GoWithMi – Decentralize The Core Components Of The Internet Ecosystem

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GoWithMi – Decentralize The Core Components Of The Internet Ecosystem

GoWithMi really will decentralize the core components of the Internet ecosystem – geolocation service, making it a core component of the entire network blockchain, and can be freely invoked by various applications upper layer of the Internet and network blockchain. Super Oracle Spatial, when all blockchains applied to reality, they will face a major problem: how to connect the “untrusted” blockchain the outside world into the world of the “biggest” in blockchain it? This requires the gate mechanism of the world. GoWithMi provides a credible mechanism that gate. Consensus Map, In the world, there are 60% of the area and the 4 billion people are still able to enjoy the same quality maps developed area. The reason is that the scale of the map data has traditionally relied on a collection of global employment, which is the high cost that even Google can’t afford.

Based on the characteristics of distributed, anti-interference and traceability, which Blockchain will build new trust mechanism, which will accelerate the digital circulation of the production value, change the value transfer methods, and promote the intelligent allocation of social resources of government entities to achieve public consensus and sharing. The combination of the real economy and decentralized location-based services that would match the characteristics Blockchain will provide the basic guarantee.

GoWithMi building complete decentralization of the first location-based services (DLBS) the world’s infrastructure. It aims to provide the world geospatial exchange service complete value for large-scale trading of the data, computing, private terminal for commercial ecology, and make value flow multidimensional, safer and smarter, equipping missing key components last of application blockchain to the real economy. GoWithMi geospatial consensus ecological network consists of consensus production geospatial data, the spatial network computing power, organizing themselves knot geospatial assets and business applications share platform support. Integrated DLBS, super oracle, and platform maps consensus, based on the consensus algorithm to motivate participation and achieve benefits for all people, the cross-link supports all platforms blockchain, support one stop for all applications that retrieval of location-based services, enabling offline businesses to jump in a new era of business-programmed, and enter the ecological chain off his own business and circulation Turing-complete chain.

Traditional centralized map service challenges include the high cost of data, poor real-time updates, oligopolies, privacy assurance weak revenue model completely ignores the end user, and the lack of credible location-based services for business applications blockchain. We are building a cross-chain and decentralized cross-platform location-based service infrastructure that we believe will improve the current shortcomings mapping services. GoWithMi provides innovative “three in one solution: consensus spatial, location-based profit sharing, and co-governance space. Consensus spatial layer we will encourage the production, distribution, and management of spatial information from the participants of the system, mapping the world in real-time. To ensure that all participants adequate incentives, we introduced location-based constructs for the results which each type of participant will be the clear right of ownership. We understand the important role of government and believe the co-governance model of space we ensure a healthy ecosystem forward.

GoWithMi original intention was to return any value creator in the same way with the rights and profits, not only to ensure universal map service, but also to protect the privacy of the user and returns the data to the sovereignty of the individual. As a result, it will lead to more of the same, smart, self-evolving data affirmative society where everyone has the right to benefit from the value they create, and everyone has the right to benefit from the economic growth they contribute.

Cross chain interoperability provides immediate scale solutions today, as well as providing technological flexibility to deploy the best tools in the most appropriate Blockchains. Thus, GoWithMi builds smart in some Blockchains contract to utilize the benefits provided by the spread of cross-chain. It would have the additional ability to create a complete mapping of the entire ecosystem with location intelligence and fully realize the potential commercial applications. Tim GoWithMi believes that ecosystem mapping decentralization will give developers and other business tools to build services on top as, clothing, housing and living facilities of food, reshaping the ecosystem mapping, and empower hundreds of millions of SMB premises around the world to jump into the era smart new business locations.

In the implementation, GoWithMi will give priority to developing countries such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America, and Africa, where 4 billion people require location services more equitable basis. Currently, GoWithMi has reached the fourth most populated country in the world, Indonesia, and will soon include the main countries in Southeast Asia, continue to the next step will encompass the whole world and accelerating global blockchain coverage to the real economy.

