Faxport – Standardizing The Sport Industry

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Faxport – Standardizing The Sport Industry

Faxport is based on the blockchain sports business service platform. Founded as a project team by the end of 2016. As for development and operation, in 2018, Faxport Holdings Limited will be registered globally in Seychelles and all businesses will be held by the parent company. Through a decentralized blockchain network, it directly connects with global sports investors, service providers, and consumers, and promotes the active interaction of the global sports marketplace. It enhances and enhances the commercialization rate of today’s commercial sports market while providing higher levels of structure and information. Create an innovative sports business services ecosystem based on trust, encouragement, and comfort, and also avoid commissions.

Faxport utilizes the benefits of the decentralized blockchain, has a security encryption function, a demand for an unchangeable organizational trust center, and focuses on its use in core businesses such as sports investment platforms, sports commercial databases, professional social networking, recruitment, and crowdfunding. It is a complete ecosystem that aims to address the challenges and problems faced in developing the global sports market. It aims to improve user retention rates through the use of active encouragement and dispute resolution mechanisms and strives to develop in more areas and areas of use.

The purpose of this white paper is to describe the Faxport usage environment, the operation of each subsystem and describe the overall use of the entire ecosystem of Token Faxport. The goal is to build a more transparent and reliable sports economy system based on three key advantages of security, transparency, and blockchain efficiency, then apply low-cost, short-term, and cross-border gaps and national trade capital transfers, basically On completion of this phenomenon with value and fraud related fraud transfer.

Faxport is a global sports business service and investment platform. You can think of it as Kickstarter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for sports.

The purpose of FAXPORT

  1. Rebuilding Trust Relationships:
    Lack of confidence has caused many problems that plagued sports and led to the separation of participants from the sports ecosystem, including industry employees and sports fans. This potential danger has reversed the core value system that sports and sports industries should use as a base. Faxport will use a natural and unchangeable distributed ledger technology to enhance security and mutual trust while reducing abuse and building trust systems for the global sports industry. It gives participants a platform of user experience based on trust and security.
  2. To Provide Athletes With A Globally Connected Communications Network Platform:
    As the rate of globalization in sport has increased, the relationship between people involved in the global sports industry is also increasing. All sports industry data covering Europe shows that only 12% of employees expressed a lack of interest in new job opportunities. Based on the blockchain, Faxport has created “LinkedIn” for the vertical sports industry. Blockchain technology is used to solve core problems such as solving data accumulation, privacy security, data forgery, etc. It provides real identity and resources for sports industry professionals involved in networking and hiring environments and improves operating efficiency across industries. Create a global network of sports talents for the global sports industry to facilitate the exchange of resources, business networks, and talent recruitment.
  3. Speed up Mobile Fax From Global Sports Business:
    Creating a sports business service platform based on a new trust mechanism not only truly reflects the company’s brand and promotions but also releases overall brand value and promotes global brand promotion. And in doing that comes into contact with a real international voice. This is a leading industry, in line with capital trends, and influencing governments. It clearly recognizes that the growing trend of the sports industry means that it actively and easily traverses regional barriers and integrates each participant’s high-quality resources to promote effective collaboration. Faxport hopes to rebuild the Kickstarter sports version, providing financing, hatching and speeding up services. As an investor, you can also directly invest in cryptocurrency and finance any sport in the world. Faxport will speed up the product and service cycles, linking online sports business stakeholders.
  4. Reduce Economic Costs:
    Easily verify the trust and identity of other applications to benefit from the Faxport AI protocol, platform participants who can communicate and trade on the Faxport platform to various ways to improve transparency, efficiency, and security of transactions. This greatly reduces operating costs, achieves effective coordination, optimizes resource allocation, and reduces overall economic costs.

Decentralized platforms have grown so fast that it covers all possible industries to clarify the problems or shortcomings of their current mode of operation, and how the sports industry can be ignored by blockchain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. The sports industry is very wide, as there are more sports types in the world that can be counted. The business behind the sports industry occupies some great statistical data. Packages packed with opportunities are almost endless. However, there is still inefficiency. Existing companies and new companies are not paying full attention, which has led to sports fans and various types of job seekers in the sports industry losing their chances.

