GigTricks – A Complete Integrated Ecosystem For Freelancer

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GigTricks – A Complete Integrated Ecosystem For Freelancer

GigTricks – Today, the on-demand economy and freelancers have a basic standard for building trust business relationships between customers and freelancers. To address this problem, GigTricks builds blockchain-based ecosystems to increase transparency, trust, and reliability among platform participants. All operations will be verified by platform participants in blockchain that cannot be changed

In an update shared by GigTricks on media pages, teams including CEO Amir Shaikh and co-founder Omair Latif & Sadiq Hameed have decided to reduce ITO caps from $5 million to $2.5 million and hard hats $50 million fell to $35 million. This may sound like a lower purpose and pessimism, but I think this is a good move.

With such a platform, it will be easier to find freelancers. Yes, it’s much easier to find a job for self-employed freelancers, because good worker needs can be high. All financial transactions will be done in the internal GBTC cryptocurrency, which we can now buy at the lowest price. As the website develops, mobility and token values increase.


The most common problem in the freelance industry is its opacity. This usually happens when a party, whether a customer or a contractor, fails to do its job. It may not be a payment to complete a job on time or to complete a job. This situation is actually very much and happens almost every day. This will naturally undermine the overall reputation of the free market.

To address this situation, we have provided a team of experts who have developed a generic project that they intend to improve the state of the free market.


Due to a smart contract, we will not comply with the terms as safe as possible. After all, in a smart contract, you can determine the necessary conditions. Now customers do not have to worry about doing this job, and freelancers do not have to worry about paying. After all, if the conditions are met, the smart contract itself will transfer money to the freelancer account. This smart contract can do all the work automatically. After all, do not care about anything else, it just monitors the fulfillment of contract terms.

The reason I think lowering the soft cap / hard hat is a good move because the next few months may be a tough time to market the encryption. I can see BTC, ETH and alt coins remain in the bear market until There are some good market news, press releases and other bullish sentiments. Therefore, under these market conditions, setting realistic and more achievable fundraising objectives will be better.

GigTricks announced that it has revised their goal to focus on developing freelance GigTricks and their on-demand ecosystem.

GigTricks Ecosystem

This is good news for investors because when the encryption project is too focused on marketing and selling their token sales, sometimes encryption projects lag behind development. It’s great to see GigTricks seriously develop their blockchain platform, and they hope to get everything done before the beta release in the fourth quarter of 2018.

In his report, GigTricks revealed that they will now receive compulsory pre-sales payments, and investors will be able to pay via ETH, BTC, bank transfer, Visa, and MasterCard. This will make token sales open to broader investors, and this will simplify the buying process for new investors as they will not need to change their order to ETH or BTC before purchasing a Gigbit token (GBTC).

The main goal of GigTricks is to create a fair platform for customers and freelancers to manage more security measures for both parties. In addition, the platform is a tool to tackle the global economic downturn. The project team uses a number of tools to achieve this goal.

Hyperledger is one of these technologies. This technique was developed to eliminate the lack of blockchain that exists. The Hyperledger protocol was created to use the blockchain feature to provide secure and private access to a decentralized ledger. In other words, Hyperledger is a protocol consisting of metadata used to maintain privacy and security in the blockchain.

Business Summary

The unemployment rate is rising
Increased demand for e-commerce/services
Difficulty in finding the right global talent
The freelance platform currently charges a high fee
Refusal case of payment
False / negative comments
The central authority for dispute management

The GigTricks team is still negotiating with HitBTC about the possibility of their exchange list. HitBTC is a great exchange, and if GigTricks can get approval on its site as soon as the token sale expires, it will be a tremendous achievement. These are the top ten exchanges, and their trading volume is very high, which is critical for the development of GBTC tokens in the future.

GigTricks seems to be starting to join, successful personal sales, the potential launch of HitBTC and the growing focus on Beta platform development are important signs that the team is working hard and ready to succeed.

Why Choose GigTricks

This platform creates a diverse portfolio of products that allow each user to provide services and have the right to own the object of their own intellectual activity;

This is a great place to find the right freelancer to complete a specific task;

The GigTricks ecosystem gives you the opportunity to use transparent comments and user rating systems, especially to prevent making incorrect comments about completed projects and freelancers.

GigTricks Conclusion

Technical Aspects Of Gigtricks

The new project uses the Hyperledger structure concept for their project, and from a technical standpoint, it brings many benefits. For example, this will allow individuals to store their data safely at nodes in the blockchain, and they have full control over who will be able to access their data. Given the concerns we usually encounter all this, this security aspect is huge, and it will also prevent information from being public and open potentially harmful activities.

For freelancers, when they set their profile and complete the work, the data will be available to others in the blockchain to see if they will hire them. It does provide full transparency, but at the same time, they are still in control of what is going on.

Through internal work, it allows the individual to bid for the show, pay for it, leave a comment, leave a message to the customer or freelancer, and whatever you want. The only difference is the use of blockchain and all the impressive benefits and benefits that accompany it.

Use The Advantages of Gigtricks

As mentioned earlier, we have explained many advantages associated with using the platform. If they succeed in removing security-related issues and both know what’s going on, it builds up all the important beliefs that are often lost in this scenario. There is no doubt that blockchain can achieve this goal, so if you have higher security and better transparency, then you can see why people are interested in this project.

Financial Aspects And ICO

For ICO, they not only accept ETH, but also BTC and some Fiat currencies. They also inserted their hard hats and caps, with bonnet set to $2.5 million and a hard hat set to $35 million.

During the ICO period, it should be noted that people from the United States, China, and South Africa were excluded from participation in South Africa and differ from conventional ones. At this stage, the 1 GBTC exchange rate is equivalent to $0.248, and the minimum investment is also $100, which may be slightly higher than other ICOs, including minimum investment.

In addition, a total of 250 million tokens will be released for ICO. This will cover 25% of the total, although what is not sold at this stage will be destroyed and the final total will be awarded to the project. The reason why percentage numbers are 25% is simply that they require tokens to help the entire network operations, so they do not need to use this method to raise additional funds.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the GigTricks team, I just give you the latest ICO info”