Globitex – Connecting Digital Currency with World Trade

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Globitex – Connecting Digital Currency with World Trade

Globitex is a Bitcoin institutional class of trade, with completely useful FIX API network, offering direct market access to algorithmic dealers. Propelled in the mid-year of 2017 as a working model, it is being tried in a restricted Beta mode and is relied upon to start open operations in mid-2018. Correspondingly, Globitex has a bitcoin-related target, in addition to other things, to propel the Bitcoin business all-inclusive, increment Bitcoin exchanging liquidity and enable proficient merchants to take an interest through API (FIX and RESTful) interface for exchange and installment.

Subsequent to building trades to address the issues of complex institutional customers, we now work Globitex from the beginning stage to empower trade of exchanging accomplices Bitcoin and Euro on a safe and set up the stage. Building Globitex with an objective for the future, in any case, requires taking care of one of the significant issues confronting Bitcoin: its liquidity, or its present weaknesses.

In this way, one of Globitex’s first objectives is to dispatch another significant cash combine; to grow the Bitcoin-FX arrange book, subsequently including moment exchanging, stores, and withdrawals in real monetary forms far and wide. The subsequent stage is to build up a cryptocurrency currency showcase, where qualified market members can loan their advantages over some stretch of time by setting market-based financing costs.

The advancement of the currency showcase in Bitcoin will be a noteworthy impetus in boosting liquidity and coordinating Bitcoin’s free market activity in the spot advertising, and in addition for future time spans, conceivably transforming it into the most fluid cash.

As Bitcoin’s liquidity increments and as expansive requests can be effortlessly obliged, Globitex will then empower a standard rundown of product fates and choices in an open request book. Subsidiary contracts will be physically given over and traded in Bitcoin as the hidden money. For instance, counterparties in subsidiary contracts can trade physical wares (unrefined petroleum, stream fuel, gold, silver, copper, corn, and so on.) for various bitcoins at the development of the agreement, or quit the physical. transporting and settling in bitcoin.

Scaling Globitex into the spot of worldwide spot and subordinate exchanging will enable makers to buy Bitcoin-recorded items. Exchanging organizations and theorists will likewise have the capacity to fence their dangers in Bitcoin with subordinate contracts. In this manner, the scaling of Globitex trade will profit Bitcoin and support its improvement as a fitting medium of trade to encourage worldwide exchange, defeating geological, political or financial limitations.

Business Development Stage

In order to achieve the stated objectives, Globitex proposes a Sales Token, which will include the issuance and distribution of Token GBX. Token sales will be phased in, each representing Globitex team’s commitment to specific business development goals.

This goal is divided into three main sections. Each section assumes a number of Token GBXs sold, which in turn opens up the results needed to progress through each development stage specified here.

First Stage: Spot FX And REPO

The token is expected to be sold: 10,000,000–50,000,000 GBX
Scale spot FX, where Bitcoin can be traded vs. major fiat and another crypto
Apply FX — REPO trading margin capability

Second Stage: BIBOR, Money Market, And Derivative Commodity

Expected tokens sold: 50,000,000–150,000,000 GBX
Develop a money market Bitcoin — BIBOR
Make a list of commodities futures and cash options
List of future cryptocurrency, swaps, and options

Third Stage: GCOM Commodities Index and Physical Commodities

The token is expected to sell 150,000,000–500,000,000 GBX
List Bitcoin with commodity index price Globitex — GCOM
Enable precious metal futures contracts to be physically delivered
Next develop warehousing infrastructure and expands spot commodities

Details of Token Sales

Token Sales Schedule : 8 November — 7 December 2017
Purchase of Token : Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash
Token Price : 1 GBX = EUR 0.10
Bonus : 5% — 15%
Total Supply Token : 500.000.000 GBX

GBX Token

Globitex issued a token GbX for payment. The Globitex Token (GBX) will fund the scaling of the existing exchange infrastructure. The crypto fund collected will enable the team to access new markets for Bitcoin, including commodities, global money markets and derivatives all with Bitcoin as account units. The GBX utility mark will be EIP-20 (formerly known as ERC-20) compliant smart contract on the Etherium platform. GBX will be used to pay fees to complete trading on Globitex exchanges, feature in loyalty programs, and participate in future corporate success, help align interests between exchange, users and contributors.

The Team

1. Members

Jon Matonis — Chairman
Liza Aizupiete — Managing Director
Arvis Ermins — Director and Head of Compliance
Maris Kaneps — Director and Head of IT

2. Supervisory

Uldis Teraudkalns — Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Viesturs Tamuzs — Board Member
Andris Kaneps — Board Member

3. Advisory

Mark O’Byrne — Bullion Dealer and Gold Market Analyst
Carlos Blanco — Risk Analyst and Financial Modelling Expert
Pierre Roberge — IT Security Expert
Mikko Ohtamaa — Technology Advisor
Ransu Salovaara — Token Sales Strategist

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