HubrisOne – The World’s First Digital Banking Cryptocurrency Friendly

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HubrisOne – The World’s First Digital Banking Cryptocurrency Friendly

HubrisOne is a cryptocurrency wallet and traditional bank accounts are combined into a powerful Fiat intelligent, norms and standards of Apple and Android digital applications. We focus on combining two strong industrial efficiencies, the connection is seamless.

We HubrisOne designed for ease of use, security, and intelligence. HubrisOne cryptocurrency not only bank account numbers and so friendly. It is our believe cryptocurrencies here to stay, they should treat seriously the declaration of the world.

What Is HubrisOne?

HubrisOne is a mobile application, a dynamic relationship between cryptocurrency fundamentally changed and banks. There is no trust between the bank’s several traditional and cryptocurrency users. We are planning the integration of traditional banking and cryptocurrency, and through open, honest and trustworthy adequate infrastructure, which is easy to use and easy to be new entrants to the market and cryptocurrency veterans are aware of people who provide these services.

The launch team called arrogant HubrisOne token (HBRS) functional and practical reasons will be used in applications HubrisOne and infrastructure, as a store of value, a way to transfer funds, receive access to the platform, discount, and used as payment HubrisOne debit card combination.

When you look through the white paper and our business plan, we hope you have realized the huge market opportunity, we deal with the question of why we are very excited about the future. When you read our white paper, please note the following information is based on services and solutions, we can be sure of the market, but this is not just an idea but after careful consideration the real research services operations. The application you see is copyright, is the need for a bank recently, social and cryptocurrency serious rebound in the world published the actual screenshot proof of our upcoming traditional concept of the world in January 2018. The Cryptocurrency on 15 banks, payment processors and enterprise prohibit credit card customers and users to buy, invest or transact business related cryptocurrency (Forbes, 2018).

In order for the market to mature, and increase the use of broad, we need to promote freedom and financial autonomy of the communities themselves. The solution is not a bank or financial institution or cancel by cryptocurrencies blockchain up and overthrow, but the solution is and the benefits of the merger of these two worlds strong marriage.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the link between the new world, the old world of finance and banking cryptocurrencies. A new way, a safe, standard and user-friendly.

Necessary regulatory, trust and authority for the solution/platform for a helping hand to new investors into the market cryptocurrency, while retaining a banking system that is reliable, the importance they use every day. We must not make the mistake of trying to eliminate the bank, but by using this technique, such as the current process and services offered blockchain and cryptocurrencies improved.

Our goal is to become the world’s first digital banking cryptocurrency friendly, full of complaints and regulation in the UK.

Imagine your everyday banking services, accounts, and side by side cryptocurrency wallet. A credit numbers, security, and cryptocurrency friendly.

We think it is all-inclusive, strong demand for banking terminal to terminal and cryptocurrency solutions. Not only will open more doors cryptocurrency HubrisOne adoption, but HubrisOne and investors will also allow the user to use the solution that all of their banking needs, today, more importantly, in the future. It is a cryptocurrency generation.

The Banks: Extortionate Global Exchange Fees

When you send money to a different location, you can fill your bank purchases of remission in different currencies, banks can charge each time you transfer up to 13 percent. Greed and unfair part are that they can provide the interbank foreign exchange rate, so the cost of up to 98-100% reduction. Here is a quote from (BP, 2018) shooting – which perfectly embody the problems mentioned above.

So we say you are moving the country and you are selling your home in a country, and in the other to buy it. $ 200,000 home, from London to New York to or from Sydney to San Francisco. How much, when you transfer your money to pay the bank?

You may be surprised to find that the cost of up to 13%. It was a back and forth exchange if you change money, then changed back, you will lose 13% of the mean. Of course, you can not go back and forth exchanges, but it gives you an idea of how many banks have done. The average cost is about 7% of the round trip of 3.5% means or. This means that your $ 200,000 home, you only pay $ 7,000 bank transfer the money to you.


