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iCoin – Real-time Data Mining Token Owners

iCoin International, the company’s strategic goal is to develop technologies designed to address issues of environmental security.

As part of this project, formed a professional team of like-minded people. In cooperation, from R & D to the molding, the team showed the goals, resources, and expertise. Today, when we are as close as possible to begin deploying the technology industry, we have established a friendly and efficient team focused on results. As economic indicators, the project is interesting because it allows you to transfer funds to a real money cryptocurrency with a good conversion rate.

According to an international study conducted by Unilever, one-third of people will choose, in their view, have a positive impact on the social and environmental consequences of the purchase of the brand. It is no secret to anyone, we are increasingly aware of our decisions, how we make decisions that affect the whole world, especially the environment. This applies to all industries, especially those most affected by their activities away from the environment (eg, mining).

In recent years, the diamond mining industry has become an important focus, because some impact on the environment is not very positive. our environment has caused air and water pollution, soil erosion, deforestation and where to put the diamond mining makes no sense and is not regulated.

Have a small negative impact on the environment than others (such as gold) diamond mining, mainly because it does not use toxic substances. However, mining has adversely affected wildlife and lay bare the construction of dams and reconstruction of the river.

In severe cases, diamond mining can destroy entire ecosystems. Erosion can destroy topsoil, land not suitable for agriculture. Kono in eastern Sierra Leone, thousands of wells still pose a health risk to give up mining operations. They are filled with water when it rains, mosquitoes and other vectors and becomes a breeding ground.

About The Project

In recent years, the diamond mining industry has become an important focus, because some impact on the environment is not very positive.

Diamond has a metaphysical nature because it is considered to bring luck and wealth to positively change its owner. Diamonds can also open your spiritual energy flow through the enthusiasm of charity to fill the negative space.

Compared with other diamond mining (eg gold) is a less negative environmental impact, mainly because it does not use toxic substances. However, mining operations have a detrimental effect on wildlife, dams, and rivers affected by rearrangement construction.

Blockchain technology is currently the most disturbing innovation in the world. This allows unlimited transfer value to the distributed network without affecting the integrity of the information. It will be used to connect to real-time data mining token owners, and also save the transaction applies with intelligent security contract. We are used to verifying the transparency of financial transactions and the time spent in the process of recording the entire diamond industry, the realization of intelligent functions on the platform of our transition contract of sale to the token.

The Impact Of Technology In The Blockchain Diamond Industry

Like the other major industries, blockchain has plenty to offer the diamond industry breakthroughs of the various functions. It can be summarized in three Qs of transparency, traceability and symbolic.


In this era, the global diamond market takes the necessary action, to eliminate the conflict diamond trade (or blood), in order to ensure sustainability and being environmentally friendly “eco-responsible” blockchain technology seems – and prove – to be the most excellent way.

blood diamond trade continues to be a weakness in the industry, even with the implementation of the Kimberley Process. Kimberley Process Certification Scheme involves Defangzhengfu who cooperate with international organizations to ensure that each batch of diamonds to be certified to participate in regional issues.

But let’s face it: people usually do not believe (centralized) organization at this time, they believe that the technology is more because they can get something out of what is going on behind the scenes insight. In addition, the certification program is a complex, complicated process and there are a lot of players left a lot of space, a bad actor – even though they claim to have a success rate of 99.8%.

This process can be applied by blockchain technology to provide real-time data, from the mine to the jewelry store more efficient. Blockchain deleting from central government resources to work there as a fact node must Gongtongnuli (consensus) to verify the transaction. This will ensure that the mining process is completely transparent to ensure that eliminate bad behavior.


