GigTricks – Freelance & On-Demand Ecosystem

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GigTricks – Freelance & On-Demand Ecosystem

GigTricks Limited is a private limited company incorporated under the Companies Act 2014 and registration number 117112 at Strato. Gibraltar was chosen to be made because it understands that his jurisdiction is encrypted and friendly.

The duties of these directors are responsible for the company’s activities and oversee the company’s activities on a daily basis. The Board of Directors exercises its powers in accordance with the “Articles of Association” and fiduciary obligations to the company.

They have all the power to perform all necessary or useful operations to manage and control the company’s business and GigTricks platform development.

What is Gigtricks?

The team behind the project shows that there is a lack of trust and security in freelancers and business relationships. One party is always worried that the other will not do anything to maintain their bargaining side, leading to various complications and problems that need to be resolved.

Gigtricks says that by incorporating blockchain in many ways, it will bring greater transparency and security to both parties, resulting in a more harmonious general relationship. Because of their ecosystem, and using existing technology, it means that there is no chance to forge something through blockchain, which should make both parties feel happier than ever.

So, basically, what they do is create a market for freelancers to sell themselves to potential customers, while customers include what they’re looking for among freelancers. It works in the same way as a general freelancer based website, but of course, there is an added benefit to blockchain being thrown into the equation.

The Vision And Mission Of The GigTricks Project

  • GigTricks Mission:
    Try to create the latest version of the current free platform that is futuristic and provides opportunities to minimize risk and create winning scenarios for all stakeholders.
  • GigTricks Project Vision:
    Their plan came true. This vision can be achieved because it creates a decent, affordable, and affordable free platform that will benefit from as many countries as possible.

GigTricks Future Platform

As a first generation platform, this platform gives investors an unlikely problem at the time and an appropriate solution to respond to changes in the encryption market and encryption pricing. This platform is a potential user.

GigTricks Freelance And On-Demand Ecosystem

  1. Bridge to the GigTricks Marketplace Opportunity:
    The GigTricks market connects entrepreneurs with freelancers around the world. This will serve as a mechanism for connecting transaction services between professionals worldwide using GigBit tokens. The configuration file is based on Blockchain GigTricks Pro.
    GigTricks Pro is a global platform for professionals to present their proven expertise in GigTricks blockchain. It provides multiple profiles by displaying individual skill rankings.
  2. Get the best GigTricks Learning Skills:
    GigTricks Learning is a global online excellence center where entrepreneurs and freelancers can acquire the skills they need to improve their business and their expertise to achieve more.
  3. Interacting For Social GigTricks Purposes:
    GigTricks Social is committed to increase engagement among ecosystem participants, enabling users to focus, send messages, and share information. This encourages community members to socialize for a purpose.
  4. The flexibility of payments GigTricks PoS:
    GigTricks Point of Sale (PoS) will give salespeople the opportunity to increase their physical world sales. Sales and comments generated will be recorded under blockchain.

GigTricks Ecosystem

This Can Be Used For

The goal is not just to create an ecosystem that creates trade and mutual benefit among users but also to build a platform that will continue to stabilize revenue without reducing its activity on mobile devices.

This will solve the most common problems facing investors, improve GigTricks performance, and provide smart solutions for easy access to account platforms.

GigTricks Social Platform

This is intended to allow users to obtain GigBit tokens only by publishing and/or searching for social content. Token GigBit can be used as a means of paying extra GigTricks Pro skills tests or accessing advanced services, such as GigTricks Learning, which will try to give the user the opportunity to master other skills.

Users will be able to view their freelancer profiles, ratings, and skill reviews, which reduce the communication time between customers and freelancers by over 90%. Despite the controversy, Gigtik has introduced incentive incentives that increase confidence and fraud.


The GigBit Mark (GBTC) is based on the ERC20 format and is suitable for Ethereum netbooks as it is easy to use and promote community. Under the Ethereum tag, a good solution for a small number of regular payouts (eg $ 0.0001).

The GigTicks project will use Gigbit Credits for small payments to make it more economical. There are no transactions for GigBit loans. They will be published through the platform and can only be converted to GigBit bookmarks. Gigbit points cannot be sent from one user to another, regardless of the platform. This cryptographic token (GBTC) is designed to enable payments through its global member ecosystem.

Token Allocation

  • Initial Token Bid = 250,000,000: 25%.
  • Team and Advisor = 150,000,000: 15%.
  • Ecosystem Incentives = 200,000,000: 20%.
  • Marketing and Bounty = 50,000,000: 5%.
  • Liquidity Fund = 50,000,000: 5%.
  • Treasury = 300,000,000: 30%.

GigTricks Token Allocation

Process Usage

  • Marketing = 34%.
  • Operational Cost = 28%.
  • Platform Development = 25%.
  • R & D = 8%.
  • Business Acquisition = 5%.

Token Can Be Used To

  • In-app deals to unlock product or service.
  • Subscribed users.
  • Community awards.
  • Advertisement.
  • Royalty payments and freelancer surveys.
  • Token will also work to align the playing field and set up checkpoints for services to be provided.


GigTricks Roadmap


GigTricks social platform is designed to allow users to win GigBit tokens by distributing and reviewing social content. Token GigBit can be used as a means of paying for the testing of additional capabilities of GigTricks Pro, as well as for senior executives such as GigTricks Learning, which will provide additional capabilities to users.

Users will have the ability to view general expert profiles ratings, ratings and surveys of their specific competencies, and reduce the communication time between customers and consultants by more than 90%. Despite the fact that if there is a problem, gigtricks have effectively implemented a high voting system to build trust and participation. Global or global markets are expanding, and companies around the world are now ready to produce and grow their businesses faster.

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ETH: 0xf684c669653b6cd2b606ecdfc69b69dff7935b2c

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the GigTricks team, I just give you the latest ICO info”