Infleum – A Business Solution Platform for the Modern Enterprise

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Infleum – A Business Solution Platform for the Modern Enterprise

Infleum – Although the rhythm of the colonial era marked the emergence of global e-commerce, trade has become the main job, deliver several thousand years. Modern technology, which has brought to trade well beyond good product quality is the only factor in the concept.

Every business needs to adapt to a variety of factors to work, or even exist. A business must have capital, which if often receive debt from financial institutions or closer, on the basis of a seed investor. Although the fund providers may not play a role in the hands-on product, company survival they play an important role.

Once a business up and running, and other operations in marketing is the most prominent of the tap, not just intend to keep your business, and more and more. Marketing is not the only thing companies need to focus on, such as product development and community management several other internal factors in the workplace. Despite the success of many companies rely on purely internal operations and external factors critical to the operation wound can make or break the success of a company: distribution of products.

In the view of building a successful business, a modern company using technology to reduce the amount of gear they need to work interconnected.

The Modern Enterprise

There are signs that companies need to focus on and a lot of factors in the age of technology, there are many tools to ensure efficient operation and effective treatment.

And a variety of SaaS applications ensure that companies can support their marketing business. On the other hand, much other software allows the company to focus on community management rights. However, there are many applications, the company must use task manager.

The digital age has allowed us to enhance their business and technical support for the company, scattered islands of supporting existing software, so companies are faced with so many service integration across the gap to optimize their presence. If all of these operations can be managed on a single platform, the company will be able to take advantage of performance optimizations are not possible before the scale.

The Age of Infleum

ELSOL company, a brand publishing company in Korea, has developed the concept can be used blockchain technology continues to develop an e-commerce platform that is most advanced in support of the project.

ELSOL company is developing INFLEUM use it to identify the impact of each participant plays a new proof of the value of the company’s success. Instead of financiers, marketing, product development, and the role of participating companies and another fragmented professional standing, INFLEUM connects them by providing a proven impact on the company and the business.

Every action and efforts of individuals or entities to develop jointly demonstrate the effect of the decision how many effective ways to influence the success of a company, and the right incentives are individuals or entities. While optimizing the award is one of the most fundamental pillars of INFLEUM purpose, the greatest impact may be that it allows the integration of various technologies to provide commercial services for a single unit.

Modern businesses need to use a lot of software to maintain optimal operation and INFLEUM provide the necessary range of services through the establishment of a distributed application. In the aim is to support innovation in tune, INFLEUM gives developers can use the software development kit to provide additional dApps platform INFLEUM bring forward. This means that, in time, INFLEUM probably one platform where companies can implement any services that may be required. This will allow the company to use and makes it possible to analyze in all internal processes summarized data services in the data mobility, enabling companies to make decisions based on valuable data.

We live in an economy, the data is one of the most valuable resources. INFLEUM will ensure that companies no longer need to rely on an isolated service, beating the best service opportunities throughout the enterprise data aggregation.

With INFLEUM and dApps, the company will be able to integrate technologies into a single platform for all their business needs, so that the supply needs of decision-making based on data from the company to scale new heights.

Infleum Vision & Goals

Ad the next decade to maintain unexpected. Password recently the world, the company is equipped with blockchain technologies – such as STEEMIT, tokenization, decentralization blog platform has been trying to show marketing ideas that are relevant and incentives to consolidate the participants. In the real world, many changes took place: the advertising company mergers center; the downfall of traditional media, the deterioration of the value of creative advertising; media reconstruction and the introduction of species, and the emergence of new consumer groups.

INFLEUM is ELSOLCOMPANY make blockchain platform aimed at small ideas or actions of individuals, in order to establish a transparent transaction structure could be turned into an advantage. ELSOLCOM is owned publishing company’s brand and experience and the need to provide a variety of problems, encountered a small idea into active enterprise solutions, to gather intelligence. In the past, the initial capital is very difficult to ask acquaintances or even by selling the prototype interesting business idea or project. Now, however, it can introduce the idea of the Internet, and through formats such as fundraising obtain third-party investors. However, even after the initial funding, reached by a separate company that is responsible for an average of 2 years (not connected to the company) in Korea break-even point (BEP). To operate a brand, many processes, such as planning, design, production, sales and marketing resources necessary, so that the excess of revenues over expenditures, high-end brands need at least two years. This is why ELSOLCOM make internal publishing brand platform to help small brand play to their potential. The platform minimizes the above, grew three-month-long series of material and opportunity costs of the process, and help individuals, smooth growth, and the flexibility to start small and medium enterprises.