Faxport Platform

Faxport is a blockchain-based platform dedicated to providing more confidence and security for the global sports industry. Faxport is also regarded as a sports fan and a bad sports startup so they will not face financial hardship on the road to growth. Through Faxport to their products, their users will be able to start the chain blocks themselves crowdfunding activities, which we can support the athletes or start to help them with their small contribution to growth, I think this is a great Initiative company. The use of Faxport is very common, providing sports equipment manufacturers with the opportunity to raise funds for research and development, allowing athletes and sports fans to organize small events after they raise funds from the platform.

Currently, there is no platform that can only connect people who relate to each other’s sports, so Faxport also focuses on doing so and bringing like-minded people so they can easily communicate with each other and bring new ones to all person. Possibility. Not only does Faxport sound like a good business idea, it is a great platform for social companies committed to full development.

Now we all know that the sports industry is a big center for many types of jobs, and through the Faxport platform, entrepreneurs can hope to find potential job seekers, which solves major problems for inventors and seekers. To benefit sports and business athletes, Faxport also keeps track of global sports data such as industry, supply, and place information in its records to build databases that may surpass dubiously and trusted database connections.

Faxport Payment Mechanism

Equipped with a complete reward mechanism. This mechanism is based on Ethereum’s smart contracts, ensuring that they are open, fair, reliable, and workable. For example, when a user provides data, the awarded contract will run and refund some foreign currency credit as a reward. In addition, users can use FX to purchase VIP services from within the platform, such as in-depth reports, business networks, and talent recruitment.

Tokens And Credits

FAS and FX values:

Faxport sends a token based on the Ethereum Erc20 standard and has a FAS transaction code. In addition to the legal currency, FAS can also be used to purchase Faxport foreign exchange credits (fixed foreign currency credit 1 at 0.1 US dollars), allowing the purchase of various service products on the platform. Compared with the legal currency, there is a 15% discount for purchases using FAS. The FAS value will increase as the number of users and customers of the Faxport platform increases, and the transaction price of the market transactions section will also increase. Additionally, in accordance with transaction fee services on the Faxport platform, quarterly FAS holders will receive a 15% dividend.

Use of FX:

  • Reference data
  • Data review
  • Contribution data

Use of FAC Environment

The user obtains FAS during the ICO phase or during the transaction phase during the next transaction. Based on the current market value, FAS may also redeem the appropriate amount of foreign exchange on the Faxport website. For example: If the market value of FAS is $ 1, then 1 FAS = 10 FX, if the market value is $ 10, then 1 FAS = 100 FX. Faxport users can use previously stored FX or FX obtained on the platform for various behaviors, exit, and switch to FAS. Funds are drawn to the third part of the operation.


The Faxport team consists of 16 members of the core team and two co-founders Li Xiaocheng and Huang Zhijin. They are experienced in the field of entrepreneurship, sports industry, and blockchain. They all lead a team of experienced technical experts and have experience with corporate executives.

Investment Opportunity

FAS coins have been released through previous ICO sales. Previous ICO work began on 30 March and will continue for the next four days until April 18. By investing 1 Ethereum at the beginning of ICO, you can buy 3613 FAS coins. After the ICO pre-sale is completed, the ICO will begin on 25 April and will be divided into 3 phases. After each phase, the number of FAS coins in each Ethereum will continue to decrease. During the first phase (25-29 April), 1ETH will give you 3462 FAS, and during the second phase (April 30-May 9), 1ETH will be equal to 3312 FAS. The final stage will run until May 24, and you will qualify for 3161 FES per Ethereum. They also provide a minimum investment of 0.1 ETH.

To know the latest information about Faxport project you can visit the link below:

Website: https://faxport.io/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Faxport_Global-150461205635116
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3247514
Document: https://faxport.io/other/Faxport%20Whitepaper%20en.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Faxport_RU
Telegram: https://t.me/Faxportglobal
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/faxport/

BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=376156

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Faxport team, I just give you the latest ICO info”