iLink2Music – New Music And Entertainment Platform For Social Media

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iLink2Music – New Music And Entertainment Platform For Social Media

iLink2Music allows you to make a show of talent and experience in the entertainment, (artists, producers, professionals, technicians or fan) enroll in competitions, win prizes and get exclusive user profiles. Each participant will have the opportunity in society, to find him looking at the world, and allow it to express his / her talent is the competent authority in the field of review, therefore, the online community exclusive worldwide, based on the same principle, which is part of some transformation platform television music show successful international growth.

Each member of the network can communicate within the community, to find what they are looking all over the world, and tend to let their talents be modified by experienced players and influential in their respective fields, thus our platform has been based on the same principles into part of the community exclusive worldwide online music television program, the success of international development.


In the last five years, consumers have seen their choice explode Media. In the past year, he stressed that: consumer choice, which is to create chaos and snowstorms that extends to the legitimacy of their smartphones to access only the content in the consumer’s mind. Responding, the use of innovative and flexible technology to gain insight into consumer tastes and behavior, iLink2Music will be able to determine, customer-centric, multi-platform, multi-sensory future profitable.

Appreciation of the content industry has launched a competing acquisition early pistol. In recent years, several large acquisitions of content sources, increasing as consumers expect anytime, anywhere access to a library of premium content and encourage companies to focus on licensing and/or access to content, as well as the development of a deeper understanding of customer interactions and view.


With media consumption fragments across devices, consumers are increasingly demanding personalized content experience on their choice of equipment, when they want it. Steps to “my media” can be seen “cord cutting,” so that consumers give up their pay-TV subscriptions and access, rather than through the cheap, broadband internet and mobile content-based services need. The operator, which has successfully launched a bundled TV, broadband and telephone triple-play product must be in the service changes in consumer demand for more content to adapt. Another performance of “My Media” is that consumers are increasingly using the ‘second and third screen’ – Experience smartphones and tablets to comment and share television and other additional content with friends. It will be provided by social media platforms iLink2Music. Our company will be able to archive and real-time event sponsor partners and global content.

Analysis of multi-platform advertising to promote the ideas and fans – Consumers: iLink2Music understand how advertising spending continues to migrate to the new digital platform. As we have seen, access to content across multiple screens, devices, and platforms in the number of customers increased, the ad should be platform independent. Attract advertising revenue in the future will depend on the definition provided for advertisers and measure audience reach, ability to participate in the association level and credible size, cross-platform. iLink2Music advertising model will only attract the user co-creation.

Mission And Vision

The company’s approach of providing people generated, user-driven new structure. In this neighborhood ( “ecosystem), the producer” concept is not clear, because anyone can broadcast to a number of people anywhere from their loved ones throughout the earth. What this ecosystem has been lacking until now is a self-awareness (members and partners who self-aware but the larger world do not) central organizing some core principles. We believe that the two will be “Emergency” if there is a serious effort to expand the use and application combined with human creativity and technological symbiosis Yes. It is part of our approach. We also believe that it is unlikely that one organization or company (regardless of how to fit these ecosystems) so that everyone will change. Therefore, our focus is the symbiosis of music production, consumer view of the efforts of social media, digital, mobile and consumer and distribution sub-ecosystems.

Token Elink and related IL2Voting platform allow users around the world can easily manage or verifiability, the highest levels of availability, security, and transparency to participate in online voting. Token Elink and platforms related to enhancing the integrity of the voting process to ensure that the results of the voting, voters choose secrecy, effectiveness, and efficiency – private and public celebrity/influencer election.

Elink tokens can also be used for every transaction on the platform. Application token and will fully support all activities through contracts for intelligence activities and functions of the user, such as the proposed payment:

• Some members of the buy option
• Purchase Featured celebrity contest entries
• influencers and ambassadors activities Purchase Options
• Co-authoring seminar purchase options for music, movies, fashion, and sports
• Users Network Purchase Options
• option to buy virtual game
• personal data for electronic press kits and other buying options
• monthly membership subscription and purchase options
• E-cards and virtual gifts to buy option
• procurement and e-commerce payment options
• Living payment options
• sponsorship and advertising payment options
• behavior-based advertising payment options
• and much more …

Voting Protocol

The public voting protocol is intended to provide evidence iLink2Music poured matching user intent and the sound of the results confirmed the irrefutable evidence. Additionally, it provides the interests of voters, parties and contests administration of third-party verification.