The platform combines the planning, design, distribution, and sale of a single process to generate profits almost immediately. So, using the platform, the brand get additional time and resources to fully concentrate on the development of their business, and ultimately achieve a new brand to launch a business value within 100 days of efficiency. INFLEUM based ELSOL internal platform. This will provide an incentive for users to connect and DAPPs brand solutions, as well as a new feature functionality. Brand posted a total INFLEUM platform base platform, blockchain technology.

Decentralized Trading

INFLEUM intends to build a platform that can eliminate the intermediaries in the marketing and product development cycles.

The impact of the platform mechanism was created to prove its right to evaluate each delivers business value. This means that everyone involved in enterprise development; every one of those who helps those who help promotes the brand fund.

Although the platform such an impact on the overall state of the business, but a great impact on the market. INFLEUM open up the market so that a highly centralized organization could not confirm or affect how ordinary people have to make another cover band.

INFLEUM ensure a great platform to fill some of the sales commission, the work will be removed. It is for those who earn less or make the actual content of their work to get the full fruits of labor.

The platform also ensures the ability of everyday people has benefited from the market. Currently, only those who have large followings able to attract advertisers as well. However, the impact mechanism has proved that advertisers will be able to enter the impact of any one person can have. It requires a community-based marketing to a new level, where everyone can take advantage of the capability.

INFLEUM allows the content to exist, as it should be: on the creative core. In an open system, content creators will no longer need to obtain algorithmic flow through the system to comply with, the quality will stand on it.

Summary: Make INFLEUM in which to realize the value and reward of everyone, the new era of e-commerce business. This enables the company to achieve organic sales growth momentum with the creativity of anyone.

Carving the User-Investor

Today, companies need to maintain important relationships with two groups of people: the investors and customers.

Of course, businesses need to please the stakeholders (investors) to maintain the fund, as well as meet the needs of their customers to ensure that it can build a growing income. Blockchain new project, INFLEUM, it is possible to damage the ability of the business, enabling customers and stakeholders to be customers and inclusive stakeholder business has become the same shape.

E-commerce is such that the status quo stakeholders and customers a completely different set of people. Moreover, in the State of commercialization, companies typically have a very small number of stakeholders. There is this difference, because most functional business by people (employees, freelancers, consultants, etc.), which does not have a stake in the success of the company, and do not do to get money from investors directly fixed income.

INFLEUM ID given ecosystem (through an infinite number) of each person, to track activity on the network, so that the impact of the successful use of evidence (POI) INFLEUM mechanism. INFLEUM start a distributed application is not only easy to buy products, and they promoted and strengthened. Thus, the platform will encourage customers to take their favorite part of the expansion and growth of the business.

Customer interest in the success of their business; ID they will assign them to a special gift for those that affect business growth through a number of ways.

Show the impact of INFLEUM will enable business customers to easily have the result of any equity growth, so as to establish a unique relationship between a company and its target audience. Stakeholders and as a border between the clients will be removed as a benefit, and businesses will be encouraged to motivate customers, in fact, become their stakeholders.

INFLEUM also able to open, so that the company can be attributed to the new way of business customers a new format: give them success. This will encourage people to become regular customers and positive word of mouth to spread positive word of mouth. Seamlessly POI will ensure that this implied equity does not feel like a burden, not only identifies a business is willing to assist customers with their real bond.

Infleum Platform

Based on this idea, INFLEUM platform to plan and develop the cooperation, support the company’s business models across the value chain and supply spread across platforms. Therefore, the future of the ecosystem as a whole INFLEUM troubleshooting investment everywhere, marketing, e-commerce, networking specialists, and process payments service.

