Gladius Network – Decentralized CDN and DDoS Protection on the Blockchain

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Gladius Network – Decentralized CDN and DDoS Protection on the Blockchain

Gladius –¬†DDos attack is a very anticipated by many parties, especially for those who own the company, the cost incurred was quite a lot to anticipate this. And, no half-hearted as a result of this DDos attack can spend at least thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, for example, in 2016 ago, the loss caused DDos reach $ 150 billion. Not only material losses but the company will lose the trust of its customers.

Not just that problem, sometimes a company will spend the cost of the actual service it is not necessary for them so that the cost becomes increased, profit in the company can be reduced. This, of course, should be anticipated in a more efficient way but still can protect the company from DDos attacks. Gladius also present as one solution for the company by utilizing blockchain technology.

At Gladius, we have made it our main goal to saddle the energy of decentralization in improving system activity for the speed and heartiness of DDoS assaults. Our platform is the next step in the evolution of website optimization and protection services.

DDoS Protection is for Everyone

DDoS attacks can be expensive and debilitating for any business. While some believe that only large companies are at risk, 50% of all websites will be victims of denial of service attacks. It is integral that all online organizations have multiple solutions to protect from the worst.

DDoS attacks cost millions for household names like Twitter, BBC, and Netflix. DDoS assaults can be supposed to cost organizations between $ 100,000 and $ 250,000 every hour. And for big businesses that rely on online traffic for revenue, DDoS mitigation solutions can spend tens of millions just to fight when an attack is being done.

Gladius will probably make a completely decentralized, distributed, serverless hub system to associate transmission capacity pools to sites searching for DDoS assurance and assisted substance conveyance. Anybody with a PC can download and run the Gladius peer customer out of sight to lease their unused data transmission and procure Gladius Tokens (GLA). Huge pools with hundreds, if not thousands, of hubs will then have the capacity to deal with a consistent stream of solicitations to approve site associations and piece and malevolent action.

Customer hubs can be begun up on any Linux, Windows, or MacOS machine and will naturally keep running out of sight when you pick. Clients will be a piece of limited confirmation pools. Each site asks for a client approves will win them Gladius Tokens. Thus, clients can offer these tokens back to sites to make a monetary cycle that advances the development of the Gladius Network.

Sites searching for security will just have the capacity to make a record on Gladius’ site, procure Gladius Tokens, and afterward ask for administrations in a matter of snaps. Once a site is a piece of the Gladius organize, a live demand diagram will be accessible to screen associations, insurance, and speed deltas.

The whole stage will advance in 3 stages which can be found in Section 4. In the first place, we have the verification of idea organize that will grandstand the majority of the essential elements of the system while not really going into official creation mode. At that point, after our token deal, we will have a shut generation period where anybody can download and run the customer hub. Be that as it may, just endorsed sites can buy insurance since the system and pools will, in any case, be in early development stages. Once the Gladius Network can bolster an extensive assault and the center tech is enhanced, we will enter the following stage. The Gladius Network will then enable anybody to buy administrations from the different pools.

The procedure will be streamlined for both the customers and the requesters. Individuals who need to buy web administrations will basically have the capacity to make a record with Gladius, buy Gladius Tokens through us, pick a site they wish to synchronize, set a base and max cost for the amount they will spend, and afterward demand and screen all associations with their site.

Hubs will effortlessly have the capacity to make a nearby record and wallet, arrange the system settings to open any fundamental ports, join any pools that they are most appropriate for, and begin procuring GLA. Clients will have the capacity to flip when they are leasing their extra data transmission in a matter of seconds. There will likewise be extra setup settings to consequently flip the administration in view of the time of day, different projects running, and considerably more top to bottom client configurable parameters.

The Gladius Network architecture, comprised of several distinct sections :

  • Ethereum Blockchain Acts as a unified database for putting away the intermediaries and their related specialist co-ops. There is a cost related with being added to the database.
  • Custom intermediary A progression of customers go about as a circulated movement validator while keeping the shielded administration avoided the outside. These hubs will likewise have the capacity to reserve site content and be a piece of the Gladius CDN as purposes of the essence.
  • Ensured and Enhanced administration Simply changes their nameservers to the ones related with the custom intermediary to empower assurance. These administrations are consulted with a smart contract.

Gladius Will Be Combined with Token

In the Gladius platform will be combined with GLA Token which will be the key of the gladius network and will be used to purchase DDoS and CDN services. The GLA Token is a standard Ethereal token ERC-20. The token can be obtained when the sale of tokens will soon be implemented in the near future. Total token to be distributed is 96.320.000 GLA.

Token Sales Details

  • Project Name : Gladius
  • Token Name : Token Gladius
  • Symbol : GLA
  • Start Sale November 1, 2017, 2:00 UTC
  • The token amount is 96.320.000 GLA
  • Purchasing Method : Ethereum
  • Price Token 1 ETH = 500 GLA

20% Bonus For first 24 hours [1 November]

5% For the first week [2 November]

3% For the second week [9 November]

1% For the third week [16 November]

0% For the fourth week [November 23]


Token Distribution

Gladius token

60% For Token Sales
20% For Operation
10% For The Founders
10% For Team

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