Platform Design Goals

There is a voting system, the system must be in place to ensure free and fair competition, three key factors in brewing voter confidence; verifiability, security, and transparency.

iLink2Music Proof of Vote


Through digital reception and public announcement of the combination, sufficient to verify the data, in order to ensure that voters can cast their ballots undisputed expected, calculated as a player, no sound will be lost or modify, correct calculation of votes and voters without compromising anonymity.

Our end-to-end concept verified, combined with BlockChain, making encryption give evidence, celebrity/influencer compete for integrity is preserved, and the count is a correct chain of custody irrefutable figures. In short, with the appropriate application BlockChain technology, you do not have a black box process, where the line of sight and the accuracy of counting hope blindly believe. You can instantly verify.


Security can be said that the greatest risk round contest system. It is the integrity of the ballot, the confidentiality of voter choice, the most fundamental and sacred a fair process.

Alleged hacker attacks rocked the US presidential election in 2016, and increased concerns about foreign interference there. IL2Voting Platform to ensure that people are actually immune to change.


By competing for celebrity/influencer online, the standard for transparency increased. A global community of experts cryptography, certification bodies to the public, external audit, review, strengthen and finally take advantage of the agreement and our documents. Transparency outside of the competition, this is a real commitment to openness and auditable software, platforms and processes.

Advertising Revenue

Once we have a number of active members, we will probably have a large number of advertisers, must be very eager to advertise their products and/or services to our members. Media for music, such as satellite radio, smart TVs, mobile phones, tablet computers, instruments and MP3 players can be published. In addition, because we will also have a social media platform, a wide range of potential advertisers might happen based on patterns of behavior by members of the dashboard portal pages/knowledge, such as real estate, finance, dating, games and interests, and so on.

Working together to create advertisements, advertising revenue, sponsorship and will be our primary source of user-generated income. However, we will also explore various sources of income:

• Based on behavioral advertising
• token game, airdrop and multiple game options
• a premium subscription service
• Participate in the competition
• Music Entertainment artist promotion
• the global exclusive live streaming concert
• Music downloads
• online mode and network cTinema costs,
• iLink2Music monthly subscription
• E-cards and virtual gifts
• buy several possible level instruments, audio equipment and other products, such as the preferred

Social Media Games

At first glance, not a social media game on traditional network game are different. Both types of strategic focus on entertainment to attract a wide audience, simple mechanics and a relatively short playing time. However, unlike traditional games, social media, social network games through existing relationships with other users with invitations distributed system, posting news source, peer to peer network notification or acquisition of payment; This method will allow our platform and our shared human creation. Social augmented reality game allows players to play with existing attack social networks to create unique content and character. We see that our augmented reality game or services should be taken into account three core elements of society:

1. Data from our social graph is to show the line of a set of preferences, such as information about your friends, interests, demographics and lifestyle.
2. The game should be relaxed and co-design users in a short time, the use of high frequency and short access.
3. Media Our social games are likely to be free of the revenue generated by virtual goods.

Token Supply

  • 2% will be allocated for a transition period of 12 months, private sales
  • 40% of tokens will be released to the public.
  • 15% will be allocated for the project management, the founder and main developer ownership of 12 months.
  • 7% will be allocated to consultants and a period of three months.
  • 3% will be divided between bonus and referral program member.
  • The remaining 22.85% will be provided for the development of enterprise and customer growth and future market development.
  • Point mark of 10.15% (the remaining tokens are added to the stock.)

iLink2Music Supply

Token Details

  • 1LINK = $ 0005
  • Emissions: ten billion elinks
  • Total minimum = $ USD 50 = The maximum amount of $ 50,000
  • Currencies accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, DASH, etc., NEO, Qtum, TRX, ZEC, as well as through the payment of PayPal payment.