Infleum Platform

dAPPs of INFLEUM Platform

  • REDITO: a ‘combined alliance marketing DAPP’ that utilizes diverse marketing influencers to efficiently run the advertiser’s campaign
  • REDINK: a ‘total DAPP mentoring service’ that provides a mentor group with varied mentoring services to help the company’s growth
  • RETTEB: ‘curated commerce DAPP’ that helps consumers to spend reasonably and to satisfy their needs through personalized shopping recommendations
  • REDINERO: a ‘crowdfunding DAPP’ with the goal of establishing trusting relationships based on social credit
  • REDICHECK: a ‘trial review of DAPP that invites consumers to have a product or a service, and then share their experiences in written form
  • CHANNELJOY: a DAPP commerce contents’ that produces and utilizes diverse contents from visual to auditory images
  • SOCU: open shared payment DAPP ’with which users can store a social credit card issued by an acquaintance (s) to use for electronic commerce
  • REDITAIL: a Support system for small-sized business and startup companies by transactions support service of enterprise.

The Token Utility Of Infleum

  • The types of reward made available include:
  • Advertisement reward.
  • Contents creator reward.
  • Influence reward.
  • Commerce reward.

The Ico Structure

  • The total token available is 3,000,000,000 IFUM.
  • The sale will have 30.0%.
  • Ecosystem and growth pool will have 30.0%.
  • The strategic partnership will have 14.0%.
  • Liquidity and reserve will have 13.0%.
  • The team will have 10.0%.
  • Advisors will have 2.0%.
  • Bounty will have 1.0%.
  • The token name is INFLEUM.
  • The ticker is IFUM.
  • Total sales volume is up to 900,000,000.
  • The token issue volume is up to 3,000,000,000.

Token Distribution

  • 30% will be for sales.
  • 30% will be for eco and growth pool.
  • 14% will be for the strategic partnership.
  • 13% will be for liquidity and reserve.
  • 10% will be for the team.
  • 2% will be for advisors.
  • 1% will be for bounty.
  • The soft cap is expected to have $3,000,000.
  • The hard cap should have $18,000,000.
  • The initial price is $0.02.
  • The accepted means of payment is ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, ETC.
  • The unsold tokens will be airdropped to investors.
  • The date for the pre-sale to begin is on the 1st of October, 2018.
  • The date for the pre-sale to end is on the 31st of October, 2018.
  • The public sale will begin on the 1st of November, 2018.
  • The public sale will end on the 30th of November, 2018.
  • The minimum amount of purchase is 0.1ETH.

Use Of Funds

  • The marketing promotion will have 45.0%.
  • Platform development will have 33.0%.
  • Business development will have 17.0%.
  • Legal and Admin will have 3.0%.
  • Contingency will have 2%.

The Roadmap

  • By 2013: The founding of ELSOLCOMPANY.
  • By 2014: The publishing of a brand.
  • By 2015: Brand publishing.
  • By 2016: Brand publishing, brand launching, awards, and certification.
  • By 2017: Publishing of brands, awards, and certification.
  • By 2018: Publishing and Launching of brands.
  • 2018 Q4: The main ICO of INFLEUM and listing of exchange.
  • 2019 Q1: The blockchain rewards of INFLEUM.
    Agent machine of smart contract and development.
  • 2019 Q2: The development of INFLEUM combined wallet.
  • 2019 Q3: The beta launch of DAPP REDITO Prototype.
  • 2019 Q4: The prototype launch of INFLEUM DAPP.
  • 2020 Q2: The release of INFLEUM API/SDK.
  • 2020 Q3: The commercialization of INFLEUM platform.
  • 2020 Q4: The Main net launch of INFLEUM.


ELSOL INFLEUM companies solve complex problems and unfair to the ecosystem publishing brand. INFLEUM is infrastructure publishing brand platform and brand development is a human alternative. INFLEUM integrated in a single stage various stages of the release of the brand. A separate expand your network, advertise, sell, invest and solution scope. It is guaranteed by the contract system of intelligent and reasonable, transparent replacement. This will lead to jobs and high-quality content quickly and easily generate a cycle in the ecosystem. By measuring the user is involved in all phases of this new cycle publishing ecosystem involved: investment, community, marketing, sharing, intake, pay INFLEUM ensure a reliable and equitable distribution.

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