GreenCoin – Solving Real Problems In The World

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GreenCoin – Solving Real Problems In The World

GreenCoin – As a more advanced society, consume more energy, but energy from coal, oil and natural gas were obtained and did not renew after one year, depleted. It is wise to take advantage of this in our part of another renewable energy year after year, no end, it will not pollute the environment. renewable energy comes from the sun, wind, water, rivers, the sea, the interior of the earth, and waste. Today, they only supplement traditional fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas), but it is expected to eventually replace the latter.

GreenCoin platform and a team of entrepreneurs and consultants and the creative capabilities of the manufacturing company focused on creating green systems in close cooperation for a better world. When used, and has been for sustainable development and ecology of the planet, and it gave rise to, unfortunately, it is a very slow global expansion benefit greatly helped three green system.

GreenCoin is a company focused on connecting manufacturers of green certification system and installation companies or directly with buyers worldwide private platform, which will help to combat the major problems currently facing humanity, knowledge exchange and market demand is a fragmented platform to enable small businesses and big. The platform provided by ecosystems/demand, based on the dispersion hosting Blockchain establish and implement rules and business intelligence through a standard contract, supported management simplifies interaction potential customers and B2C production.

GreenCoin Platform

our world and our general experience some changes on the planet every year. Unfortunately, in many cases – this is a negative change. The impact of our products on the environment is not conducive to us. human development, creating more and more new mechanism, to make our lives easier. But the consequences are not immediately come. Scientists now believe that global warming is the biggest problem, unfortunately, is only one of many important factors that have influenced us. Do not forget to consumers deficit. One in seven people in the world are hungry, this is a major global issue of our Richangshenghuo. In addition to the millions of people suffering without food, hunger also hinders progress in health and education. But something about the use of fuel – this is an important human problem. It’s sad, but we addictive. However, the time has come to help not only ourselves but also natural. Every day, people start thinking about Mother Earth more frequently. That gives hope.

This project is GreenCoin are not indifferent to the environmental problems caused by the development of a platform for fans. It is a system based on green sustainable development to solve real-world problems, the first dispersion green platform that links directly with manufacturers and customers local installation company or individual authentication system.

The main objective of this project is to create an environment that is efficient, autonomous communities, decentralization, business-oriented, technology blockchain, distributed systems that will help solve the major problems facing people today. This is to ensure that the use of more energy will not be exhausted and, most importantly, will not harm the environment.

The GNC will be the first global ecosystem fragmented market, buyers can purchase green systems or products directly from manufacturers to benefit from the low price transparency.


environmental issues. our environment is constantly changing. Recognized that. However, changes in our environment, so it does not need to become increasingly aware of the fact that about it. Global warming has become an issue of our lives now indisputable; our planet is warming, and we certainly question part of it. However, this is not the only environmental problem, the question we should be concerned about. Around the world, people are faced with environmental problems of a large number of new and challenging every day.

Nutrition. One in seven people starving in the world, which is the major global challenges of our time. In addition to the millions of people who suffer from lack of food, hunger also hinders progress in health and education.


The ultimate goal is to create an environment of direct and efficient, a decentralized, autonomous community, business-centric blockchain using the power of technology to the distribution system to support the sustainable development of the planet in producer connection systems green and installation company or an individual certified and buyers from around the world, which will help to combat the major problems facing mankind today

Taking advantage of this in our part of another renewable energy year after year, no end, it will not pollute the environment.

The GNC will be the first global ecosystem fragmented market, buyers can purchase directly from the manufacturer or a system of green products, enjoy lower prices and transparent.


A green system and help people overcome the major problems facing mankind today is the world’s leading platform for the distribution of products. Teaching and educating people how easy it is to produce food and energy for sustainable development system and save the Earth. Users of the platform will have to install the system and with the information, they use to get a wide group of video tutorials System step by step.

We will have a spokesperson professionals to represent and talk about this system, in order to attract more manufacturers green system and buyers from all the green platform in the experience of the system, and to understand how their own experience, we can use technology and contract Blockchain intelligent Yousuozuowei expand the industry, to take care of our planet and has been a decline of many people around the world die of starvation, the main problem we are facing today, which is responsible for about 500,000 deaths combustion of fuel in the world, also led ten thousand yuan between 4 to 5 cases of chronic bronchitis, and other Yanzhongjibing number of cases millions. (OMS) 2011, in order to provide electricity and fuel (gasoline) to the user.

