EverID – Intelligent Platform For The Creation And Development

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EverID – Intelligent Platform For The Creation And Development

EverID – We all know that identity becomes important. Identity means a person to take care of all the administrative requirements such as social institutions and industry. But often leaked common phenomenon, by some people for a variety of purposes, not who is responsible for the development of identity.

What is EverID?

EverID is a digital identity management platform, development and use of technology smart blockchain and construction contracts. Intelligent technology and contract help make the car wash station into a platform that is secure, reliable and transparent. EverID formation used to store and confirm the identity of users, documents, and biometric data decentralization digital system. This platform will store personal data from birth to death.

EverID Platform

EverID combined EverID, user-centric identity autonomy solution, with EverWallet, value transfer, and document storage solution, which is based on a password basis blockchain technology and systems. The main focus of the company’s operations Everest is to create economic and social value.

EverID Platform

Institutions, enterprises and government organizations to effectively, cheaply and quickly authenticate users, in terms of size. Value can then be safely delivered to the correct recipient, by reducing transaction costs, of lower leakage losses and the transfer of innovation in service and value. Everest is verified by a third party to facilitate the plurality of users and enables secure transmission system between the values of the members.

EverID Datagram

User identity information proprietary file storage that EverID datagram. The EverID datagram is at the user’s mobile device and EverID supernode. In each datagram image updates/device online as soon as possible with the personal data reported to synchronize their copies to other devices or EverID supernode. Everest DAPP, DAPP agent, or the device can make a datagram EverID Everest. However, for external datagram EverID visit, Everest API is possible.

The EverID datagram, which is stored in the user’s control at all times and let them decide who has access to what information, and how this information is stored in the long term. If the user wants to delete EverID, biometric enrollment process used in the remain anonymous. This prevents the user tries to create a distinct identity in the system.

EverID Datagram Features:

The need for a separate key to access the onion layer components nested datasets.
When the transaction is subject to the individual components only request – receive bonus points for movie tickets do not require the admission of any procedure other than verification of the user’s public key, however, users may need to scan their biometric checks to the medical office.
For transactions SDK, personal various biometric and demographic data mark most of the time will be the only piece EverID datagram question.
Who has technical support, own and control their equipment and data device is turned on SDK, as well as personal archives EverID blockchain.
The support does not have the technology, via proxy, an SDK-enabled device using the data they reported EverID of EverID blockchain archived personal version.

Everest Core Smart Contract

Revenge blockchains intelligent compaction contract framework, built on top of Mount Everest five main nuclear intelligent contracts:

  • EverID creation and management
  • Verification EverID
  • Trade EverChain
  • Remote management Everest
  • Organization EverID

EverID creation and management – EverID contract on the intelligent platform for the creation and development. The contract requires the smart key public users, User Datagram EverID, username, password, and user PIN. Smart contract as written EverID ID Blockchain and includes a pointer to the storage array IPFs URI EverID user datagram is stored, for hashing data packet integrity checking EverID, and create time as a shared secret.

Sustainable Development

Used to authenticate the current process is forcibly inserted into the data storage, document validation, and conditional access. Currently, the agency, a number of users, such as governments, banks, hospitals not only verify the overload, increase the cost problem is not sustainable. Everest EverID enables fast user authentication and cost-effective: the cost of just a few dollars per verification cent, EverChain can process one billion monthly trading volume 1-10 – have the ability to expand trillion. distributed architecture platform also provides complete ownership of personal data and compared with public databases centralized or distributed at this time, a higher level of security.
It is estimated, the US $6.6 Wanyi lost in developing countries through the verification and user EverID 100% certainty of fraud and leakage between 2003 and 20125. identity, verify the value passed to EverWallet, and tracking and EverChain final consumption, greatly reducing energy leakage Everest, fraud, friction, authentication and data access costs. The total financial inclusion for creating global access to financial services is there to open the $ 20 trillion dollars from emerging market economies, paving the way for the integration of these sectors and the major economic processes and systems. Identity and security value transfer verified this economy can grow into a $ 40 + $ trillion global opportunities.

By using a digital ID, digital wallets and document management, users will be able to verify the identity of their public services and claims that the rights of their social and economic. By forming an identity ecosystem, which uses electrical safety, transparency and blockchain of, EverID will promote the exchange sleep for a vibrant economy.

After consistent information about the identity of the next Everest, beliefs, and principles of operation are the same:

  • All individuals should include
  • If someone does not have access to technology, they still should be able to participate
  • The system should forever
  • Everyone should be special recognition
  • All the information about an individual should be stored in the safest way possible
  • The individual must own and control their own identity
  • The individual must be able to interact with each selectively shares their identity information
  • Personal information cannot be owned or controlled by anyone other than the user
  • The system should be resistant to attack
  • The system should be able to bridge to other systems


  • Total Token Supply – 800,000,000
  • Token for Sale – 303,685,341
  • ICO price – $0.09
  • Accepted Currencies – BTC, ETH, USD
  • Hardcap – US$ 20,000,000
  • Pre-Sale – August 13, 2018
  • Min/Max Personal Cap – $10,000 /$2,000,000
  • Сan’t participate – China, Korea, Pakistan


EverID Roadmap

Team and Advisors

Their founders are from Bittorrent, DaoStack, DivX. Therefore they’re related to peer to peer data transfers, blockchain.

They have an advisor from the Ethereum Foundation (Aya Miyaguchi).


EverID Team 1

EverID Team 2


EverID Advisor

To know the latest information about EverID project you can visit the link below:

Website: https://everest.org/
Whitepaper: https://everid.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/ever_id_whitepaper-1.pdf
youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpPjkvbAdDvgrzTGxTMENfQ/videos
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4756978.msg42970422#msg42970422
Medium: https://medium.com/@_EverID_
Telegram: https://t.me/EverID
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_everid_
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/everid/

BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=376156

ETH: 0xC7B643eA72a38091337E7CaB8E4cE1A144D3AA4B

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the EverID team, I just give you the latest ICO info”