Ethereum Premium – Features And Infrastructure

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Ethereum Premium – Features And Infrastructure

Ethereum Premium – A unique feature of using ETHPR for internal transactions is its incremental nature. This means it is now possible to pay and get paid for exactly the amount of value created / work performed. Therefore, the employee will be compensated continuous, ie ETHPR will continuously exchange and sent to their wallets, at a rate agreed with the employer.

It also allows employees to get on-the-spot bonuses and rewards, and entrepreneurs to appreciate the good work directly. This scheme contrasts with the current practice of granting various types of bonuses at the end of the fiscal year, which was a bit unexpected for employees. continuous and targeted rewards far more motivating and fairer.

Data is the key to improve the process for contemporary companies, and everyday practice for everyone. ETHPR will provide a unique type of data: income and expenditure patterns of the company’s employees in the network. This data can be understood and processed with the help of modern artificial intelligence algorithms based on in-depth learning. We plan to provide this as a service to both employers and employees. Full access to the data will also be given to both parties in secret. When activated, our service will reveal an interesting pattern in the productive and shopping. The patterns can then be used to tailor the services provided by companies in the network, adding new options for prizes and partners, understanding and enhance the shopping habits by employees, and thereby increase the overall value of ETHPR shared among all parties, benefits everyone.

What is Ethereum Premium?

Ethereum Premium Defines A Novel Ecosystem Of Value By Combining The Strengths Of The Blockchain Technology And Artificial Intelligence. Below We Provide Some Of The Main Features We Support. We Are Currently Working On The Details Of The Platform, Use-cases, And Scientific And Technical Infrastructure.

Ethereum Premium Platform

Ethereum Premium provides a platform for storing and transferring value to the company. We are at a specific target small and medium enterprises, to enable them to manage and transfer part of their funds with ease and comfort, without involving third parties, including banks.

Ethereum Premium For Bussiness

For many businesses, it is almost impossible to create a bank for storing the value of its own. Values ​​are stored and transported as Ethereum Premium will continue to exist in the same system is fully controlled by the owner of values, which makes it possible to utilize the available funds similar to banks.

Ethereum Premium AsPayment Service

Any payments, including salaries made through Ethereum Premium, will pour into the same pool value. It is a shared pool shared by the employee and the employer, naturally ran their interests together. Values ​​in the pool can be invested or used for projects.

Ethereum Premium AI

A core part of our technology is artificial intelligence. Learning to value creation, transfer, and spending patterns will benefit both employers and employees. Investment and operation will be run by intelligent agents who understand the needs and requirements of the business.

All these services are guaranteed and at the lowest possible cost to build in blockchain Ethereum. This unique technology combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning expertise we have opened a new future for the storage and transfer value.

As the value will be in the general ecosystem shared by many companies and employees, intra and inter-company transfer will easily and naturally with the lowest cost. This enables transfer continually and frequently, making it fast and efficient circulation of value.


  • September ’17
    birth Of The Idea And Preparations For The Initial Phase
  • November ’17
    development Based On The Ethereum Blockchain With Smart Contracts
  • December ’17
    bounty & Pre-sale
  • March ’18
    end Of Bounty And Pre-sale | Transition To Ico
  • August ’18
    end Of Ico
  • March ’19
    expansion Of The Team | Development Of The Wallet (for Android And Ios) | Entering Larger Markets (coinexchange, Token Store And Yobit)
  • June ’19
    beginning Large-scale Launching Efforts With Partners | Completion Of The Technical Infrastructure
  • December ’19
    finalizing Deals With Selected Firms And Beginning Of Integration
  • June ’20
    the First Transaction With The Ethereum Premium Card


  1. Mr. Lukas
    Is a crypto enthusiast and entrepreneur. With his background in systems, platforms, and cryptocurrencies, he has a coherent and strong vision. He is currently leading the team.
  2. Mr. Andre
    Is a scientist and engineer with years of experience in big data and blockchain. He is the technical lead and responsible for the technical and scientific development of the platform.
  3. Mr. Carter
    Manages marketing, social media, and public relations.
  4. Mrs. Maria
    Is a digital artist and web designer. She is responsible for the development of the brand, internet visibility, and visuals.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Ethereum Premium team, I just give you the latest ICO info”