Gabrotech – Democratize Loyalty Rewards Using Blockchain

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Gabrotech – Democratize Loyalty Rewards Using Blockchain

Gabrotech – The loyalty program is very popular, but in many cases, different shops of fraud encountered by customers or get their remuneration. centralized services cannot guarantee complete security for the users, as well as the opportunity to receive your bonus. Today blocking has been the basis for many projects – an innovative technology that allows users to protect data and resources from violations liar. Contract intellectual property rights can be a reliable guarantee for all – the transaction will be qualitative and quick implementation. This is why decentralization GABROTECH platforms that developers have emphasized the use of interception technology.

What is Gabro?

GABROTECH is a new decentralization project, a number of large stores will allow customers to get their bonus numbers. In this case, the project GABROTECH users will be able to get a physical card application every match bonus time or replace them in this area than any other organization.

Gabrotech Vision

Visual Gabro intrusive loyalty rewards market, and through ” decentralization”, and therefore the return of the control point to remove the inefficiencies of the public. We have created a Blockchain basic, easy to follow and verify the amount of the trading platform or the use of tokens. It also creates the ecosystem by connecting different LPOS, businesses, institutional investors and provide customers with common digital assets – Gabro.

Our Solutions

Solution 6-in-1 unique products are designed to address the pain points described in the last section. In Gabro, we are interested to use technology to solve the world’s problems. After the day thousands of people in R & D and product testing, our development team have now built our prototype (or the Alpha version), and put into production a solid plan.
In blockchain to do so will mean that anyone can see and confirm the transaction and to check the amount of money in circulation.
What is just as popular in traditional banking and prepaid market, our team is all digital assets and digital wallet through Gabro Gabro disposable card in real time.
Our cutting-edge technology, while the per capita disposable assets through a client or smartphone Gabro cards securely store multiple assets blockchain.

The GABROTECH project Features

  • Gabro Digital Wallets
    It allows you to manage different customer loyalty programs and reward a large number of capabilities. GABROTECH customers can get a serious bonus – this is the most advanced security features help protect transactions in several areas: biometrics, face recognition, password, access, and pattern recognition.
  • Token Practical Gabro
    It is necessary to make Gabro able to use all the features of distributed systems. For merchants as a payment mechanism. For users, who are used to unlock special discounts and bonus items or currency traders mark. They perform different roles of both parties.
  • Gabro Overcome The Card
    Complementary assets to spend your free bonuses in more than 200 countries, 60 million outlets. Gabro aiming with the leading payment service provider in the world announced a partnership that will achieve this goal in the future.
  • Transition engine Multimetalized
    MCCE is to use our pool of liquidity protocol system. Our platform real-time market value of every subject that is fast blockchain support for the appropriate legal tender. This allows customers to quickly exchange encrypted money, give up centralized services and service agencies.

Multi-Currency Conversion Engine

MCCE is a suitable protocol system through an auction system to purchase and sales orders. Using our liquidity pool and support platform asset blockchain quickly converted into legal tender according to the market value of real-time. This makes asset blockchain, all things have become acceptable anywhere in the world per capita disposable Dhaka. We are working to develop our technology partner FX engine. When we launched the FX Markets Fiat engines and communication is encrypted and no less.

GBO user interests

Digital asset values of inflation, the user can compare the existing value of loyalty points to redeem
GabroTech loyalty platform extension, users can convert / exchange of the different expectations of loyalty program asset (such as air tickets, hotel nights, voucher retail, etc.)

Gabro Token

Gabro Token (GBO) does not have ownership of the securities, shares, investment or technology Gabro. Currently, they are based on utility token of revenge blockchain ERC20 and design work within our ecosystem, that the Middle loyalty.

Our customers will be rewarded with GBO, they began to use our wallets to spend time converting or referral to a friend. The GBO they are, the better they are. GBO price agreement will be available in exchange encryption and can be used to buy or sell GBO centrally registered loyalty reward points.

In short, GBO’s main features are:

● Sales of limited availability in the supply of revenge in exchange pins
● The main flow of revenge on the public network
● Free transfer and circulation of the major exchanges
● Can be stored in all the major customer’s wallet
● Common currency buying and selling on the platform Gabro

The Gabro Token practical GBO will reward the ecosystem in the core of the business. It is necessary to obtain Gabro Gabro gain access to ecosystem services. For businesses, a payment mechanism. For the user, as a way to open a special discount or bonus points and redeem tokens traders. They are used for the different roles of the two sides, so as to provide different tools for them.


Technology is at the heart of high-tech Gabro. Gabro underlying technology behind blockchain. Blockchain database in large distributed network computers fact book. Crossbar in a fully replicated in the network each computer (node) on and the entire history of the transaction cannot be changed record. We blockchain solution enables GL transactions on participants in the network share. When loyalty points issued, redeemed or exchanged, it will create a unique token algorithm generated and assigned to the transaction. This token is divided into blocks and distributed throughout the network, updated every time the flange. Verification of a new transaction block and a link to the old block, creating powerful of all transactions, security and verified records, without the need for an intermediary or a central database. This is advantageous in a way that is safe and cost-effective, the loyalty program operator must be exchanged for consumers in program implementation point of today’s consumers.

Gabrotech Technology

The blockchain is in developing countries, loyalty points management as one integrated system has yet to open, you can set up a potential solution to help. Loyalty Gabro ecosystem processes are supported by a hybrid architecture, the chain and the chain will be closed. the target chain solution for their loyalty platform that is not closed chain solution is to use their own loyalty merchant platform, this loyalty demonstrated redemption blockchain not going to happen, but in the Portal business or new POS merchants.

Token Distribution Overview

  • Token Symbol: GBO
  • Token usage: Token can be used in the ecosystem
  • Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 GBO
  • Hard Cap: $50M
  • Token price: 1 ETH buys 5000 GBO
  • Minimum Purchase: 0.1 ETH
  • Accepting: Ethereum (ETH)
  • ERC20 Token: Yes
  • Individual Cap: None
  • Countries Allowed: As determined in the sole discretion of Gabro tech PTE

Bonus structure

  • 5 ETH or more = 10% bonus GBO
  • 10 ETH or more = 15% bonus GBO
  • 30 ETH or more = 20% bonus GBO
  • *Other bulk purchase and early bird offer is also available


Gabrotech Roadmap

To know the latest information about Gabro project you can visit the link below:


BTT Profile:;u=376156

ETH: 0xC7B643eA72a38091337E7CaB8E4cE1A144D3AA4B

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Gabro team, I just give you the latest ICO info”