InnovaMinex – Blockchain Of Precious Metals Mines

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InnovaMinex – Blockchain Of Precious Metals Mines

InnovaMinex – whether you know it InnovaMinex let you verify your iron, you have to convince more and more and the ability to simultaneously extract the home and around the law to protect your alias during every break in money laundering has been protected since all the transactions you make and the people InnovaMinex have registered their way to you so you do not have to worry about security, InnovaMinex establish trade.

You need to know the purpose InnovaMinex absolute is to make it easier to access iron other valuable and gold through cryptocurrency broker for you and for each user, InnovaMinex shows the best prices as well as the alias of each tutorial user community, and transparency in transaction processing systems of security InnovaMinex.


As we look at the type of precious metal is widely used throughout the world and in many industries. However, we must not forget the coin, which is the mining industry and all the personnel factor, sometimes only for society, but on the other hand to produce the negative effects associated with the natural world around us. Of course, I mean the mineral extraction industry. Because not everyone can boast of mine environmental protection, as a result, people, forests, land and open water, and only animals and plants around began to be affected. This omission attitude manufacturers need to be fatal, it is then difficult to change and recovery.

Our Goal

After a period of fixing the gold of the highest quality assurance, we sent formal requests to be part of a good delivery list for the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). It is a long and tedious process, because of the strong demand on the London Bullion Market Association. However, to be a good part of the list of supplies, would mean that the plant will achieve an exceptional level of quality and service, as a series of very strict requirements of the London Bullion Market Association is required, and that is part of it or work with the company, well within the scope of commercial enterprises, and in technology and quality.

About The Project

InnovaMinex based Blockchain technology innovation system. The system is designed to track the precious metals, begin their production process and achieving further delivery procedures for the end consumer. At the same time, allowing everyone to independent inspection certification for the metals that have been purchased, and ensure that all transactions are legitimate, without fraud. In addition, the buyer has the opportunity to ensure environmental protection in place in the production of this metal.

The main idea of this project can be considered a good target, which is to make contact with the precious metal as much as possible to help a large number of people in the INX mark. At the same time, it will bring tremendous benefits not only for customers but also for society as a whole and the economy, blockchain relies on the basic quality of the security and transparency of their transactions.


E-Commerce consists primarily of market behavior, sales, customer service, portfolio management, logistics management, in general, commercial activities or the development of the exchange of information via the Internet.

Today, e-commerce has become the business world because of the openness and ease of access to the Internet is a very successful tool. In the developed virtual business benefits obtained is that, on the one hand, global market expansion is achieved, and on the other hand, with the speed of business processes. Innovation and application of new technology have given way to those with customers and improve communications company has changed.

Advantages of E-commerce:

● innovative business opportunities and new ways to sell products and services.
● get customers unlimited geographical area. new markets in which the extended open.
● improve the competitiveness and quality of service.
● requires quick response and shorter or not present in the delivery chain, which in turn leads to higher prices.
● better control and customer orders.

Because anyone can do e-commerce nearly every transaction without leaving home. That’s why we want to show a variety of gold, silver and platinum product catalog, aimed at large cryptocurrency society. We will provide 1 gram, 2 grams, 5 grams, even 1 oz coin and ingots, in order to improve and diversify its portfolio.

The purchase process: the client chooses the currency, he/she is interested in and begin the payment process for consistency and convenience, cryptocurrencies also are completed. Although the purchase process at the most relevant is the ability to get a discount and INX, to do this. Finally, to achieve the customer’s home.

Services And Products

  • Smelting
    It is with sensing devices and gas processing systems to achieve a uniform blend and clean.
  • Analysis
    X-ray fluorescence (FRX). Different techniques of metal alloys such as the chemical composition are determined. This process has become very relevant in the world because it is clean, fast, and accurate.
  • Refining
    Our cutting-edge technology company has developed a special chemical process – that is, to follow strict international quality standards – this makes the highest purity we can get the precious metal. Our customers will receive gold, silver and platinum purity of 99.9%, obtained by the process have a responsibility and environmental protection.
  • Granulation
    gold, silver, and platinum producing the characteristic dimension of less than 5mm. This allows for better handling and controls large numbers.
  • Remanufacturing
    New or recycled metal containers or elements that are worn, crucibles, accessories, etc. remanufacturing dish to optimize the initial investment, and reduce costs.
  • Segmentation
    This is a complicated process in which new or abandoned gemstone issued to ensure that the stone will continue assembling its original state. It replaces the traditional casting methods when they want to re-use the metal owner chooses. The purpose of this service is in the jewelry industry.
  • Recovery
    Because of our innovative process carried out in the refinery, the service helps reduce the impact on the environment recover from a concentrated gravity through a small gold and silver mines. In addition to the environmental benefits they represent, and to restore our technology acquired obtain far higher than mercury. This enables our customers to increase their profitability and environmental protection.
  • Trial
    It is made of pure platinum, and gold, other precious metals and alloys the same group. We have a wide range of high-quality reference. And we also produce platinum accessories and tools.
  • Threads & wires
    Yarn and wire platinum, silver, and gold, or alloys made in particular of different diameters. Straight stems cut to different lengths to be produced.
  • Salt
    We produce gold, silver, platinum, and then converted into a salt for industrial raw materials in general jewelry, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, electroplating. Galvanized salt: silver nitrate, silver cyanate, silver – potassium cyanate, cyanate gold, silver iodide, silver sulfate.
  • Cryptocurrency Foundry
    Our cast coins have a unique quality and a variety of metals and alloys, they can be manufactured according to the specifications of each cryptocurrency, we will design. We base ourselves on this to create the best international reputation.

