Fonder – A Reinvented Blockchain For Mainstream Adoption

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Fonder – A Reinvented Blockchain For Mainstream Adoption

Fonder – Today, most Internet resources owned by several companies. Giant IT companies have become stifle innovation, is a threat to society, due to lack of competition. They are no longer afraid of complaints, and some even deliberately engineer addiction according to George Soros.

We propose a new business model with the revolutionary potential and cryptocurrencies blockchains unlock the hidden value of inspiration in the online community. In the new business model, is no longer based on the advantages of a successful company’s value, but rather, the use of new cryptocurrency.

About Fonder

Fonder Diamond is not the traditional diamond company and was established as the diamond industry is broken. We are running much higher than the efficiency of traditional jewelry through the extensive use of marketing and operation of the internet and mobile technologies.

History of Fonder Diamond

Fonder Diamond listed at the beginning of 2016 in Singapore, diamonds, custom engagement ring and wedding ring business, and other diamond jewelry in itself. In early 2014 retrospective, founder George Chen, together with Adam Pyrah has already begun preparations for the business.

Before the heart of the diamond is getting closer, George has been involved in the diamond trade, especially for large values of investment grade diamonds for years. He noted that the change in the buying behavior of buyers, most consumers will visit a jewelry store, online surveys conducted before buying them – which will immediately affect the oldest diamond industry trends.

In order to meet this wave, George personally invested more than $ 2 million to a Fonder Diamond, so that online customers to our showrooms can and buy a lot of access to information about the diamond before diamond at a more competitive price.

Because in the first month, Fonder diamonds have proven business models are a profitable and viable operation. For March 2018, the average annual turnover time in the hall of approximately $ 2.5 to $ 3 million in Singapore, at $ 4-5 million, is expected next year.


Our mission is to drive the cryptocurrency to be widely adopted by mass consumers, and for many new business models to revolutionise the existing centralised internet business landscape by decentralisation of ownership, to address the monopolistic problems.


Our vision is to see FON become one of the major cryptocurrencies in the world and widely adopted by mass consumers. Along the journey, we will also make Fonder Diamond into a world-class diamond brand for generations to come.

Business Model of Fonder Diamond

Fonder Bussiness Model

The diamond industry is far behind in terms of the retail industry than most other online use. Most consumers prefer to buy diamond jewelery online shop and select information is still lacking. In addition, consumers remain skeptical, worried about the lack of customer service, or when dealing with an online store, the quality of diamonds. Therefore, to get the best deal, the purchase process is often time consuming and tedious, after having visited the store the store consumption.

Although there may be a minority brand online retailers like the Blue Nile in the United States, the lack is the lack of a physical showroom. Most consumers are not equipped with enough diamonds to understand and for fear that they can make an online diamond buying an expensive mistake. As a result, many people like to tell the diamond trustworthy and realistic assessment of the various classes of diamonds to compare before making a decision.

Expanding Model

To open a business model that is highly scalable potential Fonder Diamond ready to expand on a global scale, and with plans to set up showrooms in major cities in the world:
1) Direct Investment
2) Cooperation
3) Franchise

Fonmedia for Influencers

FONMedia on our list is the first and most significant project, it is the explosive growth potential of the project to completely change the existing business model online. It will be encrypted from the world, and eventually started the whole world.

FON Application

A list of other items, will work together to create more synergies, and many more in the pipeline.

  1. Fonwallet
    Its all-in-one, beautiful, easy to use and secure encryption wallet. It is also a payment gateway for merchants to accept cryptocurrency.
    FONAds online advertising is a new business model. This is the official blockchain advertising platform. Payments from advertisers ad space to advertisers will pay for most owners and marketing. This monopoly platform today, many of the advertising revenue from the platform owned by that person go.
  3. Fonpoints ・ FOR REWARDS
    It is online and offline services and storage infrastructure platforms blockchain bonus points.
  4. fongroup ・FOR NETWORKING
    One type that is permitted by the online network community platform cryptocurrency.
  5. Fonstore ・FOR SHOPPING
    It is a FON authorization platform, the high-level store has a very strong CRM features build tool. This is the online shopping platform for new business models.

Mobile Apps Light Wallet

The liver is getting closer to launch mobile wallet application, the Fonder wallet system will support running on mobile devices without consuming significant resources.

For security reasons, the owner of the wallet holders only appropriate encryption key.

The Advantage Of Using The Fonder

  • Speed and cost
    With the processing power of one million transactions per second with the participation of nearly zero transaction costs. You do not have to wait for important transactions cleared.
  • Privacy 100%
    By utilizing multiple network-centric anonymous little hearts closer blockchain provide full undiscovered private transaction. Keeping your assets disconnect from your identity.
  • Send E-mail Encrypted Like You To Send Money
    We Blockchain Name Service (BNS) can easily be encrypted with the currency and blockchain service, easy to remember the address.
  • Blockchain Builder
    Blockchain relentlessly to build scalable applications, custom blockchain cover all aspects of the same currency, trade and negotiation. No coding is required, and infrastructure.

Token Distribution

Token Total supply – Determined by Pre-sale total Tokens sold

  • 21% – ICO and Bounties
  • 28% – Founding team, early contributors (locked)
  • 14% – Future use for strategy partner (locked)
  • 37% – Company Reserve (locked)

Token Sale Price

Fonder(FON) tokens will be issued during pre-ICO and ICO. The pre-ICO will determine the hardcap for the ICO. Only 5% of the tokens will be issued during the pre-ICO. The hard cap for the ICO will equal 3.2 times the number of token sold in pre-ICO.

The price of FON tokens will depend on the number of tokens issued during pre-ICO and ICO as per the table below – every 100,000,000 tokens sold will increase the price by 0.01 EUR

FON issued FON Price

  • 0 – 100,000,000 = 0.07 EUR
  • 100,000,001 – 200,000,000 = 0.08 EUR
  • 200,000,001 – 300,000,000 = 0.09 EUR
  • 300,000,001 – 400,000,000 = 0.10 EUR
  • 400,000,001 – 459,550,000 = 0.11 EUR


  • Q1
    Preparation of Fonder Diamond
  • Q2
    Official Launch of Fonder Diamond
  • Q2
    Launch of “Fonder Light Performance”
  • Q2
    Launch of Fonder Wallet basic.
    Fonder ICO Private sale
  • Q4
    Fonder ICO Pre sale
    Fonder Diamond Global Expansion
  • Q1
    Launch of FONPoints
    Launch of FONMedia
    Launch of FONGroups
  • Q2
    Launch of FONAds
    Launch of FONStore
  • Q4
    The launch of Fonder Blockchain

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Fonder team, I just give you the latest ICO info”