HashByte – The World’s First Green Energy / Renewable To Miners

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HashByte – The World’s First Green Energy / Renewable To Miners

HashByte – In the first step to creating a green ecological system is accepted that conventional mining equipment is less efficient renewable energy in operation. Most mining machines rely on initial cooling method is to increase current consumption. HashByte team understands this, so we are developing GreenHashTM, miners first, the use of renewable energy. The miners belonging to energy saving, and the architecture allows for efficient use of cooling, without relying on electricity driver function. advanced battery systems used to store the energy used during the time that is generated when there is not enough power so that you can be battery powered and mass storage in solar power generated during the day, at night the miners.

GreenHashTM computer energy efficiency miners will ensure that consume significantly less power than a conventional ASIC device used in conventional mining power farms or GPU.

About HashByte

HashByte cloud Mining was established in 2015 for those interested in cryptocurrency space either at the beginning or those working for some time to provide green energy, save the planet, as well as a means of securing investment funds that have been working in this field.

HashByte in the last century, human activities and technological developments have brought the planet into a very poor country. The development of modern science and technology, which greatly simplifies our lives, but it also brings a lot of environmental damage. Of course, there are now designed to help us protect the planet some of our company. Therefore, the future of our planet is very clear, there are several views, and encryption to achieve this production is not very profitable, and now, because the whole process requires large amounts of energy.

The GreenHash innovative projects, and to eliminate the current problems in mountain ecosystems fossil fuel carbon/fossil and contribute to the creation of the first environmental ecosystem clean / renewable eco-secret mining.

Currently, cryptocurrency production requires a lot of energy. However, this is often not the limit, it is assumed that in 2019 additional energy consumption ratio ü. Sec. Therefore, the United States is quite complete world. Hashbyte rapid growth of this stone, which represents a great danger for our climate, the impact has been revealed.

HashByte mining cloud was created in 2015, which both began working for those who are interested in space cryptocurrency or that has been providing green energy in this area of work in the field, save the planet, and time as a means of investment funds are safe and reliable.

HashByte intends to stimulate the development of cryptocurrency current situation to green mode / regeneration, the process eliminates the need for electricity from fossil fuel consumption.

Therefore, HashByte is: GreenHash. The world’s first green energy / renewable to miners. EcoChain. A general efficient algorithm for energy efficiency. Its main feature is, an EcoChain algorithm based on energy-saving standards. Instead of hard contact GPU and CPU architecture processor, Ec Ochain different patent has been delayed by the discovery of the method of application. The advantage is that this solution will require less energy to get approval EcoChain. It is not only the computer, but also can manage the entire mobile device EcoChain control node.

Hashbyte Gash. KAS production also uses a lot of energy. This is the first green and digital wound. Hashbyte using the latest technology of mining and renewable energy sources to provide low rates and cheap development of the deposit contract the cloud, so a good profit for investors. HashByte encryption is a renewable energy company based, including a team of entrepreneurs, investors, experts and lawyers cryptocurrency climate change.


Another goal is to create a team in the community of fans HashByte cryptocurrency environmentally conscious electronics. Communities can share more ways, ideas cryptocurrency industry can reduce harmful carbon emissions produced by industry. HashByte will hold the platform, where users can share their ideas on an ongoing forum for us the best way to reduce carbon emissions. EcoChain HashByte electronic society through the development of renewable energy companies, and other stakeholders who want to increase the use of renewable energy leader in the field blockchain.

HashByte Ecochain

The HashByte EcoChain will be the first time the most advanced energy efficiency and decentralized Blockchain countries. The main feature of HashByte EcoChain is that it will depend on the consensus algorithm energy saving. This is the consensus approach that is completely different to offer. Instead, GPU and CPU-intensive work should architecture, HashByte EcoChain will depend on how, patents pending. The benefits of our new method is that it requires less energy, consensus HashByte EcoChain provided. Consensus can be given computers and mobile devices can run at least one full knot HashByte EcoChain of.