Because of our experience in smelting, die-cutting, laminating and detailed quality procedures, we can meet any existing cryptocurrency community. We will provide a wide range of shapes and sizes, alloys and precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium), whether it is die-cut or not, with or without borders. All the coins we have all the necessary certificates of quality, as well as histograms, detailing the weight, size, mechanical properties and history cryptocurrency.

INX Utility

By using our cryptocurrency you will receive the following benefits:

  • Mines:
    We encourage our customers to buy with INX, provide more benefits and discounts for them.
  • Refining:
    We must receive a salary cryptocurrency first oil refinery. We participated in our system integration to provide our customers the best prices.
  • E-commerce:
    INX will exchange offer our online store. Discounts and best cost of precious metals will be available here.
  • Exchange:
    INX will appear in several exchange platform, where it will be possible to buy, sell or exchange it with another digital currency or legal tender.
  • ATM:
    It will also be possible at the point of sale or purchase of INX our sales and ATM machines.
  • Participating In The Store:
    INX will become the main platform for payment partner and small shops.

InnovaMinex Thunder Network

InnovaMinex Thunder

InnovaMinex Thunder Network (TTX) is a process engineering group transactions together node including geographically distributed to provide fast forwarding INX blockchain transaction information. TTX permission required to relay the transaction, forward or transfer the information store blockchain. By the same logic overload the Bitcoin network, but in a different network design, TTX is not only the speed but also provide blockchain attack mitigation blockchain very safe mode. #innovaminex

The Main Advantage Of InnovaMinex

  • Blokchain:
    The best technology and the most sophisticated to provide complete traceability information from precious metals to their commercial exploitation.
  • Transparency and invariant:
    All transactions are for the whole community public INX visible and Bukegaibian from. They can not be modified or deleted.
  • Faster Speeds:
    interbank transactions usually takes a few days before the clearing and settlement of them. INX working 24/7, reducing transaction time just minutes.
  • Low Cost:
    By eliminating third-party merchants, and we also get rid of the overhead. How InnovaMinex which can significantly reduce transaction costs.
  • Security And Integrity:
    Users can rely on the fact that the transaction will be in a bulletproof, automated and reliable way, no longer need to trust a third party.
  • Quality Traceability:
    certification blockchain we do will be complete, consistent, accurate and open.
  • Market:
    InnovaMinex is the safest, and choose to buy gold and other precious metals for the most cost effective.
  • INX:
    We cryptocurrency would rank the mining and metals industry.

INX Details

InnovaMinex has created a 100% decentralized cryptocurrency stemming from a technologically thriving concept, and an experienced team that actively contributes to the development of the currency. These two factors are already attracting many users around the world.

• Type: Utility Token.
• Symbol: INX.
• Decimals: 6 (0.000001 INX).
• Volume: 300 million INX.
• Price: $ 0,50 = 1 INX.
• Technology: Own blockchain.
• Soft Cap: The amount in cryptocurrencies is equivalent to $ 10,000,000.
• Hard Cap: The amount in cryptocurrencies is equivalent to $ 52,500,000.
• Min. Personal Purchase: 1 INX.
• Max. Personal Purchase: No limit.
• Accepted cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, ETC, USDT, XRP.
• Whitelist: Yes, starting from Nov/26/2018.
• Know Your Customer (KYC): Yes.

During the Whitelist, potential INX purchasers are able to complete the KYC process in order to purchase the INX. All participants must provide their personal information to receive their INX to their personal InnovaMinex wallet.

INX Distribution

Distributed as follows:

  • 20% InnovaMinex project: distribution of 60 million coins will go to the project, marketing and legal departments and partners.
  • 10% of development: 30 million coins will enter the project development team, from the initial stage to complete the sale. The team includes consultants and those of our projects bets outside the company.
  • 70% Sale: 210 million coins will be assigned to the initial bid. INX total emissions would be 300 million. The minimum number of new INX, must prove bet (POS) remuneration due. All unsold INX will be blocked (after the end of the year sales INX) until January 26th 2020.

