Global Property – The First Universal Register Of Real Estate

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Global Property – The First Universal Register Of Real Estate

Global Property Register (GPR) is the FIRST universal register of real estate that will be worldwide in nature, which includes developed countries and developing. This will provide proof of ownership for over 4.5bn people ($ 20trn value) worldwide who are currently not covered and therefore disconnected from the real estate and financial markets. Secondly, will, in addition, provide global property exchange. This platform will serve as an international digital real estate market to all market participants. Third, the analytical solutions and tools supported by artificial intelligence will be given to property owners allowing them to make wise decisions and projections. Finally, to educate people on the social networking platform will be created.


Blockchain technology has the ability to optimize the global infrastructure to deal with international issues that are more effective than the existing system in the current context. Here are all the great benefits that technology brings us Blockchain.

Blockchain in different industries will provide transparency across all categories. With financial transactions, you can observe the real-time status Blockchain diversion, it is not know how the status of the transaction until the transaction ends, a common problem in the current system. Transparency remains unchanged when applied to all grades listed in Blockchain.

One of the advantages of technology Blockchain the existing system is the ability to remove the secondary unit by allowing people to connect directly with each other rather than through a third-party. It helps millions of people who live in countries where they can not trust the government intermediaries due to rot, high crime rates, business charters and operations, manual recording or a very limited choice of law.

Blockchain enables the development of a primary and secondary trading platform for securities and real estate often brings new possibilities to the previous limit by creating more liquidity and ease of access to the house. Sponsors and publishers.

Global Property Register a decentralized ecosystem that provides the world’s first global blockchain. We leverage technology assets blockchain registration easier for mankind, especially in developing countries. global asset registration (GPR) is the first global real estate registration which will have properties all over the world, including developed and developing countries. This will provide proof of ownership of more than 4.5 billion people (valued at $ 20 million) worldwide are currently not insured and therefore cut off from the financial markets and real estate. It also will provide a global asset exchange. This platform will serve as an international digital real estate market to all market participants.

Global Opportunities

Many countries face significant inefficiencies as a result of the low level of enrollment As seen from the chart below, most of humanity (shaded in dark colors) do not have a list of property right. GPR will address this need. The World Bank index by country of registration, the index reflects the aggregate rankings of time, steps and cost involved in registering property.

The Opportunity

No advance Register property currently exists in the world. We will be the first mover During 4.5bn people have no access to the property register our plans to capture 10% of the population in the next 5 years is 450 million Access to the system will be based on our sign XRX Who knows how much it will be worth in 5 years.

Global Property Register APPs

Once you get into our ecosystem, you can manage everything. Anyone with a smartphone and an Internet connection can use our solution and upload his / her land or property on our universal blockchain register. Land Blockchain transfer process: More accurate Quick Cost Less Speeding up Future Title Search Result: Decrease in claim Reduce operating costs (savings headcount), $ 3 billion USD per year in the United States. Ubiquity with blockchain technology has the potential to eliminate the transactional risks of existing land registration system Blockchain could bring $ 550 million in claims/saving of law: reducing the cost to $ 200 million.

Benefits Of The Project

Real estate is mainly one of the most stable forms of investment and involves the least amount of risk as an investment mechanism. The total value of global real estate has been developed over 228 billion USD, which is higher than the total global stock traded securities and debt instruments to collect and in 2016, the global transaction volume reached approximately 661 billion USD.
By maintaining a lasting record of property ownership, loading and transportation, blockchain can provide information assurance which allows for a greater degree of trust and transparency. This could allow any part of the property to have its own digital address where all information relating to the property can be saved.

This will include financial information, rent, taxes, charges, liens, easements, building performance, physical characteristics and history of transactions relating to a property, potentially eliminating the need for a costly in-depth title search.

Crucially, all property-level information can be encrypted in such a way that only those with permission of the property owner (or agent of the lender, in the case of transfer of mortgage loans) may be allowed access.

Fraud Prevention – All transactions that occur in the blockchain platform will be cryptographically signed and auditable. The use of timestamps with the mechanism of consensus about blockchain has the ability to prevent the double-booking / sale of units of the same property, which is a common problem when a property listed by different brokers.

Our Mission

We plan to achieve this by:
  • Build Global Property Register
  • Artificial Intelligence is supported analysis to support property owners
  • Building a social platform to promote the adoption of state of the art solutions real estate
  • Build blockchain property exchange where people can buy and sell the property.
Blockchain Land transfer process:
  • More precise
  • Faster
  • Less cost
  • Accelerating Future Title Search
Which produce:
  • The decline in claims
  • Reduce operating costs (savings headcount), $ 3 billion USD per year in the United States.
  • Ubiquity with blockchain technology has the potential to eliminate the transactional risks of the existing land registration system
  • Blockchain could bring $ 550 million in claims/saving of law: reducing the cost to $ 200 million

Tokenization Model

  • 1 XRX = 0.005 USD
  • Token Name/Symbol XRX
  • Total Token Supply 5,000,000,000
  • Circulating Supply 2,500,000,000
  • Token Sale Price $0.005
  • Blockchain Used Ethereum
  • Token Standard ERC20
  • Pre-ICO Feb 2019
  • Soft Cap $2,500,000
  • Hard Cap $25,000,000

Distribution of Tokens

  • Marketing — 30%
  • Development — 30%
  • Team — 15%
  • Reserves — 25%

Fund Allocation

Upon the completion of the sale of XRX, proceeds from the sale of XRX will be allocated as outlined below:

  • Technology and platform development — 40%
  • Legal and regulatory — 15%
  • Operations and marketing — 30%
  • Business Development and others — 15%

Token Implications

XRX Tokens offer limited real rights as contained in the XRX Token Sale terms and conditions. The tokens represent a set number among the maximum total. These tokens are not refundable. No promise of future performance or value is or will be made in respect to XRX, including no promise of inherent value, no promise of continuing payments, and no guarantee that the XRX tokens will hold any particular value. The Tokens give access to the GPR ecosystems of solutions and will be tradeable once listed on exchanges.


Global Property Roadmap


As with other new technologies, Blockchain also has critics. A series of questions about the security and reliability of this technology have been raised, and the problem of human error; When used as a database, the information must be entered accurately recorded from the beginning.

However, when technology is more often used, this problem will be resolved. Meanwhile, the technology will streamline the complex commercial real estate industry and traditional.

With a vision to Global Property Register (GPR), a world in which every homeowner can take advantage of its value of the property (house or land). Property documents are safe and easy to access. Land and property fraud is eliminated, especially in developing countries in Africa, Asia, and South America. Therefore, this is a community project and the most effective network.

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