GoldeNugget – Buying Gold With Blockchain-based Technology

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GoldeNugget – Buying Gold With Blockchain-based Technology

GoldeNugget – Since blockchain technology appeared in 2008, Nakamoto Bitcoin was introduced, there are several ways to achieve global business process blockchain hard work, Blockchain technology has been described as the potential to undermine many of the industries. Transactions, conserved, and enhanced security. In subsequent years, many other blockchain implements have been developed for use in certain circumstances, each a unique look.

Is currently investing in real estate can be classified as one of the most shining institutional investors. In recent years, the registration of real estate investments from deposits, precious metals or a higher stock returns.

The reason why real estate investment continues to show a good performance in recent years, the demand for housing is very high in Indonesia, according to the latest data, in Indonesia there are as many as 150,000 households backlog, this number will certainly increase have another year together with adults, in addition to the house is a basic need for everyone. All data can be required to ensure that the house is always there.

All this is only through the GNTO Token GoldeNugget our platform to buy, we will be in West Africa, we have been there for more than 10 years, the property was mined. That’s a big difference between 99% of us, Blockchain “gold guarantee” project.

Africa is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. We are interested to have a lot to offer growth and development of this great continent. Our goal is to help drive this growth and promote reform in Africa in mining projects ongoing and possible cooperation.

GoldeNugget is a reality, and the earth is an investment in the West African gold industry moving more than 3,000,000.00 euros. Here you can really feel the smell of dust, noise, and traffic. There, people really have a purpose, where people actually see the actual results of their own hands at the end of the day. Call it “old economy”, but this is a real monetary value, the same money, you can still get you to buy bread. So why not unite old, but dirty business in the new and innovative industry in Switzerland, such as encryption, buyers can rely on a predictable legal framework.

What is GoldeNugget?

Our history tells the story of a family business education industry has many years of experience in the heavy machinery plant in the production of ceramics in the field of our knowledge. Now put the new environmentally friendly manner extracting precious metals from the soil to the deToken and production.

This gold will be mined by GoldeNugget on our platform to buy only the GNTO Token will be displayed in our West Africa properties, from our more than 10 years, no. It is 99% of Blockchain us and them “gold guarantee” project varies greatly.

Fairview African Minerals Limited, is a listed company founder Goldeuger Ghana 100% owned, was founded in 2011, mining and heavy earthmoving machinery rental company.

Africa is one of the fastest-growing emerging markets in the world. We are interested to have a great continent so much to offer. Our goal is to help fuel this growth and encourage projects of sustainable mining in Africa’s best collaboration.


Our mission is to create a platform for buying gold. GNTO Token GoldeNugget platform allows direct buyer buying gold or Dutch auction, which will give them the opportunity to offer exciting possibilities to buy gold price participation.


Mining has become the most influential areas of land on the planet of innovation, it is our goal to become. As you know, the land is not an eco-mining industry, we have to completely change the industry in GoldeNugget. From toxic chemicals used new environmentally friendly and be the most environmentally friendly miner’s planet, respect our neighbors and work with them, creating and building the infrastructure and services, so that after the project is completed, they will have some prosperity.

How does it work?

  • GNTO is about ethereum main forces of registered nets Goldeugget ERC20 compatible Tokens, cast 30 million units and 18 decimal places, and the price will be used to “export” to buy gold, or at our auction sites or reverse Dutch auction.
  • The GoldeNugget Blockchain is to show EVM (ethereum virtual machine) blockchain licensed public consensus algorithm is compatible with the Authority.
  • Verification block every 30 seconds.
  • Blockchain GoldeNugget store and track all web sites are made of gold, reverse auction site, in the sale of goods tracking files so they can be redeemed at any time of operation.

Token Details

  • Token Name: Golde Nugget Token
  • Symbol Token: GNTO
  • Total GNTO: 30,000,000 GNTO
  • Available for IEO (Hard Cap): 19,500,000 GNTO
  • Emission level: New Tokens will not be emitted
  • Exchange Tokens: Will not be released on the market for a period of 12 months

Amount Released: Tokens that have been exchanged for Gold on the GoldeNugget platform will be released on the market through the exchange at market prices.

Conversion rate: 1 GNTO = 1 USD $ or ETH equivalent

Be part of the Crypto revolution and purchase GoldeNugget Token right now!

Below you will find two very useful steps to register for the KYC.

Please click here to Add and configure GNTO on your Metamask wallet.

GoldeNugget Team

The Roadmap

To build a great project it is necessary a lot of dedication, hard work and an extraordinary amount of organization. GoldeNugget has been on our mind for a long time and still, we have amazing plans for the future. Every milestone has been thought to be the best execution possible and every step we will take will get closer to the final success.

This is our journey. Be part of it!


  • April
    West African Afro Splendid Minerals Co. Ltd starts with over 3,000,000.00 € Investments


  • January
    The decision to invest in a Blockchain project is approved
  • May
    Project Start — Workshop for strategic decisions
  • June
    Project launch — Blockchain development starts
  • June
    Definition of name and logo
  • July
    Project Website development starts
  • September
    Smart Contract prototypes development + Crash Tests2019
  • January
    Blockchain completion + Crash Tests
  • March
    White Paper completion -Token Completion
  • May
  • September
    SRO Affiliation
  • September
    Gold Sales Start
  • September
    Dutch Auction Start
  • December
    Ghana mining operations start 1st Phase. Gravity


  • March
    Ghana mining operations start 2nd Phase. Carbon In Leach

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