Class and bonus

  • PRE-ICO step (10% of total) = 1,000,000,000 elinks.
  • Visitors step ICO (30% of total) = 3,000,000,000 elinks.
  • Softcap: $ 3,500,000
  • Hardcap: $ 21,000,000


  • Q1 2016
    Concept development using the entertainment industry (Canada/USA/Latin America)
  • Q2 2016
    Intensive intelligence gathering: online music, film and fashion
  • Q3 2016
    Completing the online platform
  • Q4 2016
    Intellectual collection: Online competition for sports and comedy
  • Q1 2017
    Intelligent Collection: Online platform and mobile application established relationships with entertainment industry professionals in South Korea, India, Armenia, France
  • Q2 2017
    Completing online contests: music, fashion, film, sports and comedy
  • Q3 2017
    End Mobile Application Infrastructure
  • Q4 2017
    Complete online platform ready to run
  • Q1 2018
    Focus on BlockChain Technology (Internet 2.0) Exchange with several experts BlockChain
  • Q2 2018
    Core Team Extended in order to meet the BlockChain development decision to create the EOS marker solution to develop the BlockChain & Launch Online Platform Agreement, signed to develop the platform BlockChain adapted business plan of the company on White Paper
  • Q3 2018
    Deploying our token on the EOS Blockchain PRE-ico (23/07/2018-06/08/2018) ico (07/08/2018-24/09/2018)
  • Q4 2018
    Agreements with mathematicians, economists and developers Blockchain conversion from EOS Blockchain to our private Eosio Blockchain creating our ecosystem agreement with music celebrity Entertainment/influence Tailor Website & Mobile Application for Celebrities/Influencer Requirements
  • Q1 2019
    Technology development BlockChain Deployment of BlockChain technology (expected timeline 12-18 months)
  • Q2 2019
    Create a strategy for press releases social media and terrestrial marketing campaigns for online applications for mobile applications A-List Celebrity Red Carpet Launch Party
  • Q3 2019
    Announce the winners of the 1st contest sign the first global ambassador to start training Infentencer Mentorship on the platform
  • Q4 2019
    Branding and merchandising through e-commerce
  • Q1 2020
    Conventions-entertainment industry in the entertainment industry define music in vogue contests Web site and mobile application requirements launch Testnet 1 for the community
  • Q2 2020
    Launch of Testnet 2 The beginning of the competition “Music in fashion”
  • Q3 2020
    Running Mainnet
  • Q4 2020
    Road Map V. 2


  • Sarkis A. Tsaoussian – Founder, Chief Executive Officer
  • Hagop Ghazarian – Chief Operating Officer
  • Leveious Rolando – Chief Convergence Officer
  • Ricky St. Hilaire – Vice President of Content Creation & Celebrity Contest
  • James A. Ruggiero – Vice President Fashion & Film Advisor / Senior Advisor
  • William F. Mullins – Intelligence Liaison Team
  • Youssef Atrassi – Marketing Team Director
  • Aret Sevan – Senior Manager I.T.
  • Sergio Gentile – Vice President for Corporate & Strategic Affairs
  • Samy Kalem – Head of Blockchain Technology & Security
  • Brian Condenanza – Advisor
  • Jason Coles – Community Manager & Advisor
  • Arlene Decena – Bounty Manager
  • Daniel Romano – Community Manager
  • Bobby Barone – Marketing Director
  • Joel Robinett – Head of I.T. Infrastructure
  • Sylvain Belanger – Head of Research & Development


iLink2Music owns the copyright and trademark applications in North America and the European Union in all 28 states. As a result, iLink2music positioned in doubt mistaken, to expand the international market. Anyone can start a music website or application, but how to fill it? iLink2Music have a huge advantage over any profits and through relationships with industry veteran and influential consolidate “want to be” competitive.

ILink2Music team working to provide KYC solution, requiring the insertion of all the ingredients
Would be in line with KYC. This material will include identification, proof of address and source of funds.
Dispersions can also be used for storage of data stored KYC, or with a trusted third party

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the iLink2Music team, I just give you the latest ICO info”