IMUSIFY – Unique Conditions Of Cooperation For Musicians And Artists

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IMUSIFY – Unique Conditions Of Cooperation For Musicians And Artists

IMUSIFY – I find it hard to meet someone who does not like music today. The music for the modern man, it’s like a kind of energy that takes your mood and bring you in spirit. In addition, I am very pleased that there is such a large amount of music in the world because everyone can choose what he likes to listen to your favorite song or whether the track player. At the same time, you can now listen to music really everywhere, wherever you are, because for this you just need to get your smartphone and open your favorite playlist.


However, despite all of the comforts of our modern artists began to experience real difficulties and problems in this direction:

  • First
    Now it has become difficult to organize a pirated copy, which naturally songwriter will not get a dime;
  • Second
    There are many applications stock, in which you as a player seems to offer a simple matter of cooperation, but as a result, you are disappointed, because there were problems with payments and delays that may occur;
  • Third
    Difficult for young musicians to get to the top of fame, because they do not have sufficient funds from manufacturers and other special agents;
  • Fourth
    Despite a large number of resources such as music, none of them meet the creative talent, as a resource mainly think about the benefits and puts his interests above all.
  • These and many other issues that concern virtually every modern player, artist, artist or just a creative person. But each of them just loved what he did and wanted to share it with the world.

About The Project

The project itself has a name that is simple and easy to remember – IMUSIFY. Its mission is to unite in a single international ecosystem all artists, professionals, musicians, and singers with an audience of fans and supporters.

It is a platform where everyone can find what he loves and what he appreciates. Thus, for each participant, IMUSIFY prepared each feature and benefits that are only available in this version, and elsewhere.


The project, which will be discussed today, was conceived thanks to the talented individuals – David Walters. It is a way of motivating his barbed formation of the item, which will take care of all the above problems and help grow really anyone ability on our Earth. He believes that the project can provide more capacity and benefits are not exclusive to each artisan, entertainers, artisans, performers, but on the other makers, administrators, distributors and different experts from the music business without that cannot fully exist.

While making his venture, David Walters is well aware of that stage through which every one of these individuals will work together should meet the latest requirements in recent memory. That is why it depends on innovation blockchain because the countries that are outstanding from the current collaboration accessible to join any one of these experts but in addition to the collection of people who have made innovation. All things considered, an artist without an audience, no, just like any craftsman, painter or an expert.


Here’s our vision, a craftsman distribute their work on stage we were supposed to be created for every use of their work fairly, promptly and without bouncing through institutional someone hoops. If stream their songs, the revenue will be paid by the viewer should immediately appear in craftsman wallet. this is just one of the many ways our vision applies to the Artist, but ideally, you can estimate the others are quite effective or sit tight for a future article.

Without fans, listeners and audiophiles, no industry. Prior to our current Golden Age of Mankind, a normal musician is someone who has just one method to distribute their art, live performance. Back in ye olde days, if you stop to adjust to singers and entertained, you drop money in the lid and continue onwards. An artist who is eligible for the most fared superior to the one bad and it dependably responsible consumers where they served them well worth a shilling.

With the arrival of a recording, radio, MTV final dispersion sophisticated financial models change, usually radically, in IMUSIFY who want to change them once again to go back. We will not go into why models are out of line membership for the two buyers and artists, and alternatives such shameful acts are now being run in the business.

We will say that in the biological community IMUSIFY, everyone pays for everything on compensation for any use of basis. Listen to a song, and you will quickly and naturally offer the money to the Artists for the stream. Comment solitary on a story on the channel, you will give three ticks on the author. Comment, Like, Share, any demonstration would have cost.

On the chance that you post stories and some individuals Likes, costs like they will land on your wallet. Curation and commitment to improving the economic value are not uniquely different from the music artists, they illuminate the community, they advanced spotted excellence and the whole is as important for some action economy. Like others in our vision imply, respected quality, noise weak.

IMUSIFY a music stage repeating the honor of winning the music industry around the world so free music makers, music fans and music entrepreneurs. Let IMUSIFY allows you to find your imaginative sounds, compose a firm after, finding incredible music and reward your contribution. IMU token used as a motor to assist in layers, this IMUSIFY music economic decentralization.