There Are Several Advantages To Using HashByte Ecochain. They Include:

  1. Instant Transactions
    Blockchains verification work because there is a slow computing speed load block. The HashByte EcoChain will provide real-time thanks to a transaction with a revolutionary consensus mechanism.
  2. Cutting-edge Fund Protection
    In HashByte funds EcoChain users will be protected from hackers, phishing and malicious individuals who wish to use the platform to steal or damage, since they do not like, because it is widely used Sybil attack 51% of attacks.
  3. Global Accessibility
    The HashByte EcoChain access from around the world. Mining blockchain global access opportunities passive income people in various parts of the world. Cloud Mine designed for this purpose as well, to improve access to breakthrough technologies.
  4. No Transaction Fees
    The HashByte EcoChain blockchain local cryptocurrency will not have the tools and transaction costs blockchain HashByte cryptocurrency of cloud computing and green mining services produced. It will HashByte first EcoChain personal use completely free blockchain.
  5. Environmentally Friendly And Sustainable
    HashByte EcoChain used to ensure environmentally friendly HashByte mining models. It will also ensure that the platform is in the long term, sustainable. When energy costs are higher than income or limiting the emissions of most of the mining sector will fail. However, EcoChain build HashByte can last for several years.
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
    Most industries CSR, companies are required to protect the emissions and practices bad business pillar of the community. The HashByte EcoChain one of the first to introduce this blockchain mining. While other companies may struggle to meet the CSR to create regulations, CSR HashByte will have to consider the establishment.

Evolving Blockchain Towards A Green Future

Blockchain technology needed to develop an environmentally friendly platform. Although mining requires 73% cryptocurrencies coins, which does not mean that the environment would suffer. Research has shown that as blockchain become more popular, the demand for energy will increase. Because the consensus is an important technology blockchain part, the future will require us to try to fix something that is a more sustainable way. Has no need to establish a more effective blockchains. The algorithm requires less CPU and GPU intensive, to reduce the demand for advanced devices. the more efficient algorithm would be easier to give a consensus, they will require less complex equipment, such as ASIC devices. It is HashByte will begin to develop algorithms consistent with low energy consumption EcoChain job.

Green Consensus Association

As highlighted above, in blockchains cryptocurrency industry about 73% rely on the work of the verification architecture to reach a consensus. The problem is, the work proved to be quite the GPU and CPU intensive, therefore, mining blockchain consume a lot of power. Some blockchains, such as Bitcoin blockchain, require specialized ASIC devices, so that consensus miners provided. HashByte will try to get a set of green mining enthusiasts together to form consensus Green Association (GCA), which will push through our products, as well as the consensus framework for blockchains more environmentally friendly. We intend to promote the GCA at the forefront of change in the industry.

Their main goal is to educate and to ensure that the industry blockchain consensus algorithm to adopt more environmentally friendly. They also will promote the reduction of complex hardware and energy-intensive. GCA also will be an advocate for the mining industry blockchain sustainable development. As in previous years, the majority of small and medium scale miners will soon launch a business because of the high demand for energy. Because the number of artisanal mining is reduced, the possibility of attacks increased by 51%, and for good reason, GCA is a small miner mining cryptocurrencies proactive in the future.

Why Green?

  1. Going Green To Save The Environment
    Bitcoin mining production of 17.7 million tons per year of carbon emissions. Using green mining will help reduce carbon emissions and to reduce them. Although not everyone is willing to go this route, HashByte is the first to adopt a comprehensive environmental mining field, not only profitable, efficient and less carbon emissions produced to help save the environment.
  2. Going Green Will Reduce Mining Costs
    The most expensive part is often the cost of energy and mining, the miners spent their income to pay most of the costs are high. Most of the miners to stop the mining operation when rig their energy costs became too much. This means that most of the miners will have to make money in the future because of high electric bills, they will get into trouble.

Cryptocurrencies To Mine

Miners now have a range cryptocurrencies, they can be intercepted. However, it is not advantageous to choose any altcoin in the market. It is always better for my things, greater market value.

