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Posted on – Establish Decentralized Data Platform – In a digital and practical era, people have an amazing size of the files on their PC, most of which can be very useful for the other. However, at present, there is no integrated platform where everyone can upload this data to others to find and use.

They will be uploaded to the people sitting or cloud storage, but most people will never find them. In addition, the existing virtual platform (library) only receives data corresponding checked their standard. Files.FM is developing FFL to let each upload the data that is useful for each to find and access, while consumers will be gifted with a token FFM for their beneficial actions.

More About Files.FM

Files.FM Ltd. is an information technology company that has developed only use yet powerful, sophisticated and innovative tool items for file storage applications since 2007. Experience of working, together with technology and knowledge of the target market unit employees of the organization. The company has built a wide range of B2C and B2B systems for routine processes of companies working in sectors such as geography and workforce management. Using the knowledge and experience of the company, the solution is currently being created to store and exchange information for specific business needs.

The Files.FM is a company that is active worldwide, its clients are based in regions around the world. Using information centers the United States and Europe, as well as materials (content) edge server shipments and provide support across the world in English.

Files.FM is an information technology company that builds easily to use yet powerful and advance innovative software products for file storage applications since 2007. Tech, the experience of working together and knowledge about their target market unites us.

Solution Solutions

Library together the technologies and people to establish decentralized data platform semifinals openly and equally.
1. The platform is built on two bases of decentralization:
– P2P file-sharing networks in the browser
– P2P payment system on the blockchain
2. Provide useful content that is collected by community
3. The control law is clear and convenient content

The core value of Files.FM

Make something people want. Strive for a subtle yet elegant solution. Respect for consumers and our customers. problems of society, they love what they do and always try to do my superior.

Operate Worldwide

Files.FM regions globally active company, their clients are based in regions around the world. They utilize the data CENTER in the EU and in the United States, as I mentioned earlier, as well as the supply of edge data server. Files.FM offer support around the world in English.

Open to collaboration and custom projects

Files.FM wants to collaborate with ICT companies and looking for local distributors and resellers. They can work on the plan and application experts. If you’re looking for customized information (data) storage and exchange of solution in a long time, then Files.FM is for you. Files.FM has made a custom integration for the needs of the range.

Experience and Expertise

Files.FM has built a number of B2B and B2C system full day in Geographic and sector workforce management. Now the platform is to use their knowledge to produce exchange and data storage solutions, aimed at specific business needs.

API info for developers

The Files.FM provides support for the API (application programming interface) for developers of web, mobile or desktop. It is applied as a separate set of web scripts – web break programming interface App. You can perform actions such as reading folders, file upload and register files, get a direct link, delete files, torrent good, thumbnail images, Zip, etc.
The interface is applied to become a creator does not maintain a separate file storage service to make the management and security-related features.

Hybrid Decentralization Hybrid

Files.FM be hybrid decentralization, which means it will use English server centralized and decentralized P2P network web consumers for file storage/traffic. It was completed to solve the problem of the largest individual 2 Network has: on a centralized server, potential crashes, and slow download speeds or downtime due to huge traffic; for the P2P network, the absence of seeders for certain data.

The Files.FM using decentralized hybrid technology ensures fast download and upload speeds and the remaining contents accessible even if a server goes down or there are no peers. In addition, the use of a P2P system eliminates the cost of the server, making the service free for all. To make finer content accessibility, users will be able to watch Files.FM vides the data directly from the site using technology Files.FM.

In fact, a single server can only do so much. If Files.FM moderator where only those who are responsible for tagging and uploading files, it will take hours of the infinite and the procedure will be tiring and long.

Files.FM Features:

Select Pro or Business plan, if you have a lot of consumers and the need for a skills audit is done.

  1. Basic account Free
    • Size limit for each upload 2GB
    • Store from 1GB -15GB
    • Encrypted data channel
    • Public catalog
    • Management of Convenient file
    • Ad-supported downloads
  2. Private Pro user
    • 1TB or 250GB storage Space
    • Size limit for each upload limitless
    • Files.FM backup
    • Files.FM sync
    • Ad-free
    • Direct download links
    • Sell files
    • Increased data durability
    • E-mail support
  3. Business client
    • Size limit for each upload limitless
    • Store from 250 GB to 100 TB
    • Files.FM backup
    • Files.FM sync
    • Direct links
    • Mount a network drive
    • Self-filers extended
    • Multiple user administration
    • Security log and statistics
    • Increased information durability
    • Ad-free
    • phone and E-mail support
    • Invoicing
    • API integration with apps
    • Integration to your website
  4. File upload form
    • Customizable design
    • Customizable form fields
    • File recipients selection
    • Personalized e-mails
    • Integration options
    • Multi-language support Token Allocation Token Allocation Token Use of Proceeds Token Use of Proceeds

Programming Interface Information For Designers

The Files.FM provides strengthening for the API (application programming interface) for a web engineer, adapt or working area. It’s an alternative course of action related substances as web – web break programming interface App. You can take action, for example, reading coordinator, exchange files and a list of notes moreover, get the association quick, combat record, the storm well, thumbnail images, Zip, etc. The interface is associated with being a manufacturer for not keeping the alternative report collects the organization to make the organization and prosperity related features.

Experience with the possibility of the aggregating web is commonplace. The last time I saw a business like this is Siacoin experience. Regardless of the manner in which he had a similar idea, the second activity is all things considered exceptional. So was a tremendous effort. I have been in the way sought their electronic storage stage, an important occasion when I traded the photos in UI of set is certainly not difficult to utilize.

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