they have been sent to my life much grateful.

When people lend money to all personalities and other desires, midfielder money IOUs have the help of a unique date usually written. promissory notes and when the settlement provides a method of providing or using another product can be paid by it at a later date.

Global Digital E-Commerce Trends

  • Total global population: 7.476 billion people. Urbanization stands at 54%
  • Internet users: 3.773 billion. Penetration stands at 50%
  • Active social media users: 2.789 billion. Penetration stands at 37%
  • Unique mobile users: 4.917 billion. Penetration stands at 66%
  • Active mobile social users: 2.549 billion. Penetration stands at 34%

IOU management applications may be empty. Empty with any treatment, if it is a valid object IOU efforts produce RWTHRInvalidPointer two exceptions. Examples of two members to take care of your IOU Keyiqueding treatments and whether to use the isValid () is empty.

IOU written proof of the debt. If the borrower sign means, the evidence is even better. As a document of debt signed the IOU is as good as any promissory note. Only the bells and whistles missing the promissory notice. It IOUs can sign against the use of any protective measures can be used against promissory notes.

IOU is a recreation of the document, acknowledged a debt, and this debt is not always a monetary value involved, because it can involve a physical product. IOU potential of the informal nature of the possibility of the addition is about whether it is a binding contract, and given to the law of the lender may also involve a formal contract from these exclusive as two promissory notes or bonds both know the contract is some uncertainty. Because of this uncertainty, IOU usually has two bills in some stage of the process or negotiation.

IOU could be another really as a way to address in the written form, to be considered later. Note also came to the amortization of the loan after two want to explain two sets of personal or business issued from time to time. With IOU loans, the repayment schedule is a must. Loans, payment of each activity, the number and frequency of the number of payments is a celebration of all the problems can be attached in the form of IOU included. However, IOU can also handle two credit debt collection department.

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