Hetachain – Using Internal Encryption Currency In The Main Chain

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Hetachain – Using Internal Encryption Currency In The Main Chain

Hetachain – Blockchain technology has changed the world of technology will solve some of the problems of the world, such as the transmission and storage of data, without having to worry about hackers systems, transparency, there is no third party involved. This is the first time through bitcoin Nakamoto, and the goal is to transfer the funds to the point of introduction. It’s simple, safe and Bukegaibian, and it is time to solve this problem is to double the current consumption. Around that time Blockchain technology only applies to some people because of their electronic money blockchain result in classification after. Then, in late 2013 Weitalike Bate Lin came to launch revenge blockchain technology aimed at building a distributed application intelligence contracts that time used universally. It is a good innovation, at the time, but many of the problems of security and scalability as blockchain names of two pairs of people. Many gaps in the June 2016 fear retaliation platform that appears, then ether 500,000 worth 3.6 million from “Tao,” the platform is built stolen blockchain revenge. Revenge hard fork blockchain results of the event, from the user to recover the stolen ether.

A new chain of revenge, we now know that revenge is a classic old chain (ETC). Last year, online games popular blockchain born, Cryptokitties, scalability, and speed of transaction because it makes the network a few days indicate that the slowdown Revenge network, large trading volumes for processing. This indicates that the network is not ready for widespread use, and how you can slow down the entire network in a single DAPP.

Blockchain time horizon and a new stage, Blockchain 3.0. HETACHAIN establishment, a position that is easy to use, flexible for users, developers (easily create a smart contract) as well as a high-performance platform that blockchain. Blockchain enterprise-class application design considerations.

HETACHAIN disability organizations more effectively mixing (in connection with this focus and claims are POW POS throughput blockchain) and Byzantine fault tolerance (the BFT) is ready to maximize system performance.

Since the beginning Blockchain developer community has been trying to solve the scalability Trilemma. HETACHAIN equipped with various focus on ease of use, while also providing a decentralized community of developers, the ability not only to achieve the technical characteristics of smart contract to run distributed applications (dApps), which dealt with the inherent deficiencies of the older generation in the government blockchain network, system throughput and mass adoption.

With hybrid algorithm consensus disability organizations + BFT, scalability Trilemma long process HETACHAIN encourage, in fact, democratic management, as they balance the network throughput blockchain system.

A better version, in which only 21 to serve as a supernode selected for the block manufacturer that proved vulnerable to collusion between supernodes, HETACHAIN of programmed 33 Masternodes network more random dispersion system EOS is set to have the same opportunity to fill and production. In the next block in the chain. This ensures a very high throughput while ensuring that the network of democratic decentralization has been a major bane to another network to try to solve the scalability Trilemma.

Achieve mass popularity only one step HETACHAIN easy to build a better network, enabling the use of industrial-grade network can operate computing power.


We introduce HetaCoin, using internal encryption currency in the main chain. HetaCoin uses Blockchain Hertha who uses the service to pay a ” fee” of the company or the user.

We recommend how to use HetaCoin

If the user transaction to redeem Herta make a coin or token, he must pay a predetermined HetaCoin installation. It is also known as transaction costs. A mandatory fee, make HetaCoin has a real value system. It also prevents traders filled with micro-trading network indefinitely.

When the user is involved in the verification process of consensus or PrivateChain or backbone, he must have some specific HetaCoin gift. It is also known awards. The level of consensus award should depend on how much energy participants in the process are consumed.

Alpha-X Trading

It will make use of the funds ICO AX at a later stage, it will launch the world cryptocurrency exchange and motivations for different encryption for Fiat to provide more liquidity. Its mission is to get right up to the right 100 Canadian dollars, the exchange offer for all people worldwide.

Alpha X is a proven algorithm X13 network base stations (POS) of cryptocurrency new generation. Transactions carried out on Alpha X blocks direct network, anonymous, private and very secure. Our motivation is to do as well as virtual money (plastic cards), can provide liquidity in the market and practicality of real-time market.

Narrative ALPHAX Corporation is to change the entire face of Gongyongshiye token, blockchain use technology to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional history of the system. When this technology with an intuitive user interface and clarification, confidence and enthusiasm the new level will be created in the community to create a new confidence and excitement of a new ecosystem of useful life.

Citibank Cash ICI first cryptographic transformation of the world, so that the general public easy access to the currency of the modern digital world. Awareness and actual use of cryptographic transformations, or even increased. Cryptocurrency desire of people to join the movement faced resistance because these are not considered to be user-friendly, the term seems too complicated. That’s why we made the Citibank Cash. This cryptocurrency without any prior technical knowledge to use.

Markets Alpha-X

Internet market has brought traders and buyers again. Here, the participating merchants can sell directly to customers Alpha-X coins using their products. Alpha X debit card. Alpha X has a plan to provide true mobility, global customers around the clock. Anyone can purchase or at any time in their area to sell Alpha-X without any problems. They also plan to offer debit cards AX and integrate them with the point of transmission.

Investment and development prospects BLOCKCHAIN Journal

The project has worked Hetachain investment will focus on Hetachain of blockchain 3.0 is the future growth and development of the technology fund.

  1. Globally
    Hitachi to invest in the company, the people who create goods and services, which will be produced at the forefront of technological change worldwide
  2. Education
    Hetachain use of the expertise and experience of working directly with blockchain do, a portfolio of technologies to help businesses realize their full potential.
  3. Partnership
    Has developed Hetachain business leaders from around the world to ensure that the strategic relationship between the founders of all the market has the ability to work directly with local investors.


  • Q1 & Q2 2018
    Write design HetaChain
    white paper
  • Q2 & Q3 2018
    Development of the main chain
    Blockchain UI display data
    Purse demo
    Events ICO Hetachain
    HetaChain ICO private sales
  • Q4 2018
    HetaChain block Explorer Demo
    Hetachain network testing (beta)
    ICO HetaChain initial public sale
    Hertha registered in token exchange
    development Private chain
  • Q1 2019
    Opening gate
    Development Development DAPP
    smart contract
    Update wallet (Multi-Token)
    Start HetaChain clean test
  • Q2 2019
    Pre-built DAPP
    Automatically create DAPP
    Hertha cost Portal
    HetaChain exploration block (update)
    Hetachain main net (Beta)
  • Q3 2019
    Launch main net Hetacoin Hetachain

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