Grabity – The New Paradigm Of Internet

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Grabity – The New Paradigm Of Internet

Grabity – Industry Blockchain experienced the bubble economy, such as the “Internet bubble”, with the development of technology and seeks to commercialize it. If there is no confidence in Blockchain technology and reliability, it is difficult for people to accept the new model, which is also the structure and market (commercial) of. As early development of the Internet industry, science and technology are distributed Ledger will enter the same direction. However, it is expected that the technology will advance Ledger distributed several times faster because it uses the existing Internet infrastructure. In the absence of internet, technology cannot exist in Internet companies, technology companies can use distributed Ledger Ledger distributed technology will not only expand after the development of real life. In the technical challenges facing the commercialization of Leger distributed as follows.

As you may have observed official, Blockchain technology is the point of convergence of ideas on current news highlights. This technology has been seen as inevitable destiny “complicated” and Blockchain often can be attributed to “life adjustment, because we are most likely to know about it.”

If you tend to hunt really bothered by a blockchain technology platform, do not look any further than Grabity.

The Grabity started handling ability is now turning heads and transparency of transactions, contracts organizational intelligence.

Grabity Blockchain is an open technology, the difference in the decentralized network of Web perspective of a centralized system. The hardware execution date has fundamentally improved, although there are more than enough phone has an ideal implementation of the previous server. However, it does not take up storage space or to recruit% southwest 100. Anyone can feasibly stuff in there is not active, such as mobile phones, tablet PCs and PC share computer resources, customers can be appreciated as much as they provide resources, and DAPP architects can work at a lower cost to use organizations benefit from a regular PC. Just when writing Grabity commercialization adventure, everyone will have the ability to switch to the Web perspective, of course, use the center point.

Grabity draws the circle system is highly decentralized P2P use all the resources of the cable / remote PC sleep-related settings required a dispersed network. From the circle is to use the Start trading system to enhance progress, it can be processed simultaneously, a quick exchange earnings management. Similarly, contract and brilliant resource records by using defragmentation progress and development capabilities accumulated, can investigate every part, and in the implementation of the plan for each segment overflowed by discrete fixed.

decentralization rail network root of this site Grabity draw P2P distribution arrangements right to use all assets cable / remote PC related inert. From the railway network switches, through the use of invasive lifting technology, which can handle all at the same exchange, supervised quickly and efficiently. More importantly, intelligent contracts and asset records can use technology to dial storage technology and defrag function, you can see every part, and configured to radiate put in a separate section for each.


The value of the primary network depends on the number DAPP. Most users DAPP users and existing applications, so Grabity provide familiar DAPP existing store user applications. DAPP for the use of the basic requirements is unlimited storage space and transaction token, DAPP Store on PC, mobile and wallet in touch with others and exchange release. DAPP stores are divided into different categories, such as gaming, finance, social networking, media, health, education, music, and a ranking system based on algorithms, considering the user’s satisfaction, the average number of days of the transaction, as well as development.


  • Layer system:
    cover arrangements based on P2P. Check the communication between the hub and spread after passing through the layer. The basic system is designed to allow maximum data transmission capacity utilization.
  • Information layer:
    Blockchain information structure and physical storage compartment. Integrated Merkle tree, hash functions, block, a symbol computer store in the plaza, including the exchange of DAPP history file.
  • Accord layer:
    Switch node generated clearly shows their exchange and was created as a square switching center near the site a few checks. It is distributed to the wheels is different, and if there is a determination to be the hub of malicious attacks, the point of interest is introduced and exchanged exchange subtle element synchronization confirmation.
  • Application layer:
    Provides Blockchain application interface. Contract brilliant, virtual machine, DAPP, etc. are incorporated in and direct relationship between the client’s information.
  • Executive floor:
    Toolkit and SDK provide the environmental outer shape of progress and invention.
    The Grabity biomes including hubs, network, DAPP, and stage, as well as the organization, depends on the economic environment increases Token. We currently token economy and a prerequisite for different biological systems work, created as a pursuit.

Demand for GBT

  • Who needs computer resources, consumers should buy GBT.
  • Need to buy GBT participate in the network DAPP songs by ICO
  • GBT is a major currency the increase if demand DAPP DAPP users will increase.
  • After the launch of the major networks, providing incentives computer resources is expected to increase demand for GBT determined from another source computer and GBT.

Supply GBT

Initially ten billion construction and operation of the project GBT release of Revenge network. Based ERC20-GBT will be replaced by GBT after the main railway network of funds based on net emissions. In addition, since the main nets, GBTS issued in addition to considering the inflation rate to compensate for the purposes of the computing resource provider. the flexibility of the rate of inflation, but it will not exceed 5%, in order to protect the token holder and the ecosystem approach to identify participants.

GBT Reward Ecosystem

Consumers can use GBT computer resources are lower than the cost of building or maintaining the railway network resources and computers that are used by the server vendor GBT can be obtained by providing the rail network and idle resources of their own equipment or additional equipment.

Token Sale

  • Total Token amount: 10,000,000,000 GBT
  • Token Token sale amount: 7,000,000,000 GBT
  • Percentage of sales Token from total Token: 70%
  • Hard cap : 30,000,000 USD
  • Soft cap : 10,000,000 USD
  • Tokens except for the pre-sale and public sale are sold in private rounds.
  • Unsold tokens are due to be incinerated.

Pre Sale

  • Token Sale Rate:20%
  • Bonus:10%
  • Public Sale:
  • Token Sale Rate:30%
  • Bonus:0%

Token Distribution

  • Token Sale Event: 70%
  • Partner & Advisor: 5%
  • Grabity Team: 15%
  • Marketing & Promoting: 10%

Grabity Token Allocation

Fund usage

  • Technology Development: 50%
  • Ecosystem: 20%
  • Business Development: 10%
  • Marketing: 10%
  • Reserve: 10%

Grabity Use Of Funds

Road Map

  • 2018 Q4
    Smart contract Deploy
    ERC20 based Token issue
    GBT Pre-Sale
  • 2019 Q1
    Network Layer Development
    (P2P-based overlay network)
    Planet Wallet Launching
    GBT Public-Sale
  • 2019 Q2
    Data Layer Development
    Consensus Layer Development
  • 2019 Q3
    Testnet Launching
    Toolkit & SDK Development
    Block Explorer Development
  • 2019 Q4
    Application Layer Development
  • 2020 Q1
    Management Layer Development
  • 2020 Q2
    Orbits Network Launching
    GBT-based DEX, DApp Store Launching


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