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Files.FM is developing FFL thus giving everyone a chance to transfer data that is useful for each one to find and access, while customers will be skilled with FFM token to act in their favor.

Files.FM or FLL Library will be free from the burden of hybrid decentralization utilize content storage, nurtured and built through the collective efforts of the general public. FFL expects to offer a space for anyone to transfer their content to the next preservation, and by adding the right metatags in the record file can only access and find. This will save both free – copyright file is accessible to all and copyrighted files that users will be competent to buy. The contents of the entire IP block will be signed on and the user will choose on the content or quality of the label with the access agreement on Blockchain.

The platform has certain advantages to develop a plan for such a bigger scale – they’ve watched the cloud file storage for more than 10 years. Files.FM platform has just pulled over 750k registered users and moon relative more than 2 million exclusively for guests moon. The company has made a platform sharing, content propulsion module to the printing company, the solution strengthening, the ability for buyers to sell content through their platform and by and by testing large scale P2P (Peer to Peer) mixture Streaming decentralized data.

Directly, there is a lot of interesting open virtual file storage, but they are not really divided into copyright and copyright-free. Files.FM goal to associate space by developing a single bound together platform that will ensure the proper copyright and offer the benefits straight to the copyright owner. The preferred viewing angle is the future want to make accessible, where people are not going to switch between many local or separate application to find the finish access to the content they need. Instead, all of them will be accessible on this single unified platform.

Files.FM be hybrid decentralization, which implies it will take advantage of server centralization and decentralization British consumer tissue web P2P for file storage/traffic. It is finished to reveal the biggest individual problem 2 Network has: on a centralized server, the potential for accidents and slow download speeds or downtime because the traffic was incredible; for the P2P network, the absence of seeders for certain data.

The Files.FM using decentralized hybrid technology to ensure fast download and transfer speeds and live content are accessible regardless of whether the server is down or there are no peers. Also, the use of P2P systems eliminate the cost of the server, along these lines makes administration a free for all. To make finer content accessibility, Files.FM users will be competent to watch vides data from sites utilize technology Files.FM.

However, a single server can only do like it a lot. In the case of Files.FM mediator where only one who is responsible for labeling and transfer files, it will take unlimited working hours and the system will drain and length.

This is the reason will Files.FM believe in public submissions and edits. It will reward editor with tokens which can later be exchanged for copyright information, for example, TV shows, movies, music, books. This was done to build a system that develops in which the buyer will tag removal and seed exchange fines for an option to then watch a movie or read a book for free.

What is Library?

The library can be freed to use hybrid-decentralized information library, engineered and maintained through the collective efforts of the community. FFM aims to supply homes and the market for anyone to transfer their files to the preservation of the future, and by adding a meta tag correct any information that is found only enter and accessible.


There are no law library files with special file searching that offer both paid and free content
There is no unified platform for content creators and aggregators to create a catalog of private-public file
There is no file with the payment effective single market, ensuring a transparent remuneration system for authors and the correct metadata

Solution Solutions Library brings together technology and others to create a knowledge platform semi suburbanized association openly and equally.

1. This platform is made up 2 bases suburbanized:
– P2P file-sharing networks in the browser very
– P2P payment system a blockchain
2. It provides helpful content collected by the community
3. clear legal management and convenient content

P2P applications and decentralized Why, wherever and how P2P use?

The main drawback with the classic client-server architecture: for a variety of users increases, the speed drops but the service price increases.

Usability and transparent P2P Service

Our main focus will be the convenience and usability of the system

We will integrate the use of P2P technology is very transparent for the end user – no need to leak the workings blockchain or install and configure any software.
Users will be able to participate in the network simply by opening site and we will integrate the option to buy/sell tokens and create a wallet if necessary. Missing from the intelligent automation and integration contract

P2P technology is needed to confirm the growth of the system, speed, and cost-effectiveness – to carry out share large files for various outsized and aggressive from the user while this target:

  • Fast transfer speed
  • Restricted traffic
  • In a position to support thousands of users and synchronous traffic spikes
  • Scale back the cost of maintenance services
  • Freelance file exchange

Why use blockchain and token?

  • The level of transparency and independence blockchain provide.
  • All transactions, sales, and licenses registered in the general ledger and the switch changed.
  • We will want to produce and use digital currency instead of credit severally exchanged.
  • FFM can allow the user token, principals, customers and creators to be about the economy and decent platform.
  • Crypto Token transaction may price but payment MasterCard, which respectively allow users to implement and execute micropayments.

Why would one want blockchain?

To modify a system that is clear, rapid and effective value payments and micropayments. To support direct payment via crypto participants and exchanges. To save the metadata, such as the author of a file, use the file, and general ledger payment – Bob bought a file from Alice.

What is the minimum amount of funds you need?

The desired quantity Crowdsales to raise is $ 10M. If we are going to raise an extra, it will make it easier to grow and market more quickly. we will launch a platform if we are going to raise a minimum of $ 2M. in this case, less cash used for selling and operating budgets.

The Library Token

  • Total Token offer: 10 000 000 000
  • Limited offer: affirmative
  • Price per Token: $ 0.01
  • Symbol: FFM
  • Type: ERC20

First Year Crowdsale

  • Private sale: $ 1 000 000
  • Presale: $ 1 000 000
  • Public sale: $ 10 000 000 Token Allocation Token Allocation Token Use of Proceeds Token Use of Proceeds

Roadmap Roadmap

Partners Partners

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