General Blockchain Underlying Technology Driver

The instrument is basically a framework agreement entertainment ensure a stable implementation framework through a one-to-one sentence. There are some weaknesses in the current agreement. In this particular arrangement, the calculation in accordance too tiring inaccessible. GoWithMi now chooses the organizational structure of disability as an important covenant calculation as per the real situation of business applications to meet the needs of the implementation of a large number of DAU items. Be that as it may, in the future, the instrument will be adopted pluggable agreements to reach common ground with the calculation of different agreements, and the important parts will be completely incorporated into the world blockchain.

Technology: Spatial Consensus

Although the components of the deal, GoWithMi Consensus also incorporates a decentralized generation of specialized guides agreements and maintenance, and high caliber including all, almost zero-cost guides continuously working together with clients around the world through the instruments of the game to ensure the highest protection of the client area, in addition to innovation the general consensus, it formed an area-based administrative offices to spearhead the Internet.

Economic: Location-Based Profit Sharing

The advantage is the eternal subject and a key factor in achieving blockchain effort. Bitcoin achievement is derived from the mining plan and the cost of the excavator which has made the world crazy to join accounting. GoWithMi utilizing space-sharing instrument for the shared passion.

Economy: Space Co-Governance

GoWithMi includes the administrative structure of the stock of money, and the activity is a completely driven network, including the co-administration of both under the chain. Co-administration of the top of the chain is determined by the network to deliver voice as demonstrated by the size of the holding Token. Part assistance tasks under affixing have a place with a unique component GoWithMi co-supervise this: in the standard view of the “mountain and form”, the present reality is uniform partition into a coordinated correspondence with GoZone. GoZone is basic environmental GoWithMi spatial support the assertion that speaks to the rights of the owners to create a future salary for the district. Meanwhile, GoWithMi will also GoZone space resources, ensuring only worldwide GoZone, and consider the interests of current and long-term holders of GoZone.

Ecology GoWithMi

Indigenous item price guide has information just for biology, and GoWithMi located as a vertical chain to the administration of the region, by improving the ability of eco-business one-stop. GoWithMi laying is a vertical administration of regional administration, the furniture industry clients with practical significance circle close and adjustment capacity of the multi-scene, which can share the benefits of biological GMV as a whole and can actually take care of the single revenue item indigenous guides. In addition, we believe that only DApps high frequency wholly identified with the original economy will probably end applications in the world blockchain original executioner. So GoWithMi centers around two main headings: the decentralization of the economy and o2o share.

ICO Details

  • ICO token supply: 14,900,000,000 GMAT
  • Total tokens for sale: 745,000,000 GMAT
  • Soft cap: 4,500,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 4,500,000 USD


  • ICO Platform: Ethereum
  • Country limitations: Only accredited Investors not in the U.S.
  • Registration country: Singapore
  • Registration year: 2017
  • Office address: 17-01FZL, Marina Bay financial center tower 3, 12 marina boulevard, Singapore 018982
  • Token info
  • Ticker: GMAT
  • Type: Utility-token
  • Token price in USD: 1 GMAT = 0.006 USD
  • Accepted currencies: USD, ETH, BTC

Token distribution

  • 20% – Token Contribution
  • 10% – Founding Team
  • 8% – Early Investors
  • 17% – Foundation
  • 15% – Market Business
  • 30% – Community Incentives

Funds allocation

  • 30% – research and development of technology
  • 25% – marketing operation
  • 20% – reserves
  • 10% – business cooperation
  • 10% – reinvestment
  • 5% – safety and compliance


GoWithMi Team

GoWithMi Roadmap

  • Preparatory Period 2017Q2 – 2017 Q4
    Local requirement (SEA) Product Prototype Indonesia Team Setup Baseline map production platform from the satellite image
  • Product Period 2017 Q4 – 2018 Q2
    Indonesia baseline map Product beta(iOS) Seed user operation Map auto compile platform release
  • Trial period 1 2018 Q2 – 2018 Q4
    1.0 update weekly Trial operation Consensus data collection prototype release SEA baseline map data
  • Trial period 2 2018 Q4-2019 Q2
    Token release Jakarta Asian Games version Taiwan/Korea/Singapore/HongKong map Token Rasing Token launch the first exchange

To know the latest information about the GoWithMi project you can visit the link below:

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the GoWithMi team, I just give you the latest ICO info”