InnovaMinex – Blockchain Use Technology To Ensure Precious Metals

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InnovaMinex – Blockchain Use Technology To Ensure Precious Metals

InnovaMinex – Mining is defined as the activity is focused on finding, mining and mineral exploitation, one of the most important tasks in key areas consisting of the global economy. In fact, this is one of the oldest existing activities. Searching for and extraction of minerals with flowers has changed over the centuries to us today. Depending on the type of mineral concentrates can be distinguished Metal Mining – gold, silver or copper, for example, non-metallic mining or quarry, where materials such as marble or mined mica or energy is extracted, extracting fuels such as oil or natural gas.

There is the so-called green mining which, while carrying on mining activities, to minimize harm to the environment.

Green Mining

If it does not do the excavation, can cause a significant environmental impact, from time to time, permanent damage. Mining involves three basic tasks: mining, transportation, and processing. It is divided into sub-tasks, such as surface and underground operations, construction and structures using chemical fertilizers. This not only negatively affect the environment, which also affects the surrounding community so that the welfare and health of people who have a negative impact (pollution, noise, etc.).

To prevent negative impacts on the environment, all of this activity, green mining have been developed. In the case of Colombia, the type of mining became the main focus of a national company engaged in the mining industry.

Green Mining Focuses Mainly On Five Different Aspects:

● Search for community development. local population welfare concerns me is important. Therefore, the need to promote employment, the development of appropriate community structures and the education and training community.
● Water resistant. The company is responsible, do not leak pollutants into rivers, groundwater, oceans and seas.
● Protecting the environment. landscape maintenance, because before that through the use of technology, such as afforestation mining activities.
● Perform efficient mining operations. With all the technology available and make full use of human resources.
● The use of renewable energy sources. Sources of this type to protect the profits of the environment.

This excavation proves that this event does not mean that everything that surrounds it, but, when developed properly, which is beneficial for everyone damage.

Introduction InnovaMinex

InnovaMinex blockchain use technology to ensure the traceability of precious metals innovative business models. By applying a set of programs, you can prove to the whole process, from its origins in the mining, refinery and commercialization to the final consumer. This commercialization is through e-commerce partner stores and ATMs of our own. #innovaminex

InnovaMinex designed to provide seamless cryptocurrency public utilities and selective market. InnovaMinex design can be easily integrated into a variety of applications, such as payment and exchange platforms and markets.

InnovaMinex using early evidence of the new algorithm works RazielCore start-up phase and POS provides a strong ASIC sex. It is also driven by the large coin distribution and ownership, while creating real-world applications to ensure the fairness of the miners and investors.

InnovaMinex has been launched, focusing on the establishment of the network is very sensitive and safe, all users and investors to provide a level playing field. Having a lot of goals in a decentralized coins, which includes stock-based compensation 0 for evidence and verification acceleration reduces the chances of developing job-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and are actively mining algorithms (POW) blockchain phase remain active.

Precious Metal

Gold is a soft yellow metal never rust or tarnish. It’s shiny and beautiful, the people who have loved it from making jewelry for centuries. Gold is also used as currency, and has been for hundreds of years.

But gold is very valuable, not only because of the beauty and expensive, but also very useful. It is in the arts, industry, electronics, dentistry and medicine. It can even help solve the crime problem: Scientists have developed a detective to help find the appropriate plastic or leather like fingerprints on a gold surface.

Gold is a chemical element that forms the simple –107 our understanding of one of everything in the universe. Each element is composed of one atom of its own, and each has a chemical symbol. The chemical symbol for gold is Au.

Additionally, as an element, gold is a mineral – solid materials formed from non-active ingredients. About 2,000 different minerals found on the surface of the earth.

Getting gold from the earth is not easy, although it is sometimes referred to as block bullion was found lying on the ground or under the river. In 1869, gold is 154 lbs heavier gold found in Australia!

