Globitex – Scaling Bitcoin Economy

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Globitex – Scaling Bitcoin Economy

Globitex, a Bitcoin exchange with advanced API functionality, is scaling to accelerate Bitcoin development into a truly global currency, and will accept Bitcoin (XBT), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for its forthcoming token sale.

How Globitex Works

To attain this objective, Globitex is offering the GBX utility Token. This token shall be provided as an EIP-20, (earlier referred to as ERC-20) conforming Ethereum smart contract.

Mainly, the GBX contract shall be utilized for trades settlement on the Globitex exchange, working as a commission payment token. The GBX Token shall also work within loyalty programs intended for Globitex contributors and clients, where contributors shall be taking part in the general success of the firm.
The project, whose founder is former Bitcoin Foundation Executive Director & Founding Board Member, Jon Matonis aims to economically scale Bitcoin to turn it into a very helpful currency of worldwide trade and settlement.

Features of Globitex

Globitex, an Institutional Bitcoin exchange that is present in limited beta, is hosting a token sale for scaling up operations to make Bitcoin a real worldwide currency.

Already, the exchange provides FIX API of institutional level for access to a direct market for algorithmic traders, making it possible for the virtual currency to turn into a global medium of exchange across the total breadth of the global financial & commodity markets.

Free trade for BCH and XBT

Following the hardfork of the Bitcoin Blockchain at 12:20:00 UTC on 1 August 2017, a new Bitcoin-based Blockchain known as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was created. Balances on the existing Bitcoin (XBT) Blockchain were duplicated on the BCH chain. In the following weeks, Bitcoin Cash has gained significant miner support and user interest and is therefore also being supported by cryptocurrency exchanges.

All Globitex clients who held XBT in their Globitex wallets before the time of the fork, now have been credited with an equal amount of BCH. Now, the new currency can be deposited, withdrawn and traded against EUR on the Globitex exchange.

Since the platform is currently in open beta, no commission fees will be charged on BCH trading for the foreseeable future. XBT trading will also be commission-free.

Global currency

Globitex is set to be instrumental for Bitcoin to scale economically and to become a currency of international settlement. The exchange aims to increase Bitcoin’s liquidity to price goods in XBT and trade directly against it, across the full spectrum of the financial markets — starting with commodities and expanding throughout the money markets, all priced in Bitcoin.

Globitex is holding a token sale with the aim of accessing new markets and upgrading its infrastructure, providing powerful APIs and direct market access for algorithmic traders. The GBX token, which will take the form of a smart contract on the Ethereum platform, will be used to settle trades on the exchange and within loyalty programmes for Globitex clients.

Road Map

  • Q2 2017 – BETA Launch of Globitex Bitcoin Exchange
  • Q4 2017 – Globitex ICO Announcement
  • Q4 2017 – Launch of Bitcoin Cash Trading, Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Q4 2017 – Partnership with Electronic Money Institution
  • Q4 2017 – Globitex Token Sale
  • Q1 2018 – Open Public Launch of Globitex Services
  • Q1 2018 – Launch of Additional Cryptocurrency Trading Pairs
  • Q2 2018 – Launch of Additional Fiat Trading Pairs
  • Q3 2018 – OTF (organized trading facility) Licensing
  • Q4 2018 – REPO (Margin) Trading Launch
  • Q1 2019 – BIBOR (bitcoin inter-broker offered rate) Launch
  • Q1 2019 – Listing of Bitcoin Settled Commodity Futures
  • Q2 2019 – Listing of Cryptocurrency Futures, Swaps, and Vanilla Options
  • Q3 2019 – Listing of Bitcoin Priced Globitex Commodity Index – GCOM
  • Q3 2019 – Physically Deliverable Precious Metals
  • Q4 2019 – Physically Deliverable Other Commodities

The Team

1. Members

  • Jon Matonis — Chairman
  • Liza Aizupiete — Managing Director
  • Arvis Ermins — Director and Head of Compliance
  • Maris Kaneps — Director and Head of IT

2. Supervisory

  • Uldis Teraudkalns — Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Viesturs Tamuzs — Board Member
  • Andris Kaneps — Board Member

3. Advisory

  • Mark O’Byrne — Bullion Dealer and Gold Market Analyst
  • Carlos Blanco — Risk Analyst and Financial Modelling Expert
  • Pierre Roberge — IT Security Expert
  • Mikko Ohtamaa — Technology Advisor
  • Ransu Salovaara — Token Sales Strategist

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