From that date, all sold 10% INX will be reopened, and the market. (In the future, has the remaining 10% of INX, will flow annually). Up to $ 1 profit per INX will be used to fund our social programs. The remaining profit will be used in our loyalty program.

Token Sales

  • Starting: NOVEMBER 26th, 2018
  • Ending: DECEMBER 9th, 2018
  • Bonus: 30% Discount
  • Soft Cap: $ 10.000.000
  • Hard Cap: $ 52.500.000
  • Minimum personal purchase: 1 INX
  • Maximum personal purchase: No limit
  • Accepted Cryptocurrency: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, ETC, USDT, XRP

NB: Special Gift, Every user who purchases from 14,000 INX onwards, will receive a unique limited-edition and numbered InnovaMinex 100 g sterling silver bullion.

Use Of Funds

  • 75% of the project. This will be destined for project implementation; mines, refineries, e-commerce and ATMs. All projects will have external audits to function properly and they will be published for our community.
  • 19% InnovaMinex. It is intended for marketing and innovation in the development, customer support and legal advice department of the state. It will also go to service customers, partners and other staff, and to enable InnovaMinex for the next 5 years.
  • 5% Other. For unexpected expenses that might occur.
  • 1% social project. At InnovaMinex we have a strong commitment to developing communities around mining projects.

Road Map

  • 2013 – 2017 – Search for mining prospects
    The results were more satisfactory than expected, and a database of 72 mine owners was obtained. This allows us to focus our attention on 18 mine owners who have projects and / or studies, who meet the minimum requirements to start negotiations. At present, there are direct investments in the Guayaquil and Vizcaya mining projects, both of which at various stages, 5 projects have been signed and are in the financing phase and the others are in the negotiation stage.
  • July – September 2018 – Assembly of processing plants
    Starting from the Guayaquil project factory assembly plant and additional exploration in the Vizcaya project. Mineral stockpiling begins.
  • October 2018 – Launch of INX sales
    INX sales are officially launched.
  • December 2018 – January 2019 – Related exchanges and ATMs
    INX will be introduced on the related exchange and ATM platforms.
  • January 2019 – Opening of e-commerce
    Our electronic trading for gold and silver sales is launched. (Launching a marketing campaign to create awareness of our innovative products).
  • February 2019 – Refinery
    Purification of gold starting from third party mines begins.
  • Abril 2019 – Bolívar 2
    The beginning of the assembly of the “Bolivar 2” project.
  • Abril 2019 – InnovaMinex ATM
    Commercialization of precious metals and the first ATM start-ups that sell gold, INX and other cryptocurrency.
  • May 2019 – Opening of the Vizcaya Project
    Open the entrance to the Vizcaya project and mineral deposits.
  • June 2019 – Project “Guayaquil” and “Bolívar 2”
    The factory project “Guayaquil 1” began operations and the construction of the beneficiation plant for the “Bolívar 2” project began, in addition to mineral deposits.
  • August 2019 – Project “Vizcaya” and “Antioquia 3”
    The beneficiation factory assembly “Vizcaya” project began. Rehabilitation and construction of the main gallery of the “Antioquia 3” project began.
  • September 2019 – Commercialization of our precious metals
    Commercializing our gold and precious metals, processed by our refineries.
  • January – May 2020 – Beginning of the “Minex 7” and “Minex 12” projects
    Extraction and stockpiling of the “Minex 7” mineral began, as well as the construction of the main gallery, mineral extraction and stockpiling at “Minex 12”.
  • June – July 2020 – project “Antioquía 3” and “Minex 7”
    The “Antioquía 3” beneficiation plant began operations, and the construction of the “Minex 7” plant began.
  • February – September 2021 – Project “Minex 7”, “Minex 12” and “Tolima”
    The factory work “Minex 7” began operations, the construction of the beneficiary plant “Minex 12” began, and the stockpiling and construction of the main tunnel “Tolima” project began.
  • March – October 2022 – “Tolima” Project
    Starting from the “Tolima” project work factory.


I want to show InnovaMinex high desire to increase the value of their precious metal coins means, as well as strengthen existing needs. Therefore, they will not have to convince their investors, their valuable digital assets. Although InnovaMinex has been a great loyalty program for its customers, I think many people would be interested in writing.

Therefore, this project is perfect for friends, and who are willing to take action, dive into the world of investing. However, for this, I strongly suggest that you are familiar with the project and to study its function. And for this, I attach all official sources are required.

To know the latest information about the InnovaMinex project you can visit the link below:


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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the InnovaMinex team, I just give you the latest ICO info”