INTRO – Online Services Ecosystem for Players in the Residential Construction Market

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INTRO – Online Services Ecosystem for Players in the Residential Construction Market

INTRO – In this beautiful day I want to come up with a very large and very interesting project involving operations, development, investments and all projects related to the field, which is very important for the time it takes for it and its needs. Today I bring: INTRO an activity New developments Real estate business operates on a single platform. We work with real estate developers, investors, brokers, and buyers to develop this area. We developed our software in 2016 to better perform this operation. All business units work with blockchain networks to provide decentralized operations for real estate functions. We also integrate with cryptocurrency systems to achieve better global currency exchange because people can receive our services. On the platform, people can reduce the price of services by 30%.

Introduction INTRO

The main objective of the project is to regulate seamless access to professional real estate market analysts for all existing and potential participants. INTRO users can quickly and easily receive information about global interest properties and sign DDU (Equity Agreement) through smart contracts that are popular in various areas of life. The main advantage of this approach is that the contract is implemented through blocking technology, which ensures the prevention/destruction of DDU and also lets you transact remotely.

What is INTRO?

INTRO is a real estate sales platform that offers discounts worldwide. Currently, this system has more than 6,800 1,800 developers and you can buy it up to 30%. We are now ready to expand our business into the global market. This smart contract allows investors to enter into agreements with developers without intermediaries.

The Company

INTRO is an online services ecosystem for participants in the housing construction market: developers, investors, home buyers and real estate agents.

Real estate investment remains one of the key strategies for long-term investment. However, market instability poses a significant risk to those who invest in housing.

In many developed countries, buyers have no choice – new homes are easier to get than old ones. In developing countries like Dubai or India, ready-made real estate markets may not have quoted.

As a result, investors and buyers continue to invest in joint construction around the world, where there is a risk that the project will not be completed on time. This problem is particularly acute in Russia and the BRICS countries, which have begun to develop the INTRO system.

Real Estate And Blockchain

Many problems in real estate can be solved through blockchain. Smart contracts provide complete transparency to prevent fraud. Blockchain helps you verify the correct files yourself, so no third party is required. Developing smart contracts is not for everyone to drink tea. Combining existing real estate business models with blockchains requires expertise. This is where INTRO can help a lot.

Problems And Risks

Buying real estate remains one of the key strategies for long-term investment. However, fluctuations in the real estate market pose a high risk for those who invest in real estate.
In many countries, buyers have no choice but to buy a plan. Unplanned property is cheaper than already built properties and used houses in developed countries.
The shortage of housing in some places, such as Dubai or India, has caused buyers to enter the unplanned construction market. Now, global investors and home buyers continue to take risks of unplanned development that may ultimately lead to incomplete housing. And lose money.

Solution To Problem

Without integrated real estate records, we have a database of dynamic plan attributes.

In the state registry, the planned property transaction data is unstructured. Automatic language analysis is used for data tokenization. Next, use AI technology to compare attribute records with a construction plan. In this way, the system detects and corrects errors caused by human factors or changes in building design.

There are no records for apartments, parking lots, and commercial properties under construction.
This system analyzes plans for buildings under construction. All the properties in the plan can be found on the map and marked as “sold” when their sponsor grants property rights to the investor. It is possible to immediately monitor sales and inventory attributes.

There is no control mechanism in the planned construction phase.
In INTRO, a special module is responsible for examining the relationship between investment and construction phases.

People who invest in apartments cannot get an investment record that affects their interests.
INTRO users can access anonymous status records for an unplanned development agreement. This helps investors and home buyers find reliable developers and profitable properties.

Developers often experience insufficient cash flows during the construction cycle.
The private property auction module allows developers to sell real estate quickly and cover up cash flow leaks without compromising the overall sales plan.

INTRO is a real estate platform that provides a wide range of IT products for builders, investors, home buyers, bankers, and other agents. Details of construction projects and investor contracts are stored in the blockchain, which in turn receives data from authorized sources.

With the help of INTRO services, you can:

  • Buy goods directly from developers at auction. Up to 30% off.
  • Accessing official building data and real estate transactions to be recorded in the blockchain.
  • Invest in a trusted developer project under a smart contract. There is no minimum intermediary and commission.
  • Enter Investor Club and earn a bonus in Network Alliance.

Important Benefits

  1. Transparency
    All market data on the platform.
  2. Profitability
    A closed auction allows you to buy up to 30% of the property.
  3. Accessibility
    Now, all investors around the world have access to real estate investing.
  4. Relevance
    INTRO Analytica has been used by over 20 major developers as well as investors, banks, and major commercial media.
  5. Low-Interest Rates
    Smart contracts eliminate management and operating costs of real estate transactions
  6. Security
    Attribute data from the list of developer statuses and qualifications are stored in the blockchain

Another Opportunity For The Company

Co-investment. You will be able to invest in real estate with like-minded people so that all purchasing costs will be shared by the investor.

Real Estate Timeshare.

Rental income. The INTRO project will provide an opportunity to earn real money from real estate leasing.

There are many advantages to this project, I can not list all these benefits, but I will show them clearly so you can “personally” make sure that the project is worth your investment.

The roadmap for the project is clear and you do not need to ask about it.

The main advantage of the token purchase will be available by 2019. Once the ITR token enters the market, creators are quite capable of pulling options that may be needed.

With the implementation of the roadmap, the token price will increase significantly because the finished product is more telling than any ad. I highly recommend you buy tokens for a long time and wait for a maximum profit of the project.

The team for this project is huge and we will not discuss it in detail. I would just say that all professionals are professionals working for them and there should be no delay in fulfilling their upcoming plans.

At the end of the INTRO website, all social networking sites and blogs are available. After clicking the link, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the technical information and find the information you’re interested in by asking your expert about your issue. The support team responded quickly to any request.


  1. Jason Hung – ICO Advisor
  2. Amarpreet Singh – ICO Advisor and Block Chains
  3. Marat Valiev – Financial Adviser
  4. Albert Mannapov – Facilitator
  5. Andrew Gomes – International Marketing Consultant
  6. David Kern-Fehrenbach – Global Development Consultant (Southeast Asia)
  7. Vladimir Nikitin – Legal Adviser
  8. Phillip Nunn – Adviser to the OIC
  9. Kirill Badikov – Fundador
  10. Denis Vechkanov – CEO
  11. Oleg Obolensky – Technical Director
  12. Andrey Machinsky – Facade developer
  13. Denis Smoliar – Development Team Leader
  14. Diana Imamgaiazova – Chief of Communications
  15. Alexander Kolesnikov – Director de Marketing
  16. Dmitry Pogorelov – Information Security Officer
  17. Joseph Cohen – Business Development Consultant
  18. Aziz Mammadov – Business development consultant in China

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the INTRO team, I just give you the latest ICO info”