INTRO – A Platform For The Real Estate Industry & Developers

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INTRO – A Platform For The Real Estate Industry & Developers

INTRO – Buying property is one of those complex sports that people experience many times in their lives. Therefore, the process of buying property involves many aspects of business and research. Most of the world’s assets are kept in real estate. People trust their properties and believe that it gives them a dual purpose in life. One goal is to invest, and the other is for practical purposes.

In the technological era, data has become a major indicator of decision making. When we use quality data to improve, the truth about choice and industry is very clear. Analysis of real estate data can provide key insights to people and help them choose better properties. Do you think you can find a solution with the help of technology?

There is no doubt that investing in real estate can be considered one of the best options for investment activities. In the economy, the depreciation of assets is common, which is normal. In this case, investing in real estate is the most stable and profitable investment. There is no doubt that the best profitability is used by residential and commercial real estate goods in big cities.

Real estate investment remains one of the key strategies for long-term investment. However, market instability poses a significant risk to those who invest in housing.

In many countries, buyers have no choice – new homes being built are cheaper than older homes in developed countries. In developing countries like Dubai or India, ready-made real estate markets may not have quoted.

As a result, investors and buyers continue to invest in joint construction around the world, where there is a risk that the project will not be completed on time. This problem is very serious in Russia and the BRICS countries. Can modern technology make real estate investment in developing more reliable and secure?

Welcome To INTRO

INTRO is a platform for the real estate industry, developers, and people to provide the perfect solution. They designed the ecosystem of INTRO SALE, INTRO RESTATE, and INTRO COINVEST. INTRO ANALYTICA includes all information from country records and industry sources. The analytics platform is based on blockchain technology, which protects data and provides transparency to users. Through the INTRO SALE platform, they sell properties to developers and investors.


Through the second product, INTRO COINVEST, they bring all owners to the platform together. Platform apps coming soon. INTRO RESTATE is a platform for building properties, and anyone can deposit funds to purchase property once it’s done. All of these products have different service charges and are charged by users of the platform. The choice of the best subscription package depends on the customer type. Buyers can take advantage of the basic plan, while brokers, investors, and developers can choose a higher plan.


  1. Purchasing real estate remains one of the key strategies for long-term investment. However, fluctuations in the real estate market pose a high risk to those who invest in buildings.
  2. In many countries, buyers have no choice but to buy unplanned home buyers. Unplanned properties are more affordable than used and used goods in developed countries. Lack of housing in some places (like Dubai or India) has driven buyers into the unplanned construction market.
  3. Now, global investors and home buyers continue to face unplanned development risks, which could ultimately lead to incomplete housing and losses. This is very common in Russia and in the BRICS countries where the INTRO system is being implemented.


  1. We provide market analysis and management tools for developers and real estate investors.
  2. We provide the digital real estate market for all market players.
  3. We will build a social network for real estate agents and private investors.
  4. We will provide smart contracts to share real estate investments, purchase property through installments and sign direct contracts with developers.

Our benefits

  1. Transparency
    All market data on one platform. Closed auctions
  2. Profitability
    Properties can be purchased with discounts of up to 30%.
  3. Accessibility
    Now, all investors around the world can get real estate investing.
  4. Association
    INTRO Analytica has been used by over 20 major developers as well as leading investors, banks, and commercial media.
  5. Low cost
    The smart contract eliminates the management and operating costs of real estate transactions
  6. Security
    Property data from the list of countries and ratings of developers are stored in the blockchain.

With preliminary services, you can:

  • Buy goods directly from the builder at auction. Up to 30% off.
  • Get official data on construction and real estate transactions to be recorded in the simulation library.
  • Project developers have been proven through smart contract investment. There is no minimum intermediary and commission.
  • Enter Investor Club and earn the bonus in Network Alliance.

Ecosystems INTRO:

  • INTRO Analytics is an information system to monitor and manage shared building markets.
  • INTRO RESTATE is an online store for large homes with prices from developers.
  • INTRO Sale is an online platform for the sale of closed apartments with discounts of up to 30%.
  • INTRO COINvest is a social network for buyers.


  • Name of the token: INTRO
  • Total number of shared tokens: 200,000,000 ITR
  • Hard Cap: 15,000,000 USD
  • Soft Cap: 3,000,000 USD
  • Price of the token: 0.4 USD
  • Token: ITR
  • The minimum retail value for one person: 12 USD
  • Maximum sales amount for one person: 5,000,000 USD
  • Advance sale: 2 million ITR
  • Pre-ICO: 10 million ITR
  • ICO: 148 million ITR
  • Accepted currency: EUR, USD
  • Accepted cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, LTC, DSH, BCH

Intro ICO

Intro Funds Allocation

Intro Funds Allocation

Intro Token Distribution

Intro Token Distribution


  • 2009
    Company establishment
  • 2016 March
    The development of INTRO Analytica
  • 2016 July
    Development of INTRO Sale started
  • 2017 October
    Development of INTRO Analytica is completed, sales started
  • 2018 January
  • 2018 February
    INRO Blockchain established
  • 2018 March
  • 2018 April
    INTRO Sale released
  • 2018 June
    ICO starts
  • 2018 September
    Start of COINvest & REstate development
  • 2019 May
    COINvest, REstate launch & switch to token-based transactions

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the INTRO team, I just give you the latest ICO info”