FanChain – Digital Economy And Fuel Incentive Program SportsCaster Users

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FanChain – Digital Economy And Fuel Incentive Program SportsCaster Users

FanChain – There is no doubt that technology is the driving force and the world’s largest self-renewal has been updated and this triggers a rapid growth in today’s world of globalization and digitization. As time each day passes, new revolutionary gains to make our lives easier, make our world more livable. Moreover, with the entrance of our Internet lives, we went through a period where the most information available. We no longer have to go to the market to buy things we do not need to queue for our financial transactions. Due to technology and the Internet is entering all aspects of our lives, more and more regions and sectors will grow. Other gifts to us in recent years tended to chain block encryption technology went currency. Thanks to the new development of the revolution and encryption money new phenomenon in our lives, with speed, transparency, high security, economy, and provide decentralized through the supply chain, people began to invest their money transferred to their encryption. Now, money is inspired by encrypting the new ICO, extraordinary creativity and project, to revolutionize education solutions, from health company, will provide a revolutionary solution in various fields.

What is FanChain?

FanChain intends to build a unique token to use platform that provides incentives and rewards for active participation, content production, and ecosystem growth decentralized global sports and entertainment ecosystem. Use SportsCastr real-time streaming media platform, the FanChain token can be paid to individuals who are streaming their fan base on their own personal opinions put forward their views, provide consumers select TV, select your favorite commentator.

Since FanChain token to promote the digital economy and fuel incentive program SportsCastr users, sportscaster will be adopted as the new FanChain extra strong token. sportscaster will provide incentives and rewards to its users – the creator and audience participation – through a dual currency system. Money in this application of the dual currency system involved. “Tix,” which mimics the common currency in social games (such as Farmville and tribal conflicts) and FanChain token, which is built on revenge blockchain mark.

Users will be able to pass through Apple’s acquisition of IAP (when sportscaster for Android release) “Tix” Play Store iTunes App Store and Google. Users can spend their Tix sports themed digitization project (first phase) and premium channels and PPV event (two). At any time, FanChain FanChain token holder can transfer the token to the platform by integrating SportsCastr Tix FanWallet exchange with them.

Sportscaster the foundation itself also will be given a user community of the most complex and extraordinary and growing pool FanChain token contribution to the consistency and quality of sportscaster society. Other elements of the game, including leaderboards and the monthly prize, will enable content creators and audiences eager to participate and contribute to society.

All platforms will face FanWallet SportsCastr users a comprehensive, easy to use and very secure. Wallet will allow users to send and receive FanChain token, token FanChain converted to Tix, and track revenue and purchases in their applications. I SportsCastr digital phase digital products will form the audience and the expression patterns of branded digital sports stickers fast broadcast reward. Fans can take advantage of these digital goods throughout the broadcast asked their favorite users, in a reply back. The maximum value of goods delivered digital viewers climbing enthusiasts leading broadcasters, gained fame for his attention and flow (which is now purchase a digital gift, beginning in the second quarter 2017.10 quarter of nearly $ 6 million)

The SportsCastr Platform

This platform allows viewers to choose SportsCastr they want to call or make a generalization to predict the game broadcast. Flowing through enhancements such as real-time broadcast-quality scoreboard and air to simulate, living space for a reformed professional motion graphics. SportsCastr designed to encourage users to chat and interact directly with broadcasters and other viewers during the live broadcast. SportsCastr support different types of users – fans, players, Tiyujizhe, families, students – in a game, sharing a live video stream and the reaction made the original comment. Following a simple registration process, the user can be displayed in a matter of seconds – immediately inform their fans via push notifications – and communication, broadcast and share with the rest of the social media audience and followers. SportsCastr designed as a two-screen experience, experience-the first screen, and integrated into existing OTT products.


Moving from the fans of dynamic substance issues a single buyer is that fans do not benefit from them for their tariffs favorite of the group (and a different fan).

Although the game offers high deployment bound class record – and intergovernmental organizations to make billions of dollars in revenues from content generation – Fans still cannot be considered in this condition.


FanChain provides game enthusiasts can pay and biological communities, they contribute to the use of a structural token, make critics circulation, improve social networks will be added to the discussion they rely on to get a good understanding of the game.

Introduction FanChain was triggered by DAPP, foreign substances, providing printed with a particular group matches, league or event FanChain the “candy” idea.

The Fanchain Ecosystems

FanChain core ecosystem including FanChain token, sweets, which FanWallet, FanExchange, and FanPay. Simply put, FanChain works as follows:

1. User-created content, or some other value, for certain sports teams (S), games, on the platform of UGC approved as mint League or related events.
⁃ Note: The role of peppermint is to categorize the content and stamp tokens. It can not be issued a new token – has been distributed only in the token itself.
2. The user receives metadata token FanChain is “stamped” with the team (s), Alliance (S) or sporting events, user-generated content or value as a gift.
3. FanChain wallet compatible signs will indicate the total balance FanChain token users, and also provides a token associated with their stamp visible breakdown.
4. This causes the contents of / producer FanChain reward value (or other events related to sports) unique markings on their favorite sports, teams, leagues.
5. Third parties can then offer special discounts, access, digital goods, promotions and features to Yidingshuoliang who holds a particular team, league, or create a seal other events related to sports and corporate users marked FanChain.


As FanChain tokens are ERC20 compliant, the token will be compatible with and stored on standard Ethereum wallets such as MyEtherWallet. These wallets, however, will not recognize the team stamps. A FanWallet will be developed for the web, Android and iOS devices. The unique functionality of the FanWallet includes:

1. Visual breakdown of FanChain tokens by team
2. Ability for users to select and send team specific tokens
3. Ability for users to send specific stamped FanChain tokens to other users
4. User will be able to see and consume offers available to those who hold specifically stamped tokens

FanChain Mobile

FanChain Token

FanChain token hanging ERC20 standard, obtained when ERC721 highlight adjustments or style consisting of biological systems FanChain (counting wallet, which consists of a support pad DAPP).

As the notion of “shadow coin” is, FanChain token that can be converted into a mixture of the non-variable token symbol. Although the label FanChain ERC20 really good, when connected to certain ERC20 These tags can store more cruise. This additional metadata contains insights related adjustments to groups, associations or images.

The FanChain saw with additional metadata exchange or a combination of administrative examination ERC20 fear ( “Check”), additional information may timestamp for each image FanChain ceremony (for example, groups or associations) related to the frame showed no benefit.

Unlike a token level, as ERC721 account, the capacity of the metadata store address printed in elevated levels. This combination:

Low oil prices: transmission between the need to address the communication exchange, but it should be (apart from the character of a particular event, group or organization whether the exchange) on basic and simplest possible invitation.

FanChain DAPP is to reduce the use of gas usage radically. Thus, a greater amount of active gas emissions trading ERC20 than spacious (especially when relatively ERC721).

Token Information

  • Token name: Token Fanchain
  • Token symbol: FANZ
  • Total available tokens: 600,000,000 FANZ
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Pre-sales: 30 June – 30 July 2018 at a price of 0.1 USD per FANZ token
  • General sales: 1 September – 1 October 2018 at a price of 0.25 per FANZ token
  • Receive payment: Ethereum

To know the latest information about the FanChain project you can visit the link below:


BTT Profile:;u=376156

BTT Username: ubay

ETH: 0x7872e2099F8Ec07D4c538E03708e50f4325D4509

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the FanChain team, I just give you the latest ICO info”