After Blockchain provides data storage, which means that the whole process is recorded, it can not be a permanent record of retroactive interference. All data mining (timestamp, the output value) that will be permanently stored in the blockchain. Therefore, the collection of diamonds can be easily traced back to the country of origin so that the owner can have full confidence in their traceability ‘clean’ of the diamond.
In addition, the audit is to establish the source of the entire diamond supply chain is fundamental, inspection and compliance blockchain provide a platform

Token Information:

  • Network: Ethereum
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Total Supply: 600 Million ICOIN
  • Token value: 1 USD
  • Accepted Currency: BTC, ETH, USD
  • Purchase: minimum of 100 ICOIN
  • Paperback: 3.5 million ICOIN
  • Hardcover: 10.0 million ICOIN

Token Distribution:

  • Operations: (75%)
  • Marketing: (10%)
  • List of exchanges: (5%)
  • Team and consultants: (5%)
  • Gifts and Community: (5%)

Use of funds:

  • Operations: 75%
  • Marketing: 75%
  • Team and consultation: 4%
  • List exchange: 4%
  • Gift: 2%


  • 2019 Q3
    Launch of iCoin International
    Kickoff Exchange initial offer
  • 2019 Q4
    Machine acquisition
    Site preparation
    Mobilization of labor
    River diversion
    Extraction kickoff
  • 2020 Q1 – Q4
    Return on investment
    First market injection
    Mining growth potential
    Identification of other mining locations
  • 2021+
    Sustainable market injection
    Other types of identification of natural resources
    Operating expansion


  • Joseph Goldblatt – Project Manager

Joseph received a bachelor of arts degree. in biology and has extensive experience in environmental awareness, sustainable business development, and environmental friendliness. He has 20 years of experience in private business, working in several areas, including private care, quality control, procurement, and financial planning.

  • David Hawk – COO

President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Millennium Mining Corp since its inception. He has also been CEO of M & S Ventures Limited, a Sierra Leone corporation engaged in the extraction of diamonds, gold and other precious stones and metals in Sierra Leone. M & S Ventures Limited transferred its mining license to the government of Millennium Mining Corp. Mr. Hauk was a seller and manager of Forest Diamonds, a wholesaler of diamonds.

  • Solomon Blyer – CFO

Solomon has served as director of the MMC since its inception. A native of Hungary has been working in the diamond industry for over 30 years and has been engaged in mining operations in Brazil and Sierra Leone for the past 10 years. From 1988 to 2002, he worked at Simcha Diamond Ltd. in Brazil, and from 2000 to 2004, he was a partner in the S&T Mining Group, a mining company in Sierra Leone, where he served as chief administrator of operations, exploration, exploration, and mining. From 2004 to 2007, he was a consultant to M & S Ventures Ltd., a mining company in Sierra Leone.

  • Sherman Chung – CSO

Sherman has served as site manager since the founding of Millennium Mining Corp. Mr. Cheung was born in China and moved to Sierra Leone after graduating from college in Manchester, UK. In 1995, he was hired by Venture One Limited of Sierra Leone to manage this mining company. He led the initial stages of the operation, including surveying, searching, setting up equipment, and other day-to-day operations. He will do the same for the MMC.

  • Anders Jonsson – Advisor

Experienced entrepreneurs and novice Bitcoin users with a proven history of working with technology startups in countries with developing economies. Experienced in blockchain, fundraising, business planning, international expansion, strategic planning, and international management. Strong entrepreneurial skills and fluency in Swedish, English, and Chinese.

  • Sam Levin – Advisor

Over 20 years of experience managing equity investments and alternative assets such as hedge funds and private equity. More than $ 500 million investment in more than 100 US public companies is structured. Most of the projects he is currently working on are blockchain-based solutions for individual organizations or that governments can easily adapt along with the legal framework that can be implemented.

  • Tudor Wesa – Advisor

Having established his IT company in 2006, he and his team worked on various projects or developed software for several clients. His main area of ​​interest is blockchain theory and the field of cryptocurrency. In previous years, the focus has been on government decisions and how blockchain technology can solve certain problems, such as institutional compatibility, digital signature, electronic voting, etc.

To know the latest information about the iCoin project you can visit the link below:

Website: https://icoin.ws/
Whitepaper: https://icoin.ws/download/wp.pdf
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