Referring to happen in the world, although the reasons can be divided into several categories Wuzhuangchongtu, economic reasons are often the most common, is the whole of human history there. Economics is the study of how to determine the distribution of limited means, science, people have occupied the dearth of original ideas, goods, territory, resources, all point to the benefits that are useful or beneficial coexistence trigger war. political power can induce such conflicts erupting continuously try their own strength. A wide variety of primitive war to control Middle East oil, which even involved must assume that he was fighting between the group and the moral example of civilized countries. When the war can be generated by competition for control and use of the earth’s resources. As a mentioned earlier analysis by BM during the last 40 years of conflict in his report, he asserts play nationality, race or religion an important role in that, but when the chance of civil war boom, oil was discovered.

How Does It Work?

Manufacturers publish their product or system Web / App. Users buy a product or system (Fiat, BTC, ETH or GNC) pay for goods currency. Manufacturers ship users.Buyers buyers. Manufacturers provide technical support, you can hire a local GNC Installers. Uses mark as a means of customer loyalty rewards program.

What Principles GreenCoin Ecosystem Is?

The nature of this job is very simple:

  • Manufacturers publish Internet applications/products or their systems.
  • Currency users to buy a product or system (Fiat, BTC, ETH or GNC).
  • Manufacturers supply products to customers.
  • Manufacturers provide technical support for users.
  • Buyers can hire local installers.
  • GNC token used way to encourage customer loyalty programs.

GreenCoin-demand platform to share knowledge and fragmented market, open small and large companies. Ecosystems provide bid/demand, based Blockchain- hosting support decentralization and the implementation of smart contracting companies to develop rules and standards, simplifying the creation of interactive potential customers and B2C.

This platform will be very convenient for shoppers, has its own advantages. As with the highest quality products and systems, buy online, calling constantly updated capabilities, systems, and technical director of the installation, around the clock technical support.

Of Course, The Manufacturer Has Several Advantages:

  • Provides full control over the price.
  • the interface is easy to use, will be built on a single principle.
  • A marketing plan is designed to direct buyers.
  • Reduce advertising costs.
  • Convenient, rapid feedback and payments.

Benefits For Buyers

  • high-quality green systems and products.
  • Systems and products purchased online are easy and convenient.
  • Access to the local system installed.
  • Update the new system, methods, and techniques.
  • 24/7 Support Team

Benefit Manufacturers And Installers

  • full control of the price and market your products or services.
  • An integrated plan to use interface
  • Marketing and promotions directly to buyers
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Fast, detailed customer feedback
  • convenience of payment


GreenCoin ecosystem will benefit many quality manufacturers to join the ecosystem as possible. Manufacturer dedicated to creating green systems and products that will help solve some of the major problems facing mankind such as energy and food is also part of a changing business environment and the sustainable development of our planet.

Manufacturing Role:

  • Green publishing system or product
  • Delivery of products buyer ordered

Token Sales

The GreenCoin Token (GNC) is a fundamental component of the GreenCoin ecosystem. Its purpose is to facilitate all types of operations performed on the platform.

  • Token symbol – GNC
  • Type: ERC20 Ethereum Blockchain
  • The total amount of tokens issued: 50,000,000
  • Accepted currencies – ETH, BTC
  • The cost of a token on PRE-ICO: 1 ETH = 500 GNC
  • Minimum investment – 0.1 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 60,000 ETH
  • Soft Cap: 10,000 ETH
  • Bonus on PRE-ICO – 15%. Also 5% for joining the White List.


  • Development 27.00%
  • Marketing 38.00%
  • Legal 5.00%
  • Expansion 16.00%
  • Local Offices 1.00%
  • Admin undefined Operations 12.00%
  • Contingencies 1.00%


  • July 2017
    The beginning of the idea in the Blockchain
  • August 2017
    GNC concept created
  • August 2018
    Development and integration of ICO smart-contract
  • November 16th, 2018
    November 16th,2018 9:00 California Time (PST) Start date of Token Sale
  • March 15th, 2019
    March 15th, 2019 23:59 California Time (PST) End date of Token Sale
  • Q2, 2019
    Appearance of GNC token on the crypto-exchanges
  • Q3, 2019
    Development of the GNC platform
  • Q1, 2020
    Beta release of the GNC platform
  • Q2, 2020
    Global Marketing Campaign
  • Q3, 2020
    Launch of GNC Platform
  • Q1, 2021
    Geographical expansion and ecosystem growth

Our Team

  • Karl Tanchez: Founder & CTO
  • Josue Divas: Co-Founder & CEO
  • Vladimir Pomogalov: Blockchain & Smart Contracts
  • Carmen Carranza: Manufacturer Relationships & Marketing
  • Amr Sakr: Software Engineer
  • Ajay Shukla: Blockchain Developer
  • Vipin Shukla: Graphic Designer
  • Rashmi Kulkarni: Blockchain Developer


  • Richie Waddell: Hydrogen advisor
  • Erwin Tanchez: Hydrogen advisor
  • Robert Bruce: Renewable energies advisor
  • Rick Benavides: Business Development Advisor

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