In order to collect the bits are valuable to a number large enough for something decent, gold miners and other minerals and rocks, such as granite or quartz separately. People are always looking for a better way to collect gold for a long time. Lishixuejia say, a few hundred years ago, a gold miner would dip sheep wool overall gold particle to particle flow capture.
To understand gold miners today use sophisticated methods to find a wide variety of stone possible to produce useful amounts of the metal. They even studied satellite images of earth rocks, looking for cracks called faults, where gold might be found near the surface. They also use high-tech equipment, such as the gravitational field measurement instrumentation to find gold.
However, only one of the precious metals gold, other precious metals such as silver, and the like. But today, most people still think that gold is the most valuable precious metals.

So InnovaMinex as a platform, will ensure that you receive any precious metal is indeed genuine, trustworthy. This will allow buyers to verify that they have received a metal source to ensure that extraction is legitimate, the environment must be protected at all times, or that it can not be used for money laundering, because all transactions can be registered and the entire community to access it.

The main goal is through our InnovaMinex cryptocurrency, INX so everyone of gold and other precious metals are more readily available to get the best price for the customer and our society, with an emphasis on transparency and security of our transactions sex.

Production Cost

To start mining, infrastructure requirements, both for exploration and production cycles. However, investment in this area can be greatly reduced due to several factors. And processing plant capacity of 100/150 tonnes per day – can be increased up to 500 tons – was planned. As the development of revenue, will increase the size of the plant, and therefore, the volume of material can be processed per day.

This will reduce the initial investment cost is another factor that decides to leave some research, analysis and development of sampling, when the price of gold has been mined and production. Just as it would allow a decision to reduce the initial investment and generated will be shared with the community project InnovaMinex goodness.

Security Controls

“Development and exploitation of administrative law, labor law enforcement, measures must be taken and maintenance personnel: security, people and goods, with what has been set out in the Mining Act of Colombia, Article 97 jurisdiction and material resources must be available to hold the link to the company and perhaps a third party’s life, in good faith, in accordance with the safety, health and occupational health regulations. “as an added value, InnovaMinex assigned and, if necessary, an external audit to comply 100%.

InnovaMinex project

  • Mining Project
    7 ore rich in gold, silver and zinc – other precious minerals – projects already launched. Underground mining ecology vein. During the first 5 years, sales are expected margin (mining exploitation) gross was $ 2 billion.
  • The Distillation Process
    Plant is 200 kg, around the clock every day of the gold refining capacity in the free zone and secure. From our own mines, and refining gold from third parties. innovative designs in gold and silver with cryptocurrency foundry casting mold.
  • E-Commerce Innovation
    Gold and silver cryptocurrencies main spindle. When Cryptocurrencies means of payment and discount with payment INX. Acquisition and sale of precious metals. Our products are integrated in a large shopping platform (Amazon, eBay, etc.).
  • ATM
    Trade cryptocurrencies (INX, BTC, ETH, etc.). safe and intuitive interface for the user. Gold and precious metals are purchased through our e-commerce at our ATMs.

Gross Margin Projects

Generate resources and our mines and buy them from other external early mining and subsequent commercialization of mineral extraction and mining, provides estimates of financial data in the next five years for us:

InnovaMinex Gross Margin

INX Distribution

Distributed as follows:

  • 20% InnovaMinex project: distribution of 60 million coins will go to the project, marketing and legal departments and partners.
  • 10% of development: 30 million coins will enter the project development team, from the initial stage to complete the sale. The team includes consultants and those of our projects bets outside the company.
  • 70% Sale: 210 million coins will be assigned to the initial bid. INX total emissions would be 300 million. The minimum number of new INX, must prove bet (POS) remuneration due. All unsold INX will be blocked (after the end of the year sales INX) until January 26th 2020.

From that date, all sold 10% INX will be reopened, and the market. (In the future, has the remaining 10% of INX, will flow annually). Up to $ 1 profit per INX will be used to fund our social programs. The remaining profit will be used in our loyalty program.

