Geoma DAO – A Decentralised Autonomous Organisation

Geoma DAO – A Decentralised Autonomous Organisation

Geoma DAO – Many of us know what blockchain. Disorders of decentralization and autonomy. DAO or decentralized autonomous organization, as the structure, was born the same day Blockchain technology disclosed to the public. It is, in our view, a global human collaboration far the most advanced models. This is indeed a new economic model for the 21st century. A DAO potential is huge and has not been explored. This is determined by the high ethical standards of intelligence, knowledge, and contributors. Contributors can make progress DAO of innovative energy technology, agriculture, health departments targeted advice and insurance just to name a few examples. DAO exponentially improve performance, if it can be executed in the physical world. Accurate, this is what GEOMA DAO will achieve the provider to establish cash flow and wealth.

Web-Based Projects | Real-World Projects

The web-based project should revolve around the idea of decentralization, a possible proposal could be:

  1. The protection of ownership
  2. The protection of personal data and monetization
  3. OTC desk from FIAT /CRYPTO/FIAT

VR Educational Games For Children And Teens

The real-world project should focus on innovation and enterprising and cashflow. The possible proposal is the idea:

  1. Vertical Farming
  2. Medicinal Cannabis
  3. Green Energy

Real Estate

Geoma DAO will keep it simple, this pragmatic level. Blockchain technology is designed to have destructive. Damage derived from administrative decentralization and autonomy. DAO or decentralized autonomous organization, as the structure, was born the same day Blockchain technology disclosed to the public. It is, in our view, the most sophisticated model of global human cooperation so far.


Key technology and achieve Blockchain More and more companies will use technology. The Blockchain Geoma DAO can act Consultants in partnership with these companies to help them find the right form and Functions to meet their needs but also develop the final product. This made field cash flow contributor to the DAO.

Specializing In Real Estate

  • Acquisition of real estate resold at a higher price or a store of value and leasing options.
  • Bank deposits are often called, have to sell their assets is a much lower package
  • The actual price of the market price. DAO can buy some of these assets and then sell at market prices. Cash flow is also provided for DAO creates. purchase
  • The apartments and rent them out another way to create ownership and cash flow.


A DAO, as the structure of government, but it should be understood by the general public. Most of us are so tangled in the current system, the concept of DAO seems science fiction. What we do know is that enterprise architecture is to create a model with unlimited expansion. limited expansion is not possible. Due to the structure, the model will fail. But before it does not make any effort to maximize profits. We arrived at the point of expansion to give pause. And we expect to stay behind. Take a look at our oceans, our ocean, our water, our food quality, our parents, our Society. It no doubts that in the long term is not sustainable. DAO is definitely a viable option. They may change the economic structure of our society more aware of the future.

The (GEOMA DAO) network distributed only other contributors. There are no quick profits created by the DAO, it creates to generate stable and sustainable growth, and smart contract with Blockchain life, appearance, and interaction. This should act as an appropriate technology Blockchain:

  1. Voting for the implementation of the proposed activity is an important function of GEOMA DAO.
  2. If the pre-determined percentage of contributors agreed consensus of action is made.
  3. Common methods of uninterrupted rule. There will be no CEO, senior management, middle management, reduce management a.s.o.The founder contributors should be regarded as a pure network. Their role is only to monitor and determine the ownership of first quality. Some of the money siphoned from the pyramid structure ICO- market by the company’s management has been carried out. centralized management of this type usually allows individuals to create lead hazards information on the results of other people’s asymmetric flow. In other words, the kind of government that comes from the strict rules in the world can easily lead to manipulation and fraud described by the concept of a decentralized world of autonomous organizations.
    The main proposal is a way GEOMA DAO layer of decision-making.
  4. For the implementation of the project, the contractor will be appointed by the noise.
  5. The GEOMA DAO to create real wealth for the contributors, and bring value to the community.

Ownership Certificate

For security reasons, to avoid duplication, false, and false, the certificate will be equipped with Blockchain ID and broadcast to the network. The ID will always be linked with a smart contract and can prevent the browser from instantly verified. It is also important when the certificate changed owners. Buyers can easily verify its authenticity. Certificates can also be printed and stored in a safe.

Focus On The Future Of Agriculture

  • Including the future of vertical agriculture farming. A vertical agriculture Net
  • Health food with fewer resources. A detailed proposal stands in vertical farming
  • On-site Geoma DAO can be read by contributors. A cash flow back to the creator of the DAO

Focus On Sustainable Clean Energy

Creating emerged from small horse manure through new energy technologies. With these new progressive technologies to create cash flow contributors to the same DAO. Details find websites DAO.

In The Form Of DAO

Phase 1 ERC20 practical use tokens to comply fully compliant with regulatory agencies, and provide access to a global audience. Which marks the bear’s proposal and voting rights. We give the project was abandoned or dead, to reclaim the token holder for the opportunity to exchange their losses at a reasonable pace.

GMD Token Model

ERC20 token should be seen as a token of the utility. It is proposed to the holder of the token, the right to vote and to participate in activities in the network. Think of it as safety pins? Appearance Let’s look at the guidelines say the SEC. Because Howie tests have shown that when “investment contract” should get the money from the efforts of others in the investment is estimated there may be a public company and profit. It is a certain time in a digital asset test to meet the offering or sale depending on the particular facts and circumstances.

  • Is this an investment of money in a common enterprise? No, because of the GEOMA DAO is not a Company or a Corporation, and so it is not a common enterprise.
  • Reasonable expectation of profits to be derived from the efforts of others? No, because the effort is a common effort by the entire Network.
  • The GMD – ERC20 Token Contract address can be seen here

Token Distribution And Price

Only 21.000.000 GMD – ERC20 Utility Tokens have been minted. Token Distribution will be as follows:

  • 5% representing 1.050.000 GMD will be used for the Bounty, Airdrop, and Exchange Liquidity Program.
  • 1% representing 210.000 GMD will be distributed to early contributors and founders.
  • 94% representing 19.740.000 GMD will be distributed to contributors.

  1. 0.4 USD/1GMD for early birds during the Bounty Campaign
  2. 0.7 USD/1GMD After the Bounty Campaign until the IEO
  3. 1 USD/1GMD IEO price

GMD Swap

Giving the Nature of the Project and its real-world applications GMD /GMDST tokens can be swapped at a rate of 100 GMD/1GMDST.

  • GMD Token Holders can earn by stacking at a maximum rate of 10%/year.
  • GMDST Token Holders will earn monthly benefits from the projects of the DAO.


  • 2016 – 2019
    Research of over 2000 Blockchain Projects and their possible impact in the Economy
  • 2019 September
    Creation of the GMD ERC20 Token in compliance with the SEC Howey Test
  • 2019 December
    Launch of the Geoma DAO Website and Media Channels
  • 2020 January
    Preparation for the Airdrop and Bounty Campaign
  • 2020 February
    Start of the Bounty and Airdrop Campaign
  • 2020 March-May
    Formation Phase of the DAO
    Vote on the best Blockchain for DAO usage
    First Project Proposals
    Vote on Projects
  • 2020 May-June
    Begin of project implementation.
    Listing preparations.Proposals and Vote for the best IEO Exchange
  • 2020 June-July
    Building Structure and Community

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