HETACHAIN – The Best 3.0 Blockchain Network in the World

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HETACHAIN – The Best 3.0 Blockchain Network in the World

HETACHAIN – Cryptocurrency experiencing severe redundancy, it is difficult to select viable projects. But today, my eyes were attracted by the project. HetaChain will set up a foundation to promote the technology chain block, a real business, network building blocks are distributed chain 3.0 application is the most complex and powerful infrastructure.

Dubai-based investment Realm announced an investment of 3.0 hetachain Network Blockchain technology. This project will help hetachain public services, companies, and banks to expand Dapps (distributed applications), robotics, networking, e-commerce, healthcare, and many others. Heta.org September 2018, technology has opened next chain block, chain block 3.0.

technology chain block is how to generate will be shared and edited in a way that is truly innovative innovation. However, the major issues currently facing the blockchain technology, and performance. For this purpose, Hetachain proposes to create a very simple and flexible to use the latest blockchain network structure with very high-performance chain block Platform users and developers.

A cryptographic algorithm is ECDSA (Digital Elliptic Motion Sign Algorithm) national cryptography school private secp256k1 curve. Private key 256 random data.

Heta private key associated with this address is the public key of the end of the 160-bit hash SHA3-256 (keccak).

About Hetachain

Blockchain technology with a strategic point of transaction, without the need for third-party intermediaries, can destroy many existing centralized systems and applications, in particular, the ability of banks and financial services industries. With the ability to incorporate intelligent contracts, blockchain technology has the potential to change the dynamic potential of the global economy. An ecosystem that truly decentralization will take control of a self-serving entity trip a few backs to the masses.

Blockchain technology is really in data creation, sharing, and editing an innovative innovation. Nevertheless, blockchain technology is currently facing important issues related to performance. For this reason, Hetachain Blockchain proposed to build a new network architecture will be very easy to use, more flexible use of very high-performance blockchain Platform users and developers.
encryption algorithm using ECDSA (Elliptic motion digital sign algorithm) with the curve of public and private secp256k1 password. The private key is a 256-bit random data.
Heta private key associated with this address is the public key 160 SHA3-256 (Keccak) hash ago.

That is by using encryption Hetacoin Hetachain money in the backbone network. Hetacoin as a means to pay for the service using HET block.

When a user performs a coin or by replacing Hertha sign an agreement, he must pay hetacoin predetermined Hill. Also known as transaction costs. There is a mandatory fee is Hetacoin that the system has real value. It is also limited to prevent traders flooded the micro-transaction network.

If you participate in the main chain and the private chain consensus or the verification process, it should be rewarded with a certain hetacoin. It is also known as the prize. The consensus forecast at the level it should have depended on how much energy participants consuming process to achieve.

Platform Protocol

Communication between individuals and Heta blockchain in the main chain systems, the bridal protocol is to assist the individual chains, to gather data to examine the spine. Each individual network must pay to use Hetacoin. Hertha private network with a variety of coins to control the payment transaction. Prices can be adjusted with heavy use.

The future development of investment technologies and blockchain, the hetachain Fund has committed to invest in the future growth and development funds targeted response hetachain 3.0 blockchain technology.

Global coverage, Hetachain invest in the company, the people who create service offerings that will generate change in technology from around the world at the forefront
As the hetachain educational experience, and by working directly with the company’s investment in technical knowledge chain block to realize their full potential.
Partnerships are already available in all markets for the possibility of co-founder directly with local investors to develop strategic partnerships manager Hetachain worldwide.

Challenges in Adoption

However, the pace of adoption blockchain driven solutions to solve real-world problems and replace the existing system has been very slow. The main reason can be attributed to problems Bitcoin, revenge, etc. blockchains scalability issues. Both rich and revenge blockchains Bitcoin network congestion problems experienced late last year. high transaction costs slow and threatened to do to defeat the real purpose of the technology is there blockchains invented. Even build distributed applications (DAPPS) is often jammed with performance problems, can not be used for user comfort and ease of use, they are used to it. There is a need for technical merit blockchain goals, enough to expand into a lot of traffic to deal with the existing system. Unless quickly resolve this issue will continue to hinder the adoption of the masses.

Hetachain Solutions

Hetachain intends to solve the above problems, and create high-performance blockchain it is scalable, easy and simple, smart and easy-to-contract to make the end user. This is achieved by mixing a consensus come with a proof mechanism based on trust pile (disability organizations) and Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) is. The goal is to build blockchain is expanded, had a short block and high throughput. Generated every second one and verification by the network with a single algorithm block masternode Hetachain.

HetaCoin: The cryptocurrency that Hetachain fuel.

  • Fuel and driving Hetachain, so blockchain cryptocurrency local services, HetaCoin plurality of use cases.
  • With that intend to use Hetachain compensation for use as service users or business costs
  • The transaction fee is paid in HetaCoins
  • The awards will be distributed in HetaCoins

Hetachain desire to solve current problems and solutions blockchains, whether the issues of scalability, privacy, security or throughput. With architecture and sophisticated design, it must stand out as potential leaders who are able to bridge the gap between technology and people and changing the landscape that appears.

Advantages Blockchain 3.0 network Hetachain

  1. Flexible
    Through role-based permissions general kickbacks to maintain and repair applications.
  2. Available
    3.0 Platform Blockchain with very high performance and scalability, and use of the network more useful and valuable ecosystems blockchain.
  3. Scalability
    Already supports thousands Dapps (decentralized applications) and commercial communications between separate blockchain certification communication and execution.
  4. Optimization
    3.0 Platform Blockchain, with high performance and scalability and is used to make the network more valuable and useful blockchain ecosystems.

Summary networking features HETACHAIN

  • DAPP storage with a pre-built application, users can select and execute them in Heta Blockchain DAPP.
  • Digital Asset Store, HETACHAIN can save a lot of digital assets to ensure that they can not be stolen or hijacked.
  • Consensus, HETACHAIN using hybrid DPO + BFT consensus Blockchain maximize its network performance.
  • The contract is automatically generated. With this, the less code involved helping developers to easily generate Heta contract.
  • The user-friendly fee to use. Possible small, free app that runs on the network.


  • Q1 & Q2 2018
    Write design HetaChain
    white paper
  • Q2 & Q3 2018
    Development of the main chain
    Blockchain UI display data
    Purse demo
    Events ICO Hetachain
    HetaChain ICO private sales
  • Q4 2018
    HetaChain block Explorer Demo
    Hetachain network testing (beta)
    ICO HetaChain initial public sale
    Hertha registered in token exchange
    development Private chain
  • Q1 2019
    Opening gate
    Development Development DAPP
    smart contract
    Update wallet (Multi-Token)
    Start HetaChain clean test
  • Q2 2019
    Pre-built DAPP
    Automatically create DAPP
    Hertha cost Portal
    HetaChain exploration block (update)
    Hetachain main net (Beta)
  • Q3 2019
    Launch main net Hetacoin Hetachain

To know the latest information about Hetachain project you can visit the link below:

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Hetachain team, I just give you the latest ICO info”