Token Sales

  • Starting: NOVEMBER 26th, 2018
  • Ending: DECEMBER 9th, 2018
  • Bonus: 30% Discount
  • Soft Cap: $ 10.000.000
  • Hard Cap: $ 52.500.000
  • Minimum personal purchase: 1 INX
  • Maximum personal purchase: No limit
  • Accepted Cryptocurrency: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, ETC, USDT, XRP

NB: Special Gift, Every user who purchases from 14,000 INX onwards, will receive a unique limited-edition and numbered InnovaMinex 100 g sterling silver bullion.

Use Of Funds

  • 75% of the project. This will be destined for project implementation; mines, refineries, e-commerce and ATMs. All projects will have external audits to function properly and they will be published for our community.
  • 19% InnovaMinex. It is intended for marketing and innovation in the development, customer support and legal advice department of the state. It will also go to service customers, partners and other staff, and to enable InnovaMinex for the next 5 years.
  • 5% Other. For unexpected expenses that might occur.
  • 1% social project. At InnovaMinex we have a strong commitment to developing communities around mining projects.

Road Map

  • 2013 – 2017 – Search for mining prospects
    The results were more satisfactory than expected, and a database of 72 mine owners was obtained. This allows us to focus our attention on 18 mine owners who have projects and / or studies, who meet the minimum requirements to start negotiations. At present, there are direct investments in the Guayaquil and Vizcaya mining projects, both of which at various stages, 5 projects have been signed and are in the financing phase and the others are in the negotiation stage.
  • July – September 2018 – Assembly of processing plants
    Starting from the Guayaquil project factory assembly plant and additional exploration in the Vizcaya project. Mineral stockpiling begins.
  • October 2018 – Launch of INX sales
    INX sales are officially launched.
  • December 2018 – January 2019 – Related exchanges and ATMs
    INX will be introduced on the related exchange and ATM platforms.
  • January 2019 – Opening of e-commerce
    Our electronic trading for gold and silver sales is launched. (Launching a marketing campaign to create awareness of our innovative products).
  • February 2019 – Refinery
    Purification of gold starting from third party mines begins.
  • Abril 2019 – Bolívar 2
    The beginning of the assembly of the “Bolivar 2” project.
  • Abril 2019 – InnovaMinex ATM
    Commercialization of precious metals and the first ATM start-ups that sell gold, INX and other cryptocurrency.
  • May 2019 – Opening of the Vizcaya Project
    Open the entrance to the Vizcaya project and mineral deposits.
  • June 2019 – Project “Guayaquil” and “Bolívar 2”
    The factory project “Guayaquil 1” began operations and the construction of the beneficiation plant for the “Bolívar 2” project began, in addition to mineral deposits.
  • August 2019 – Project “Vizcaya” and “Antioquia 3”
    The beneficiation factory assembly “Vizcaya” project began. Rehabilitation and construction of the main gallery of the “Antioquia 3” project began.
  • September 2019 – Commercialization of our precious metals
    Commercializing our gold and precious metals, processed by our refineries.
  • January – May 2020 – Beginning of the “Minex 7” and “Minex 12” projects
    Extraction and stockpiling of the “Minex 7” mineral began, as well as the construction of the main gallery, mineral extraction and stockpiling at “Minex 12”.
  • June – July 2020 – project “Antioquía 3” and “Minex 7”
    The “Antioquía 3” beneficiation plant began operations, and the construction of the “Minex 7” plant began.
  • February – September 2021 – Project “Minex 7”, “Minex 12” and “Tolima”
    The factory work “Minex 7” began operations, the construction of the beneficiary plant “Minex 12” began, and the stockpiling and construction of the main tunnel “Tolima” project began.
  • March – October 2022 – “Tolima” Project
    Starting from the “Tolima” project work factory.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the InnovaMinex team, I just give you the latest ICO info”