Design Features

The feature list of IMUSIFY platform, we want to highlight some of the categories, each related to a particular sector of the participants. As an example:

This system offers the unique conditions of cooperation for musicians and artists. Through which the contractor receives full ownership of its contents. That is, IMUSIFY help protects copyrights, as well as to make profits for every single and album releases. At the same time, the platform provides a variety of services to license copyrighted content, tools for management, distribution of royalties and more. But the most interesting that IMUSIFY ready to offer to all creative workers are the revenue that will come to their account for each view or listen to their songs, clips, image or single. This method will allow IMUSIFY to reveal a lot of promise, but it is still unknown talent. After all, love of the people will be allowed without embellishment and exaggeration to appreciate true talent man and responded on its merits.

For users, IMUSIFY will serve as a kind of Klondike, where they can be one step closer to their favorite artists. At the same time to take an active part in the early development of their creative and appreciate every song, music, painting, and so on. All this became possible thanks to a decentralized network and tokenization of the project, where each sign acts as a marker of a certain creativity evaluation. Users at will and wisdom to decide to whom and how much he is ready to transfer the money, so as to evaluate the work of every creative person.


The founders IMUSIFY try to create the most comfortable conditions for cooperation with all types of participants. In addition, they believe that this platform thanks to the music industry as a whole will reach the level of new higher quality. At the same time, competitors even in the world will not prevent them from taking their leading position in the market of the music industry. Because none of them are struggling with the current problems the industry, but are they spread.

I also want to note the seriousness of intentions IMUSIFY. After all, the main reference point is the people for whom all of these conditions are high quality and effective cooperation was created. Therefore, the developers IMUSIFY into account as they say every point, every positive word meant not only to protect the rights of the contractor but also to give all the power to manage his openly and safely, without fear of any hidden commissions, trap or fraud.

IMU Tokens

Imusify uses a combination of innovative protocols and frameworks to facilitate the direct peer-to-peer connection between artists, fans, and other stakeholders. The platform integrates the best practices of traditional crowdfunding, streaming, media sharing, economic and social networks. This way, imusify eliminates the need for existing intermediaries, resolving inefficiencies, providing transparency, and ensuring everybody are fairly rewarded for their contribution. Use cases include artist crowdfunding, transparent artist royalty payments, incentivized content curation, open-source development, and network collaboration.

Music. Made. Smarter

  1. Crowdfund your music project
  2. Support your favorite artist
  3. Discover new music
  4. Stream your favorite tracks
  5. Collaborate with anyone anywhere
  6. Get exclusive tickets to shows
  7. Connect with your fans
  8. Get paid for your creative services

Distribution Token

The total supply of IMU mark of 1 billion units and will be distributed in an effort to keep the long-term value of the platform and the network iMusify taking into account economic factors which may affect the profitability of basic utility pins. After the distribution of tokens:


  • Become part of the imusify economy
  • Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 IMU
  • Softcap: $1,000,000
  • Hardcap: $25,000,000

Token Details

  • Price 1 IMU : 0.05 $
  • Pre ico 1 IMU : 0.044 $
  • Total source code provided: IMU
  • Softcap: 1.000.000 $
  • Hardcap: 25.000.000 $
  • Bonuses : Available
  • MVP / Prototype : Available
  • Platform : NEO platform
  • Accept : NEO, BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, BCH, DASH
  • Country : Estonia
  • Whitelist / KYC & White List
  • Restricted areas : United States, Canada, China, Korea, Singapore

Imusify Token Distribution

Imusify Token Distribution


Imusify Roadmap




At the end of my review, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that IMUSIFY has proved themselves in the international arena. The project was included in the top 40 best projects for ICO 2018. Therefore, its implementation will be useful in life. After all, all actions aimed at improving the situation on the world stage of the music industry. At the same time, the developers IMUSIFY not forget about what industry participants, so each one, we will have the same opportunity to express themselves, to evaluate others and take into account that the music world has changed for the better, a form that is more accessible.

To know the latest information about the Imusify project you can visit the link below:

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Imusify team, I just give you the latest ICO info”