Globatalent – Makes Users able to purchase sports idol right through Globatalent

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Globatalent – Makes Users able to purchase sports idol right through Globatalent

GLOBATALENT Foundation is a public blockchain project that will be responsible for ensuring and implementing all fair competition commitments and encouraging fair sports industry to promote values such as sacrifice, commitment, fair competition, hard work, persistence, determination, discipline, and modesty. And honestly.

The GLOBATALENT Foundation will develop tools that allow clubs or players to sell their rights (future sports, images, and earnings rights) to fans. Clubs and players can be funded by selling a portion of their future income and continuing their career or season. The platform will be absolutely free for everyone and third parties will be excluded.

Economic Solutions Globatalent

Demand should not hamper the development of athletes, sports organizations must have the financial ability to help the growth of global talent. Today, athletes and clubs use different methods to get financial support. They usually earn revenue through tickets, TV copyright, bonuses, sponsorships, entertainment, and other forms of income.

This is why Globatalent decided to create a blockchain market to reduce the cost of the club buying additional players for the team. This will help them buy new members without the hassle of hedge fund conditions.

Fans around the world can invest a small amount or a large amount of money in their athletes or clubs. This allows them to follow future earnings that can contribute to players and clubs.


  • Sports Ownership: Users can purchase sports idol rights through Globatalent.
  • Instant trading without fraud: Fans can use blockchain technology to buy and sell directly through smart contracts.
  • Sports decentralization: This allows users to help each other and create mutual benefits without the need for intermediate entities.
  • Innovation Opportunities: Globatalent provides people with the opportunity to invest in talented athletes and athletes and benefit from their future success.

Globatalent Is A Secure Platform

Blockchain provides fast and secure online transactions and supports all types of data and encryption. In the development process, blockchain advances and promotes the technological revolution. Blockchain technology uses a system in which all transactions are recorded and can not be changed permanently, thus maintaining transaction security and transparency and reducing data fraud. This technology is more secure than existing technology, so we are more willing to use blockchain technology. Unlike traditional technology, blockchain technology is safer and more cost-effective because it does not require a third party. This technology is better and more reliable because the blockchain technology can minimize system errors and ensure that Globatalent gives you a secure investment platform. So you do not have to worry about investing in this Globatalent.

Benefits of Globatalent

If you use Globatalent platform, you will get some benefits, such as:

  • You Become The Owner Of A True Sport: The Right Leader
    For the first time, fans around the world can buy an idol.
  • Direct Transaction Fraud
    Fans can use intelligent blockchain contract technology to buy and sell immediately.
  • Decentralization Of Sports Power
    Globatalent spreads and allows people to unite and help each other so that they can benefit without an intermediary
  • New Appeal
    Globatalent provides an opportunity for simple but resourceful people to invest in talented athletes and benefit from their future success.

Globatalent Token (GBT)

This platform allows users to buy and sell their tokens in the GLOBATALENT market. Users can buy and sell benefits from different athletes and teams. The value of these athletes and teams depends on their ability. Teams or players receive a small share of tickets, sponsorship, television rights, player rights and/or funds transfer for future clubs they sell. It will be provided transparently to the public. Globatalent will issue a token named “Token GBT” and the following data.

  • Name: Token GBT
  • This gives about 580 million GLOBA Early Tokens (GBT).
  • Private Pre-ICO will open from April 16, 2018, to May 18, 2018.
  • GBT offers: up to 200,000,000 GBT = 22,000,000 USD = 0.11 $ / GBT
  • First sale = purchase from May 21 to May 23, 2018 = 18% of discount bonus, (b) from purchase May 24 to May 27, 2018 = 10% discount bonus, From 28 to 31 May = 0 June 2018, buy% discount.
  • GBT offers: up to 300,000,000 GBT = 39,000 USD = 0.13 $ / GBT

Private Presale

  • As much as 40% of total lot sales are awarded to private investors for recognition with the SAFT Agreement (simple contract for future symbols), 30% deduction.
  • Private pre-sale will be open from April 16, 2018, to May 18, 2018.
  • Only accredited investors can purchase BBT in this promotion by signing the SAFT agreement.
  • Proposed GBT: Up to 200,000,000 GBT = 22,000,000 USD = 0.11 $ / GBT

Public Offerings (public)

Here are the discounts provided:

  • Purchase discounts of 2018-18% bonus on May 21
  • Purchase May 24 – May 27, 2018 – for 10% discount for bonuses,
  • May 28 to May 31, 2018, = 0% sales bonus discount will be opened from [*].
  • Possible changes will be announced before ICO.

Recommended GBT: 300,000,000 max GBTS = $ 39 million = $ 0.13 $ / GBT GGT has 20% reserve from co-founder *. Consultants at 7% of reserve funds are 5%, and 3% of bonuses are distributed through token amount promotional rewards to distribute a total of 58% of subscription partnerships: $ 61 million, and we hope to build a part of a decentralized world. The GBT distribution will initially be used by founders and consultants, athletes and sports organizations from the start, with the support of clubs, athletes, and others.

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