Genesis Vision – Project Review

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Genesis Vision

Genesis Vision – Project Review

Genesis Vision is a decentralized trust management platform built on blockchain technology and smart contracts. Genesis Vision is a public open source of reliable information about statistics of network participant activity and a completely transparent system. investment and profit distribution, built on intelligent contracts.

Every manager in the Genesis Vision network has its own crypto (the coi). The size of the problem depends on successful trading statistics The process of transferring funds to managers is done by buying a cryptocurrency manager on an internal exchange as in the exchanges (market).

AND the following is the schematic of the Genesis VISION solution:

With the internal Exchange platform Genesis Vision where investors can buy and sell coins.
the coin holder or has a limited number of coins, depending on the level. and Initially, this coin can only be purchased directly from ICO at a fixed price. After that, they can be freely traded among investors in internal exchange In this case, investors set their own price for their manager’s coins. The cost of this coin will depend on the success of a coin holder to trade it.

And In order to connect to the Genesis Vision network, the broker (exchangenya) needs to install plug-in integration for trading platforms. This plugin will be the bridge between trading platform blockchain and broker. The plug-in integration will perform the following functions:

5% GVT (genesis vision) will form the Genesis Vision fund. Token from these funds will be invested regularly in a successful platform in its manager. genesis plans to keep funds running regardless of the profits it generates, constantly stimulating the Genesis Activity manager’s vision.

The main objectives of the fund are:

  • Attract managers in the system and stimulate their activity
  • Provide additional GVT liquidity on the exchange
  • Provide additional token manager liquidity

The market of trust management is growing rapidly every year. According to Boston Consulting Group Global Asset Management 2016, the amount of funds in management is over $ 70 trillion.

Market Description

MANAGERS  – Management funds/traders are companies/individuals with a proven trading history, ready to acquire investors’ money for management. The profit, received as a result of management of the total funds, is shared proportionally between the managers and investors. Managers receive a commission for management and a commission from the profit (success fee).

INVESTORS  –  Investors do not trade in the market directly. Instead, investors transfer their funds to experienced traders who manage the funds for them. Investors get their shares from their managers’ profits.

BROKERS  –  Brokers are companies that have the appropriate licenses to carry out brokerage activities. Through brokers, traders have access to trading financial instruments on exchange and over-the-counter markets.

Genesis Vision

Market Size

The trust management market is growing rapidly every year. According to the Boston Consulting Group report of Global Asset Management 2016, the total amount of funds in management is more than $ 70 trillion.

Quantitative data on client assets that are actively traded and managed in the global Forex and CFD markets:

Genesis Vision ICO Options

The recent ICO campaign identified a number of problems in this process:

  • People who have been following the project for a long time can simply be late to invest money.
  • A ICO investors and other Ethereum blockchain users ICO creates difficulties for ICO investors.
  • Due to the geographical dispersion of investors, ICO falls on a deep night in their time zone.
  • Early investment bonuses are often given not to actual first supporters, but to be the first to carry out a transaction in the blockchain.
  • To genesis vision team is launching an option program for ICO participation.


Genesis Vision option guarantees the right to acquire GVT tokens at a specified price during the ICO. Genesis Vision option token is based on the ERC20 Ethereum token standard.

The option price is 5% of the desired amount of investment.

Options will also give bonuses for tokens’ amount: Options for the first 20% of the maximum options cap guarantee their holders a 30% bonus; the next 30% receive a 20% bonus, and the remaining 50% receive a 10% bonus.

30.3% of GVT for sale will be available for purchase by Genesis Vision option program.

To acquire the option, an ICO investor pays 5% of his total desired amount of investments. The amount of tokens available for the purchase during the ICO is calculated according to this formula.


An investor wants to invest $ 1000 in an upcoming ICO. Suppose the current ICO bonus is 30%. The price of the option is 5% of the total amount – $ 50. Investors can pay corresponding amount in any of supported currencies. The amount of GVT available with this option will be:

In this example, investors are guaranteed to be able to purchase up to 1300 GVT by the price of $ 0.73 per token during the first day of ICO

On the first day of ICO, tokens will be sold to option holders only. When option holder purchases GVT during the ICO, his option (optional) is exercised: option to GVT is acquired.

ICO pool has enough tokens if ICO pool has enough tokens. If option holders do not exercise their options during the ICO, the options will be cancelled. Options can be exercised partially.

Options are non-refundable; money collected from sold options can be spent by Genesis Vision immediately on platform development and marketing.


  • Ruslan Kamensky : CEO, Blockchain Architect
  • Dmitri Nazarov : COO, Solution Architect
  • Alexey Kutsenko : Fintech Expert, CEO Tools For Brokers
  • Andrey Kulikovsky : CMO
  • Casimir Compaore : Machine Learning Expert
  • Sam Zakhezin : Backend Lead
  • Vlad Roskov : Infrastructure Security Architect, Leading expert from Kaspersky
  • Alexander Prihodko : Frontend Lead
  • Arseny Vasilyev : Mobile Lead
  • Ivan Volkov : Community Manager and Content Creator

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