GameLootNetwork – Gaming Reimagined & Supported By Blockchain

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GameLootNetwork – Gaming Reimagined & Supported By Blockchain

GameLootNetwork – When the game has just started, no one can predict its current state. No one can predict that the video game industry will become a multi-billion dollar industry. From rolling pixel sides to digital Odyssey to immersive ground, video games have evolved over the years. There are more games than ever.

With this evolution, there are problems, especially in mobile games, where centralized platforms like the iOS App Store and Google Play have monopolized most of the market audience. How Game Loot Network adapt to this?
Loot Network games will help developers and gamers by creating virtual platforms that reward players with real value. In addition, it promotes game design “any budget”. In this way, artists will get the resources they need to create games that they imagine, and players using their virtual world will receive an award as part of them.

I remember that I have played the game. It started with my parents Atari. Continue through Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and PCs through the current generation of consoles and mobile games. Some people may think this is a waste of time, but for me and millions of people around the world, I do not take advantage of your free time better. The game lets you (virtual) experience things that can never be done in real life. Want to fight with aliens and save the day? No problem. Want to replay historic events? You are right. Want to compete for champions and prizes in front of thousands of people? E-sports have what you want.

With mobile technology, you can now do all this while on the bus. The game creates a world full of possibilities and imagination. Somewhere, all the good things about the game seem to have vanished, it’s more about money and greed than pleasure.

Video games are not considered universal mainstream activities and have passed. It brings many benefits, but also helps the company become greedy. Launch annual games through small adjustments and sell as new games. Day 1 DLC, season ticket, and AAA micro transaction release. Silly, more than a top marketing campaign. Bonus reservations, consumers are rarely expected to get a degree until they can read reviews. There are many things that need to be corrected with the industry.


Using LOOT crypto coin, this platform is designed to solve some system problems in the gaming world. You can download apps, create logins, and load the Loot Network Game lobby. Hub will provide three gates.

Durability and authenticity of Blockchain

Blockchain technology minimizes internet space. Very beautiful nature. Similar to data provided publicly through the World Wide Web, the actual block of information is stored on the same blockchain platform of all networks.

It is important to note that blockchains cannot be controlled by one person, entity or identity and there is no single point of failure. Just as the Internet has proven to be a sustainable space for 30 years, blockchain will also become a truly reliable global arena for developing business transactions.

Game concept: platform

Together with the original LOOT cryptocurrency, this platform addresses the systemic issues in the gaming industry. The user enters the app, creates a login and loads the lobby “Loot Game NetworkTM”. Hub has three doors


Developers and users use this portal to access the crowdfunding directory. Independent designers submit their game idea to the list on this screen. Your landing page may contain screenshots, demos, or game history. Users provide LOOT tokens to sponsor profitable projects. In return for their Cryptocoin, supporters will receive a percentage of the upcoming game sales. Developers reduce costs and get underlying incentives. Collectively through democracy requires decentralization to produce the game. If an idea deserves an appointment, it will come true, creative people will benefit from budgetary constraints

Play it

This portal will contain a decentralized App Store and embedded games. Users can play or download featured titles on the platform. In the adjacent circle, the ideas generated in the building portal bring benefits to Play Gateway gamers and designers.


The Procurement Gateway provides a variety of revenue-generating tools. Through this door, players can enter three parts: tournament Tourney Champions gets thinner electronics or LOOT tokens. Now every user can experience high-risk e-sports. Recommended system

Extensive development systems allow members to create high margin residue commissions for platform sharing. A combat proposal
Online auctions will beat players and compete to compete for discount equipment.

Buy the premium membership, loans offers

Game Loot Network provides this template as an unlimited extension. When game technology creates new formats like VR, additional doors are added. The door to VR interaction has been planned. New features based on community contributions will always be in the process.

Here you just play your favorite game and you can get real money. For example, game tournament will receive Loot lottery prize. Ordinary players end up fighting the online ranking system with short accomplishments. Provides a high level of flavor for professional players in an inaccessible E-Sport bracket. With the help of Game Loot Network users, you will experience true happiness and only through their favorite play experiences.


Loot acts as a currency for prizes on the platform. With Loot’s help, platform users will have the opportunity to enter the tournament with their heads, generate recurring income through focused games, buy game gifts, bid online auctions, earn additional revenue, and ultimately download games created just for the platform. Loot will continue to evolve, consuming many utilities for applications.


  • Token name – LOOT
  • The token fee is 0.35 $ USD
  • Soft CAP – 50.000.000,00 $ USD
  • Hard CAP – 75,000,000.00 $ USD
  • Total volume of the token issued – 600,000,000 LOOT
  • Public sale starts on May 29, 2018 and will last for 230 days.

GLN’s Other Digital Units

In addition to LOOT, there are four other units on the platform. However, this is not cryptocurrency and cannot be exchanged anywhere except the Loot Game Network.

  • Points
    User receive “point” donations every month. This can be used to purchase improvements in the game and participate in tournaments. Points can also be converted into bids.
  • Ticket
    Tickets are coupons earned from a winning match. These units can be exchanged for real-world gifts.
  • Offer
    Offer can be obtained through LOOT and Credits. With these units, players can compete for electronic products at great discounts.
  • Advanced offer
    Advanced bids are used to enter the auction for a discounted LOOT bundle.


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