Ethereum Limited – Eliminates The Need For Third-party Parasites

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Ethereum Limited – Eliminates The Need For Third-party Parasites

Ethereum Limited – Smart contract is defined as “to enforce the terms of the contract agreement computerized trading. ” The smart contract, however, no fixed-term contracts with several benefits more efficiently.

The first smart contract, no paper, the faster the transmission and accessibility of electronic contracts. Because there is no paper, no need to manually build increases the speed of contract execution.

Second, the owner of the contract essentially intelligent creator and distributor contracts independent (third-party intermediaries and corruption eliminated the risk of error).

Third, intelligent encryption to ensure the validity of the transaction contract and trust. encrypted data is never shared between the parties (cannot be lost or inaccessible) shared storage book. When updating, the distributed data, verify and ensure continuous backup. provides a security layer for encryption.

Fourth, the use of the cost-effective intelligent contract. Creating and using smart contracts and speed, so the ability to save time. Less time for manual processing contract. third parties and attorney fees are eliminated.

Therefore, the prudent management of inter-party contract means intended manner without the need for intermediaries convertible currencies, shares, or almost anything of value, in an environment of trust. For example, cryptocurrency can be traced and transferred to blockchain using smart contracts transferred. The result is a first when they initially agreed to by the parties to the contract to make a comeback.

With the increasing use of time-based media exchange as a sign of Ethereum (token and platforms), and requires the user to have advanced computer programming skills to avoid common mistakes. Ethereum Limited has simplified the task, and make it easier to make contact information, free of errors.


We hope the international one, where encryption is a coin as a routine. Around the world, where the clever tricks for regular mobile phones and tablets such as the barbecue. Around the world, people use and frequent Ethereum-based smart solutions, because what the restrictions are the main platform.


Ethereum Limited is committed to providing customers with a powerful platform to ensure that the agreement to make a comeback, modify and execute.

In addition, in order to make intelligent protocol can be used to generate e-mail registration.

In Ethereum restraint, the desire to see how people get a smart contract. This contract is not only smart business package. International find a special strategy to follow blockchain and ingenious protocol, so that the quality of our life harder – and Ethereum Limited will be the center of this innovation.

In order to take advantage of the blockchain, we use it to execute the agreement blockchain smart contract deals. A smart contract has some specific contract. Because we all know that it is a legally binding contract between the parties to ensure that they are in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract or agreement is signed. Disputes resulting from the violation is resolved, and take care of in court. But with a smart contract, there is no room for non-compliance, which involves all authorities to comply. intelligent digital computer contract agreement is to promote, verify and enforce the implementation of the provisions of the contract negotiations.

As a smart contract, you need a third party (such as a court) significantly reduced which makes it easier to use and transparent procedures blockchain implementation of the agreement with anyone in the world. In addition, once executed, the smart contract cannot be changed.

To write and execute Smart Contract involve too many technical problems, you need to know all the capabilities blockchain. It is usually made from blockchain developer on behalf of their clients. Involved in this process too complicated has led many people to make full use of the potential blockchain. Most start-up, if the project will be implemented in their blockchain (Organization for distributed applications) to build their own applications distributed (dapps) left confused as to how to get started with smart contract confusion.


  • Ease of Use
    Our smart contract manufacturing platform is user-friendly. Thousands of ready-made templates to choose from will be available for customization.
  • Minimum Cost
    Use our smart contract templates and platforms will not hurt your budget. Will cost less than a cup of coffee.
  • Marketplace
    Contracts cannot find the template does not suit your needs a wise? Need a custom template, but can not do it yourself? The service by our users another platform in the market.
  • Flexibility
    We will accept Ethlimited, Ethereum, and Bitcoins as payment for the use of our platform. We may add some cryptocurrencies in the future.

Ethereum Limited recommended advantage?

Ethereum Limited blockchain very limited. This is due to the need to generate tokens; Do Not Disturb outside, disrupting trade.

Ethereum Limited was built upon a platform that Ethereum Platform vulnerabilities, giving users a modified version blockchain – many functions.

Ethlimited allows users to run a smart contract repeat as the simple letter. This eliminates the need for third-party parasites.

In this process, provide more value to its users, much greater than the ether. It’s very limited, in accordance with the law of supply and demand, it was agreed that fewer electronic money, the more valuable each coin.

In order to ensure more than Ethereum Ethereum grades Ltd, it was only $ 10 million of the highest inventory, while inventories of Ethereum highs around $ 100 million. In a simple mathematical calculation, which means that the value of Ethereum Ltd. more than 10 times more than Ethereum. Ltd. Ethereum for Ethereum Temple before 2019.

ETHL Project

  • Blockchain Technology
  • Advanced Security System
  • Multicurrency Coins
  • Accept Fiat & Crypto
  • Secure Internal Wallet
  • No Contract No Charge

Pre-ICO Sale

Initial participation in our Pre-ICO Ethereum Limited with only 1,000,000 ETHL Tokens available at a discounted Pre-ICO price of $ 10 in October 2018, Pre-ICO has a minimum purchase of 50 and limited to 2000 ETHL Token per user. ICO pre-sale Beginning in September: do not miss it. 100% of the Pre-ICO Fund together with our own substantial budget will be allocated to purchase advertising for the Ethereum Limited program.

Token Specifications

  • Token Name: Ethereum Limited
  • Ticker: ETHL
  • Maximum Supply: 10,000,000
  • Decimals: 18
  • Allocation of Token
  • Private sale: 800.000
  • Pre-ICO: 1,000,000
  • ICO: 5,000,000
  • Airdrop: 500,000
  • Bounty: 1.300.000
  • Development: 900,000
  • Team: 500,000

Ethereum Limited Details

Distribution of tokens

  • 6,000,000 – Pre-Sale and CrowdSale
  • 500,000 – AirDrop
  • 1,500,000 – Bounty Company
  • 1,000,000 – Team development and reserve



  • April – Project Begins
  • June – August – Conceptualization, and Planning
  • November – Research
  • December – Development


  • January – Blockchain Beta Test
  • February – Implementation, and Implementation
  • March – Analysis of the system
  • April – Fixing a Bug
  • May – Security Penetration & Debugging Test
  • June – AirDrop
  • July – Pre ICO
  • August – ICD CrowdSale
  • October – Register for CoinMarketCap
  • December – Wallet release


  • February – Additional External Exchange
  • September – 1 ETHL = 1 ETH


With the increasing use of time-based media exchange as an Ethereum Token (token and platforms), and requires the user to have advanced computer programming skills to avoid common mistakes. Ethereum Limited has simplified the task, and make it easier to make contact information, free of errors.

This platform specially built-in intelligence contracts Ethereum, Ethereum Limited will now provide a platform that will simplify the end user of this smart contract assignment. Thousands of ready-made intelligent framework contract will be used immediately or on a custom platform Ethereum Limited. Ethereum limited use of the library and the contract will provide a platform for a small fee.

The project will create resentment Ltd. ecosystem will be used to provide security to disperse Ethereum blockchain user data.

An agreement is an agreement Zhishifenzai computerized trading, to meet the terms of the agreement. It is observed that the agreement made in advance of the phrase about the completion of settlement negotiations. Events.33 eliminate unnecessarily, but the decor is very reliable transactions. Trade through contractors smart attitude can be used for music, the view, can not be falsified, which make them irreversible.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Ethereum Limited team, I just give you the latest ICO info”