Hurify – Decentralized Blockchain Platform for IoT Solution

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Hurify – Decentralized Blockchain Platform for IoT Solution

Hurify is the most recent ICO going into the IoT field and assembling energy among financial specialists. The Token sale closes on the 28th February and has seen a surge in enthusiasm over the previous week. The ICO’s Telegram aggregate now has almost 90,000 individuals, with 7,000 of those individuals participating in the last twenty-four hours alone.

Hurify is building a decentralized platform to help the prototyping of IoT (web of things) items. This is a long way from the primary IoT blockchain venture – a few IoT platforms including Modulum, HDac, IOTA, Exxor and Loomia have effectively held token sales to subsidize advancement with DataBroker DAO coming to advertise in March.

Hurify Inc. is established by Ex-Intel veterans. Hurify is an Ethereum based decentralized platform that encourages IoT Developers to adapt their IoT equipment assets and administrations by means of Smart Contracts. Hurify is controlled by Ethereum ERC20 standard HUR Tokens. Hurify Beta is the MVP of the platform that is as of now under testing and accessible for item demo on the Ethereum test network. Hurify has just joined forces with Stewart Mckelvey, the main law office in Canada; Drone Think Do, the main Drone consortium in Europe; Paasmer IoT and Drone platform, the creative Platform As A Service supplier in the United States.

Our Vision

We should make a decentralized blockchain economy that disturbs existing models in web of things to make innovation open to everybody

Our Mission

We should assemble decentralized blockchain arrangements that make a win-win answer for our customers, designers and accomplices by being Customer-Focused, Innovative and Quality-Driven

New Industry Emerging

While numerous blockchain ventures are looking to disturb heritage enterprises, IoT – the Internet of Things, basically remote gadgets that speak with different frameworks over networks – is itself another industry. Every one of these tasks is, in this way, endeavoring to break new ground.

On account of Hurify, the group is trying to give engineers and undertaking supervisors access to ability and additionally remote equipment to model and test their item thoughts.

This may end up being a smart move – as opposed to going up against the whole IoT industry, the venture is building its own particular specialty focussed on prototyping. Anybody needing to influence utilization of the platform to will be required to claim HUR tokens, while specialist organizations will win tokens for finishing assignments.

The Canada based organization has set its hard top at 25,000 Ethereum which makes it a moving target – yet at present likens to $22 million. With more than 80,000 intrigued financial specialists thought to add to the task, accomplishing that objective ought to be genuinely direct.

Issue Statement

IoT has been to a thundering begin, yet some natural difficulties in IoT are hampering the advance organizations are making on their IoT travel. For IoT to achieve its greatest potential, private companies and endeavors require an approach to rapidly and cost-adequately transform IoT thoughts into esteem make applications.


Most IoT organizations are constructing High Productivity Application Platforms as a Service (hPa PaaS) the arrangement, which is application deliberation layers that assistance incorporates less demanding and speedier IoT advancement. Hurify is tending to the ground level ability issue of building center aptitudes in designers and helping them to interface with IoT item advancement openings. The designers get the opportunity to learn and get paid as they ace new and bleeding edge IoT aptitudes.

Hurify is an inventive Smart Contract platform that will connect the holes between the IoT arrangement developers with world-class IoT specialists. Hurify makes a blockchain commercial center that encourages associations between customers needing to make IoT items and the best engineers who can fabricate their items. Engineers can list their administrations for nothing and IoT customers can peruse for these administrations. Installment for Developer benefits through Hurify depends on an Ethereum blockchain that energizes trusted associations in the worldwide IoT ability segments.

Formative unpredictability

To change an IoT thought to execution requires a mind boggling comprehension of different orders. To build up an all out IoT item one ought to comprehend the incorporation complexities of the equipment sensors, doors, middleware, cloud, and information investigation.

Abilities Shortage

IoT arrangements require hard-to-discover abilities traversing IoT innovation, incorporation, information administration, examination, and application improvement. As per Gartner, 49 percent of CIOs are hoping to encounter IT abilities deficiencies in the following a year. Building up an IoT item or arrangement resembles fathoming the perplex. All the correct bits of the confuse must be assembled effectively to create and propelling a fruitful IoT item.

Developing quantities of organizations are attempting to build up the foundation required for the advancement of IoT. There are numerous players from cloud suppliers like Amazon and Microsoft, network suppliers like AT&T and Verizon, and microchip suppliers like ARM and Intel. As IoT area is divided, building up an IoT item more often than not requires working with numerous accomplices to create a working arrangement. At the point when IoT organizations promote themselves as giving free platforms, they are typically driving coordinated efforts. These platform brands are particular for a particular space, and a great part of the supporting IT pieces must be distinguished and worked by working with a few subcontracting accomplices.

Hurify Architecture

The Hurify structure permits customers who are hoping to assemble IoT answers for locate the correct engineer ability and draw in with them to make the main model and past. Hurify’s goal is to make a Smart Contract framework that permits a customer with an IoT thought to make an IoT item/arrangement and quick track the improvement of their model by utilizing the IoT ability pool in the worldwide independent engineer commercial center. The Hurify network will enable independent designers or specialist to grandstand their ability, crossing over any barrier between the request and ability.

