GLOBATALENT – Blockchain Will Be Interested In Sports

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GLOBATALENT – Blockchain Will Be Interested In Sports

GLOBATALENT – We recognize that the sports industry not only unites the emotions of millions of people, but we also recognize that the sports industry is bigger than this. Many people depend on this industry and require people to support participants or teams in their lives. Of course, you also hear that many players or teams go bankrupt because of lack of support for them, so players have to leave the team or the sports industry because they can no longer play a role in this industry. We realize that this is a serious problem, not because of a lack of talent, probably because of the lack of public support or investment that forces them to leave the industry. Therefore, considering this, we have designed a platform to address this issue. We hope such things will not happen again in the future.

Blockchain Globatalent is a platform where clubs and players can fund themselves by selling rights to future earnings. All fans can invest in their idols.

I introduce you to a platform that will change the way you invest in the world of sports. By integrating existing blockchain technology, we will create a platform that connects you to various sports teams and you can invest in their games.

We use blockchain technology to design decentralized platforms where you and the wider community can access different teams/athletes. You will benefit from the player or market investment team we provide. The benefits of buying and selling future benefits are guaranteed by the right to withdraw, transfer players, bonuses, wages, ticket sales, television contracts or other revenue. Without spending a lot of money, you can invest a small amount of money and use it. In addition to investing in players or teams, you also participate in the development of participants in this sport.

Our platform supports users to buy and sell their tokens in the GLOBATALENT marketplace. Users can buy and sell benefits and team participants in the future, and their value depends on their ability. Teams or players will receive funds from tickets, sponsorship, television copyright, player rights, and/or other club rights they sell. All of these things will be provided transparently to the public.

We designed this platform and used blockchain technology as our platform development platform. Since it has been available for the first time, blockchain provides secure and fast online transactions and supports all data types and cryptocurrencies. In the process, develop the blockchain and drive the revolution in technology. Using system blockchain technology, every transaction is recorded and can not be changed permanently, making transaction security and transparency awake and reducing the possibility of false data.

We prefer to use blockchain technology because this technology is safer than conventional technology. Unlike traditional technology, blockchain technology does not require a third party, so it is safer and more cost-effective. Blockchain technology is a smaller error, so technology is better and more reliable

We will help players or teams that need financial support to achieve success. The sports industry will divert power and allow fans to invest in their teams for profit. Every 33% of the fees we receive will be used to support the GLOBATALENT youth program, which is a fund support program for young athletes who lack the economic resources to undertake their academic and sports careers.

Blockchain will be interested in sports

Now the blockchain, and most importantly, bitcoin has gained enough recognition, many people who were initially uninterested in blockchain followed the news about the development of blockchain technology. Once these people understand the technological advantages, the industry will definitely attract new audiences.

As the blockchains get bigger and bigger, so does the sports industry as more and more people want to invest. As a good investor, they want to invest wisely, so you need to focus on sports news to get detailed information and estimate fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrency. Instead of participating in the financial era, people will start watching major sporting events and watch sports media.

Athletes will be treated as assets

Just like a stock trading company, each player can issue his own encrypted coins and then go public in a special coin market. As a result, the price of each coin will increase with the development of the athlete.
It should be noted that various factors will affect the price of the coin, but trading profits with big brands will make them soar, and big losses from weaker competitors will lead to the reduction of coins. In addition to sports success, there are other opportunities for athletes to add value, such as authorizing a person’s name for a particular brand, charitable initiatives, active participation in the media, and sponsorship contracts.
In addition, athletes may have some type of athlete’s algorithm to enter the coin market: this can be done automatically during the professional development stage, or automatically when the athlete must receive the list.
In other words, long-term and short-term investments and sophisticated speculation, models, and data mining can be used to determine profitable methods and other attributes of the stock market.

Sales – Joined Opportunities

To take this opportunity, we invite you to expand this platform to reach a wider community. We will issue a token named Token GBT

The initial platform is being set up to pass through the sales dashboard, accessible via, which provides about 500 million of the original 850 million token GLOBA tokens (GBT). GBT will be assigned to two sales staff, (1) personal pre-sale (2) followed by sales staff. After the creation of the initial GLOBA 850 token, approximately 350 million GBT will be exempt from the seller described in the GBT Reserve section.

Private Pre-Sale

  • 40% of the total crowd sale will be offered to private accredited investors with a 30% discount through SAFT Agreement (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens).
  • The private pre-sale will be open from April 16th, 2018, to May 18th, 2018.
  • Only Accredited Investors will be able to purchase GBTs in this sale, by signing a SAFT Agreement.
  • GBTs offered: maximum 200.000.000 GBTs = $22.000.000 USD = 0.11$/GBT

GGT Reserve

  • 20% by Co-founders*.
  • 7% by Advisors
  • 7% by the Reserve Fund
  • 5% by the Partnership signing bonuses
  • 3% by Promotional Bounty

Crowd Sale

  • 58% by Portfolio
  • Total fund: $61.000.000 USD

The sports market needs to be demoted so that fans can invest in their sporting role models and get clubs or athletes to earn an income. Decentralized blockchain has enabled GLOBATALENT to provide a global population with support for its club or sporting talent in the future. Users can buy and sell future benefits to players and teams. Player and team values vary according to their performance in the real world and supply and demand markets. Our model gives users the ability to buy and sell their tokens in the GLOBATALENT market.

The sports decentralization in the GLOBATALENT market will help ensure that everyone gets access to sports financing. With GLOBATALENT, you will be able to support and invest in athletes from around the world. Whether you live in the United States or other countries, you can help future talents in Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Germany, Spain, or other countries of the world. We will give it to everyone on an ongoing basis without needing to invest huge sums of money.

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