Due to its cryptocurrency future market face a number of significant issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Lack of Global Financial Inclusion (CGAP, 2018)
  • An end-to-end complete, at the exit of new investors into the market cryptocurrency.
  • Service is not regulated and solutions, such as the exchange, derivatives and index derivatives and other investments
  • Linked investment products (TechCrunch, 2018)
  • Price volatility and manipulation (CNN, 2018)
  • Lack of trust, transparency, and fraud (HBR 2018)


Growth in smartphone usage, our development plan and develop applications only digital banking solution is mild, consistent with safe and comfortable way. Having said this, there are more than 2 billion do not have access to banking infrastructure grants we go who do not have bank accounts adults. According to statistics, the number of smartphone users is expected to grow from 2.1 billion in 2016 to about 2.5 billion in 2019, with increased penetration of smartphones, we see such a shift total global mobile banking solutions and digital-only area considered for the digital exchange transfusion ( statistics, 2016).

Real-time Transaction Monitoring

We use our technology to bring our customers new ways to update and report your transactions, you no longer need to wait for your monthly statement. HubrisOne let the user know how much money you have spent on Fiat and survival cryptocurrency and more, including:

  • Generate reports in PDF touch of a button. Automated analysis of monthly accounts, to keep your spending habits.
  • Check Location, suppliers and the amount spent. Fiat and see real-time number cryptocurrency level.
  • Choose the major currencies (encrypted or Fiat), link or links seamlessly. You HubrisOne cards, convenient and fast.
  • Automatic Risk and fraud alerts

Freemium Model

HubrisOne Freemium

HubrisOne will provide basic digital service in addition to a current account of other free services. However, the monthly cost for additional premium services.

By leaving the basic free product easier to attract users, and create a strong customer base. We look at some of the main benefits are: customer acquisition, marketing effectiveness through word of mouth and network effects, the use of more HubrisOne people will attract more people.

Hubris Utility Token

The HBRS token will be the bloodline of the HubrisApp. If the application is an arrogant way, HBRS tokens are cars, trucks, and motorcycles. They are very dependent on each other. HBRS functional utility tokens in the token will be a platform that will allow users, investors and customers to access the following list are not exhaustive and further features can be said at the right time:

Funding Proceeds: Distribution

  1. Development (40%)
    24/7 Live Chat – 5 Languages Research and continuous development, processing, de-token and testing expenses for the Access all accounting support directly from the HubrisOne app. We will contract and in some cases, hire onto the HubrisOne team the best HubrisOne app and experienced developers within the fintech industry.
  2. Operations (20%)
    The operational costs are, in most cases, fixed costs associated with most businesses, Personalized and tailored for you and your this includes office expenses, global contact agents to service the bank accounts 24/7, account needs salaries for the HubrisOne employees and team, exhibition expenses for promotion, travel, human resources expenses and subscriptions for SaaS solutions for day to day running of HubrisOne.
  3. Marketing (20%)
    We will implement an aggressive social media strategy, due to the mass appeal of our product we have allocated 20% of proceeds to acquire new users. We will primarily execute online social media and platform ads in order to efficiently track ROI.
  4. Security Infrastructure (15%)
    Due to the sensitivity of our digital banking solution, we will need to implement the strictest security and compliance standards. Therefore, we will recruit experienced compliance, security and regulatory specialists on-board the team. The team at HubrisOne understands the importance of creating a secure trusted alternative digital banking solution.
  5. Partnerships (5%)
    Partnerships will be key to our business model, and as a result, we will create a headcount (recruit) of two business development and partnerships managers to ensure we partner with the best blockchain and non-blockchain service providers to join our Open Partner Platform.

HubrisOne Roadmap

HubrisOne Roadmap

HubrisOne Team & Advisor

HubrisOne Team & Advisor HubrisOne Team & Advisor

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