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Posted on Logo – International Digital Asset Platform Based Blockchain – I want to tell you a very interesting and unique ICO, I think all the self-explanatory material, which is a high-octane team, has a good roadmap. This is a great product, will join the other block of killer chain applications. is an international digital asset platform designed to provide a complete asset encryption derivative ecosystem, providing futures, calendars and spread butterflies, options and swaps in trade of major products. exchange also supports spot trading, P2P loans, and ETF. It also provides ICO venture funds focused on retail investors. The platform provides a transaction-based interface through which the stair-click desktop app. It’s a simulator tool to help beginners learn futures trading. will release their own tokens IDAP tokens, tokens will be based on Field Ethernet Chaining Block (ERC 20). If you use a payment token IDAP, the IDAP holder will receive a 50% transaction discount and management fee. ICO contributors zero transaction costs.

About IDAP

International Digital Asset Platform (IDAP) is an independent eco-system encryption derivative market’s first currency trading. These ecosystems include the Exchange IDAP, the IDAP desktop app with sophisticated trading tools, the most important is the idol encryption derivative instrument for trade and investment. By individuals and institutions must collect or risk management to focus on profit by accepting the risk, our goal is to become the most diverse of buyers and derivatives of market seller encryption.

Current market volatility encryption makes it necessary without delay to address the issue of risk management and select hedging encryption assets. Merchants are free to undertake long and short positions in the bull market and bull markets and bear, in order to diversify and optimize the performance of the investment portfolio, by introducing this diversified diversity and wide reach to achieve. encryption derivatives, including futures, spreads, swaps, options and index-based encryption. In addition, transactions on financial instruments to deepen market liquidity, in fact, a point to stabilize the price of underlying encrypted assets. It is an IDAP transactions derivative of ecosystem encryption designed to achieve established. Logo

We have a team of highly motivated professionals, have a strong academic background, coupled with years of experience in the world’s best trade exchanges like CME and ICE, identified unsustainable three-pillar ecosystems not falling. First and foremost, a wide range of products, including but not limited to futures based on direct encryption, spread calendars, butterfly spreads, American options, permanent swaps, encryption indices and ETFs, so traders can hedge, speculate and invest, a new open world market is likely. Second, the Exchange IDAP, low latency, high availability trading platform, give the system command of the classified matching machine of the class-grade, high-level functions, and SOR CSO and FIX to HFT 4.2 / 4.4 protocol, designed to achieve fault-tolerant and fast in their operation. Finally, IDAP advanced data visualization and analysis tools to help merchants create intraday charts, and historical time series data to get information on market trends and to promote immediate action, thus leaving a demand for day-end reports.


Our vision is to change the economy of encryption. We are committed to creating a secure, market-focused encryption market with a full-featured asset exchange, investors can experience many diversified trading and investment opportunities under one roof

IDAP Ecosystem

Therefore, the IDAP ecosystem will be an integrated solution of traders. Use all the advantages of traditional markets and fix them to accommodate the monetary environment of encryption, the IDAP ecosystem will provide encryption pushing the market in the right direction. our platform will change the mode of operation of the exchange, and through our various products to attract more traders, we will expand the group of participants, so as to promote greater market liquidity, thus contributing to overall growth.

IDAP іѕ ѕоlvіng all оf thе thе problem when mаrkеt аnd trаdіng encryption provides diverse uѕеrѕ trаdіng аnd іnvеѕtmеnt іnѕtrumеntѕ, аdvаnсеd tооlѕ, сuѕtоmеr ѕuрроrt vеrу good for any investigation tіmе rеѕоlvе аt, increase ѕесurіtу to uѕеrѕ аnd thеіr trаnѕасtіоnѕ.

IDAP Platform

The IDAP platform is designed to meet the trading requirements of all investors associated with the market trading platform. This platform is suitable for beginners and experienced traders. We are building advanced trading tools such as IDAP Ladder, Matrix, Spreader, IDAP Simulator, which will enable a smooth trade and learning.

The IDAP platform design combines best practices in traditional financial transactions with opportunities in the emerging encryption market. This platform is designed to address existing challenges and constraints facing current users of the encryption switching platform.

IDAP’s core team and consultants include prominent alumni from leading universities such as Oxford University, the London School of Economics, the Stockholm School of Economics, the Institute of Technology of India, the National Institute of Technology (India), Stanford University, and the University of California. With diverse knowledge in investment banking, finance, economics, blockchain and information technology, this team brings years of expertise, business acumen, and the skills to become successful entrepreneurs.

Token Details

  • Token Name – IDAP
  • Tоkеn Type – ERC 20
  • Token Prісе – $0.03
  • Pre-Sale – 25 Junе Tо 24 Julу 2018
  • Crоwd Sale- 7 August Tо 30 Auguѕt 2018
  • Sоft cap (іn IDAP) – 200,000,000
  • Hаrd Cap (in IDAP) – 750,000,000
  • Tоtаl Suррlу (Fixed) – 1,000,000,000

Token Distribution Token Distribution

Funds Usage Fund Usage


  • Q4 17 – Q1 18
    Ideation & conceptualization of IDAP ecosystem
    Detailed research and analysis, team building, advisory board
    formation and strategic partnership.
  • Q2 18
    IDAP ICO launch and company formation
    Website launch, Lite paper and white paper release, community
    building, token listing & sale, company registration in Estonia,
    license procurement for derivatives trading and asset
    management, product development.
  • Q3 18
    IDAP exchange development
    Product architecture and front-end development, alpha version
    testing, banking partnership, derivatives market products testing,
    API integration testing, community building, token sale and
    exchange marketing.
  • Q4 18
    IDAP exchange launch
    Beta version testing, web & mobile application trading,
    derivatives product offering, extended cryptocurrencies and
    tokens listing, desktop application and ICO venture fund.
  • Q1 19
    Integration of investment instruments
    Investment instruments like ETF, crypto indices and P2P lending
    will be integrated into the platform.
  • Q2 19
    ICO incubation
    Provide ICO incubation services and implement user feedback
    driven product improvements.

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