Fonder – Combines The Best Of Online And Retail Experiences

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Fonder – Combines The Best Of Online And Retail Experiences

Fonder – After 10 years of evolution, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have progressed to the stage where it was so hot, so crazy, so there is hope. However, no cryptocurrency ready yet available because existing blockchains and use it in order to the inefficiency of technical complexity, such as slow transaction speed and high transaction costs and other mass market applications.

About Fonder

Fonder Diamond is not the traditional diamond company and was established as the diamond industry is broken. We are running much higher than the efficiency of traditional jewelry through the extensive use of marketing and operation of the internet and mobile technologies.

Fonder Diamond Ecosystem


Fonder Diamond is an existing business and is getting close to the ICO as a springboard to offer the same redemption value of diamonds, as well as collateral flow channel ICO strategic importance. From the Fonder Diamond ICO funds raised will be part of the Fonder Diamond small diamonds in several directions for expanding ecosystem:

  1. To unlock the value of a highly scalable hearts closer to the diamond business, we will build up in major cities around the world, through direct investment, partnerships or franchise exhibition.
  2. To unlock the value of the heart grow diamond quality high fanatical user base business, we will attract downstream industries, such as wedding photography, wedding planning, wedding, and designers.
  3. To appreciate the supply of diamond manufacturers and custom jewelry unlock resources, we will build a platform for all traditional personalized jewelry small and medium enterprises to provide services.


Our mission is to drive the cryptocurrency to be widely adopted by mass consumers, and for many new business models to revolutionize the existing centralized internet business landscape by decentralization of ownership, to address the monopolistic problems.


Our vision is to see FON become one of the major cryptocurrencies in the world and widely adopted by mass consumers. Along the journey, we will also make Fonder Diamond into a world-class diamond brand for generations to come.

Fonder Open Network (FON)


We will actively promote the use of bear responsibility closer Cryptocurrency heart (FON), and makes the heart grow its user base in the ecosystem diamond wedding, and then fanatic Open Network (FON) ecosystem. We are committed to promoting the adoption of the liquidity support small and did not win the wedding as cryptocurrency endogenous strong demand.

Fonder Diamond open network platform will open up the organization. We believe that the future of the most successful businesses open, the most distinctive feature is the decentralization of ownership. Inspired by the concept blockchain, FON will seek to develop an open organization level infrastructure agreement, such as:

  • Ownership according to the contribution
  • Influence according to merit
  • Fair reward
  • Autonomous
  • Permissive by default

Fonder Diamond Wallet

Fonder Diamond will create and maintain a fantastic bag. We believe in the future will be the center Richangshenghuo bag. The liver is getting closer to a small bag not to win an open network gateway wedding. This is where the user receives the Fonder Diamond
small rewards and discounts do not win the gold consumption in the wedding business community, both online and offline. Fonder Diamond wallet enables users to control cryptocurrency account balances and transaction security. It can help users manage all assets in a secure account. As:

  1. Multi-Currency Wallet
    Fonder Diamond bag can be a safe account, such as Bitcoin, revenge, litecoin, running, Zcash and other digital currencies to manage all assets
  2. Payment Gateway (For Merchants)
    Fonder Diamond wallet is a payment gateway for merchants to accept bill payment services cryptocurrencies and product customization module.
  3. Mobile Apps Light Wallet
    The liver is getting closer to launch mobile wallet application, the Fonder Diamond wallet system will support running on mobile devices without consuming significant resources. For security reasons, the owner of the wallet holders only appropriate encryption key.

Fonder Blockchain Platform

Fonder Diamond Blockchain Platform will provide several services:

  1. BNS (Blockchain Address Name Service)
    BNS is similar to the Internet’s DNS (Domain Name Service), can help people to easily adopt cryptocurrency, through an encrypted wallet address with names read. We will standardize BNS agreement and to alleviate the huge popularity by encrypting the world.
  2. Fonder Cryptocurrency Generator
    It is no one to help many blockchain depth understanding of the technology, the ability to easily release the cryptocurrency them. Compared to other existing platforms, in addition to simplicity, we will build the instrument of monetary policy and bank facilities, specialized care does not win these small applications in the ecosystem of newly married people more choices. For more information about this feature, we will launch only in our local blockchain released.
  3. Fonder Micropayment System
    Fonder Diamond micro-payment system similar to lightning Bitcoin network, to solve the problem of slow speed of transactions conducted cryptocurrency. It is a platform for small channel network and micro-payments. It can be used for instant value chain scission between users, roaming, and other services transfer. Anquancuoshi will be built into the system to ensure that they can be counted as a chain transfer transaction.

The Advantage Of Using The Fonder

  • Speed and cost
    With the processing power of one million transactions per second with the participation of nearly zero transaction costs. You do not have to wait for important transactions cleared.
  • Privacy 100%
    By utilizing multiple network-centric anonymous little hearts closer blockchain provide full undiscovered private transaction. Keeping your assets disconnect from your identity.
  • Send E-mail Encrypted Like You To Send Money
    We Blockchain Name Service (BNS) can easily be encrypted with the currency and blockchain service, easy to remember the address.
  • Blockchain Builder
    Blockchain relentlessly to build scalable applications, custom blockchain cover all aspects of the same currency, trade and negotiation. No coding is required, and infrastructure.

Token Distribution

Token Total supply – Determined by Pre-sale total Tokens sold

  • 21% – ICO and Bounties
  • 28% – Founding team, early contributors (locked)
  • 14% – Future use for strategy partner (locked)
  • 37% – Company Reserve (locked)

Token Sale Price

Fonder(FON) tokens will be issued during pre-ICO and ICO. The pre-ICO will determine the hardcap for the ICO. Only 5% of the tokens will be issued during the pre-ICO. The hard cap for the ICO will equal 3.2 times the number of token sold in pre-ICO.

The price of FON tokens will depend on the number of tokens issued during pre-ICO and ICO as per the table below – every 100,000,000 tokens sold will increase the price by 0.01 EUR

FON issued FON Price

  • 0 – 100,000,000 = 0.07 EUR
  • 100,000,001 – 200,000,000 = 0.08 EUR
  • 200,000,001 – 300,000,000 = 0.09 EUR
  • 300,000,001 – 400,000,000 = 0.10 EUR
  • 400,000,001 – 459,550,000 = 0.11 EUR

Use of Funds

  • 30% Ecosystem Development
  • 25% Technological Development
  • 17% Fonder Diamond Business Development
  • 20% PR & Marketing Development
  • 5% Misc & Unexpected
  • 3% Legal Expenses


  • Q1
    Preparation of Fonder Diamond
  • Q2
    Official Launch of Fonder Diamond
  • Q2
    Launch of “Fonder Light Performance”
  • Q2
    Launch of Fonder Wallet basic.
    Fonder ICO Private sale
  • Q4
    Fonder ICO Pre sale
    Fonder Diamond Global Expansion
  • Q1
    Launch of FONPoints
    Launch of FONMedia
    Launch of FONGroups
  • Q2
    Launch of FONAds
    Launch of FONStore
  • Q4
    The launch of Fonder Blockchain

To know the latest information about the Fonder project you can visit the link below:


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BTT Username: ubay


ETH: 0x7872e2099F8Ec07D4c538E03708e50f4325D4509

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Fonder team, I just give you the latest ICO info”