  1. Ethereum Mining
    Ethereum is (bitcoin alternative) one of the most popular altcoins. Using a different architecture, slightly more advanced. It started to rely on the verification of work, but Ethereum in 2017, the military said it would turn to prove ofstake that depends on less energy. However, at this time can be considered to support the work and should Typically, equity consensus blockchain mixture. It is currently the most widely used platform, as it hosts a number of other protocols using ERC20 cryptocurrencies. Therefore, the use of prisoners of war for Ethereum miners get ETH. However, with respect to credit cryptocurrencies bits and other prisoners, Ethereum does not have a complicated blockchain. Some mining Ethereum Why so popular is because they rely on GPU mining industry. In contrast with the little miner credit ASIC complex extraction process, still in the non-intensive method of Ethereum using GPU mining. As one of the most sought after mining coupled with the exploitation of this coin an infinite number of coins and the popularity of the network, it becomes.
  2. Bitcoin Mining
    mining bit credit is fundamentally different from excavation GPU. Bitcoin blockchain so advanced, it gives me an effective CPU usage is very difficult. Use GPU mining can work, but there’s no real return on investment, due to high energy costs. As a result, most of the miners dig transferred to ASIC. ASIC system more professional, but they offer a balance of power and energy, making it effective.
  3. Monero
    Monero privacy coins which are widely used in many industries, other cryptocurrencies do not find interesting. It is commonly used in gambling and adult video streaming and other industries, as it provides privacy to the substitution of one hundred percent to the user. Monero still be able to use the GPU, because blockchain not be mining complex.

Details of the ICO

HSB is currently the main tool for HashByte GreenHash token and ecosystems; HSB can be purchased at the stage of TGE, and can be purchased for encrypted communications. HSB sign after sign-generation event Stock Exchange. HSB will be available for trading on the stock exchange and major purchases in December 2018 20

  • Token Name: HashByte
  • Token symbol: HSB
  • Total tokens issued: 20,000,000 HSB
  • Soft Cap: $ 10,000,000
  • Hard Cap: $ 30,000,000
  • Accepted currency: BTC, ETH
  • Exchange rate: 1 ETH = 70 HSB
  • Minimum purchase: 0.5 ETH / 35 HSB
  • Period of PreSale: November 1, 2018 – November 30, 2018
  • Period of the ICO: December 1, 2018 – December 15, 2018

Funds Allocation

  • 44% – GreenHash R&D
  • 15% – Operations
  • 26% – Marketing
  • 15% Eco Developers

Token Distribution

  • 3% Advisors
  • 9% Change Believers
  • 25% Reserved
  • 45% Supply Flow


  • Q4 2015
    We formed a team of climate change believers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
  • Q2 2018
    Launched was one of the first renewable energy cloud mining platforms.
  • Q4 2018
    Token generation event and Fundraising for GreenHash™
  • Q1 2019
    EcoChain Test-Net would be rolled out in stealth mode to the eco developer community.
  • Q3 2019
    EcoChain Main-Net launch. Gash cryptocurrency would also be released to the public.
  • Q4 2019
    GreenHash would be released on a limited scale for testing.
  • Q1 2020
    GreenHash™ would finally be made available to the public on a large scale.


  • Change Believers
    Blockchain brings great potentials, but it’s use need not damage the planet if we implement it the Green Way. HashByte is a decentralized movement (BCCB – Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Change Believers) towards an Advanced Bolder and Greener Blockchain Landscape.
  • HSA Shankar: Member, BCCB
    A tech brainiac who started his carrier in a Startup. Worked with multi-national companies such as Intuit and IBM.
  • Chris Hastings: Member, BCCB
    Chris is the vice president of State Street Bank, he has been involved in the finance sector for over 35 years and also a major investor in HashByte.
  • Thomas Saar: Member, BCCB
    With multiple years under his belt in dealing with large corporate media companies, Thomas has successfully made his mark as an entrepreneur with a mad persistence for success.
  • Charles Adenuoye: Member, BCCB
    Charles is the Founder & CEO of BitPlay, a cryptocurrency miner, technologist and Blockchain enthusiasts who has founded several successful tech companies over the years.
  • Carlo Buonpane: Member, BCCB
    Advisor And Mentor. Entrepreneur, Investor, Crypto Enthusiast And Coach. Advisor Expert In Fundraising In Over 15 Projects With 3+ Years Experience


  • BCCB Global Partners
    HashByte is currently teaming up with several companies to develop our products and to create a future where cryptocurrency mining is environmentally sustainable

To know the latest information about the HashByte project you can visit the link below:

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the HashByte team, I just give you the latest ICO info”