In Hurify platform the connection between the customer and the designer is an immediate one, no outsider is included. At the point when a customer has a prerequisite to manufacture an IoT item or arrangement, they can post the necessity in the Hurify Platform and search for the correct engineers to make the item or arrangement with HUR Tokens. All transitionary subsidizes amongst customer and designer will be in a protected blockchain escrow platform. On finishing of the appointed task, the installment discharged to the engineer from these pre-checked assets.

Engineers can make their Hurify profile posting their specialization and any authentication they got from finishing ventures inside the platform. At the point when a customer is looking for an administration, they can communicate the message in the platform and look for engineers to offer. Once a customer picks an engineer, at that point a multi-signature escrow is utilized to hold the HUR that gets discharged after the culmination of the administration. The task moves to the finished state upon common marks; stores get discharged to the engineer and testaments are issued to the two gatherings checking venture consummation and installment.


We have Signed partnership with DroneThinkDo — Focusing on Circular Economy/sustainability/green business & IT/IoT/Aeronautics / Space and Paasmer — Technology Platform that provides intelligence at the Edge.
We have signed partnership with Crypto Token Exchangers. You can convert HUR token into asserts through WandX and Taxce

Advantages of Hurify Marketplace for IoT development

  • Digital money Payments for International Partnerships
  • Decentralized Ethereum based platform driven by Smart Contracts
  • Speedy idea to model change
  • Lower IoT advancement cost with no extra charges or expenses
  • Multi-signature escrow between the customer and engineer
  • Capacity for customer to locate the correct ability for the IoT improvement work
  • Prompt installment of finished improvement ventures
  • Gives customers the chance to indicate their own particular terms and conditions
  • Individual data does not need to be shared
  • Installments are made specifically to the purchaser and merchant
  • Constructs notoriety and customer base for the best of IoT designer ability

Hurify Certificate

Once the improvement venture finished, the Client can issue an authentication on the blockchain to approve the ability and capabilities of the Developer through the Hurify Certificate System. Hurify might band together with different colleges to give a chance to this accreditation.

Hurify Bussiness Model

  • Hurify’s plan of action is worked around the powerful and trusted use of the Hurify HUR Tokens inside a Smart Contract Platform.
  • Hurify Tokens will be utilized for buying platform administrations
  • Hurify Token will be utilized to post extends to Hurify platform
  • Hurify Token will be utilized to pay for the Developers
  • Hurify Tokens can be utilized to do advertisement situations on the Hurify platform

Token Sale

The HUR pricing model is simple. 5500 HUR tokens cost one (1) Ether (ETH). There will be nearly 273,125,000 HUR in circulation following the token sale.

  • 01-FEB TO 07-FEB
    (20% DISCOUNT)
    6600 HUR PER ETH
  • 08-FEB TO 14-FEB
    (15% DISCOUNT)
    6325 HUR PER ETH
  • 15-FEB TO 21-FEB
    (10% DISCOUNT)
    6050 HUR PER ETH
  • 22-FEB TO 28-FEB
    (5% DISCOUNT)
    5775 HUR PER ETH

Hurify Token Pre-Sale Summary

During the Hurify Token Pre-Sale, the Smart contract will allocate Discount as per the below details:

  • Start date: 15-Dec-2017
  • End date: 21-Dec-2017
  • Number of HUR Tokens offered in Pre-Sale: 7,500,000

The Second distribution of HUR will be through the Crowdsale. HUR may be purchased during the Crowd sale under the terms and conditions at an expected distribution of 5500 HUR per Ether. One can purchase HUR by sending Ether to the Crowd sale token contract according to our instructions.

Hurify Token Crowd Sale Summary

During the Hurify Token Crowd sale, the Smart contract will allocate Discount as per the below details:

  • Start date: 01-Feb-2018
  • End date: 28-Feb-2018
  • Base Price: 5500 HUR/ETH
  • 01-Feb to 07-Feb (20% DISCOUNT) 6600 HUR/ETH
  • 08-Feb to 14-Feb (15% DISCOUNT) 6325 HUR/ETH
  • 15-Feb to 21-Feb (10% DISCOUNT) 6050 HUR/ETH
  • 22-Feb to 28-Feb (5% DISCOUNT) 5775 HUR/ETH
  • Soft Cap : 10,000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 25,000 ETH
  • Minimum Ether per transaction: 0.5 ETH
  • Minimum Tokens in ICO : 55,000,000 HUR
  • Total Tokens IN ICO : 151,250,000 HUR
  • Total Circulation: 273,125,000 HUR

Token Distribution

Hurify Distribution

The overall initial distribution of HUR will be as follows:

  • 60% for Crowd sale purchasers.
  • 10% for Marketing and promotion distributed to the HURIFY
  • 10% for Reward for Developer Community
  • 10% for Team / Founder
  • 10% for Treasury


Hurify Roadmap


“Canadian residents are not legally allowed to participate in the Hurify Project Crowdsale.”

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