Eterbase – Regulations And Standards European Digital Asset Exchange

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Eterbase – Regulations And Standards European Digital Asset Exchange

Eterbase – Today, I will try to provide information because what matters to me is that our information is easily absorbed, really want to learn new things. 2018, the cryptocurrency world now increasingly competing with others, recognize the future dispersion encryption projects.

This is in line with the European Eterbase cryptocurrency exchange regulations throughout a neat user interface that provides fast, secure transactions. Learn how today in our review.

Eterbase, find online, the first compliance-based regulation cryptocurrency European exchanges in the world.

The company announced 25 April communicate with them online, 2018 As of May 2, the company offers to Enter your email address in return for access to early adopter members. You can get a sneak peek at the exchange official blog. Eterbase development team based in Liechtenstein by the developer.

What is Eterbase?

Obviously, there are many exchanges cryptocurrency already available today. What makes Eterbase different? How to exchange programs, in order to compete? The following are some of the core functions of Exchange:

  1. Heavy Trading
    Eterbase will use “private infrastructure and matching engine” to provide “safe, complex, high-volume transaction” at the level of “comparable only Wall Street,” according to the official website.
  2. Sub-Accounts
    Eterbase will have a sub-account system, you can manage your account from different portfolios and trading strategies across multiple accounts. You can see at a glance the value of the entire portfolio, while also allowing unique individual trading strategies.
  3. Compatible Regulations
    Eterbase established in the core of a comprehensive regulation. The essence of such KYC, AML, CTF, and GDPR, which makes it fully in line with the laws and regulations to comply with the European Union.
  4. SEPA And Debit Cards
    Another advantage of getting a license is the ability for system integration EMI Eterbase with Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). SEPA is 500 million people, 20 million in Europe access business. If Eterbase EMI application is successful, then the platform will be able to directly accept cash deposits and withdrawals account payments – such as banks. Eterbase also able to issue debit and credit card payment execution – yes, like a normal bank.
  5. Clean And Professional
    Eterbase designed to provide a strong compliment trading functions for professional and novice traders, including “human-centered design, intuitive interface, and support around the clock.”
  6. Individual Customers IBAN
    Eterbase implements into electronic money institutions, or EMI, in accordance with European regulatory standards. If successful, this would allow Eterbase problem of international bank account number in full operation, or IBAN. This means that they will be able to immediately remove the Euro, but in the entire European Economic Area (EEA), covering customer service 31 European countries. It will Eterbase same coverage and service as a European bank.
  7. Mobile App
    Eterbase plans to launch a mobile app in the future. The mobile application will provide a safe, fast, on the device humane trade and portfolio management of your mobile and much more.
  8. Social Trading
    Eterbase social transactions, you can follow and interact with traders on. traders on commissions received their copy of the transaction for everyone.

Today you can see an example Eterbase dashboard in the sneak peek blog articles online. Dashboard appears similar to other major exchanges cryptocurrency GDAX, displayed in complex information in a simple manner while giving investors access to all their data on one screen is required.

What Problems Does Eterbase Seek To Solve?

Why do we need something like an exchange Eterbase? the company believes that the Tokenet fails to address several key issues in the industry, including all of the following:

  1. Increasing Tokenet Demand
    the encryption engine Tokenet grew explosion, but their cryptocurrency exchanges struggled to handle the volume.
  2. Ltd. Technology
    Eterbase mentioned in the White Paper as trade restrictive level API, non-real-time trade confirmations and technical problems delayed update order book. These problems make the “very challenging, if not impossible, to make money trading strategy needs to be done simultaneously in many industries.”
  3. Client Support
    Eterbase claimed that the majority of customer service exchanges as Eterbase will emphasize better respond to customer needs and complaints of “people-centered” customer service model “afterthought.”
  4. Fiat lack of acceptance
    The exchange of something disturbing about cryptocurrency is that it may be difficult to deposit the money into the platform. Not all exchanges accept legal tender. Some exchanges only accept certain types of legitimate – such as the dollar or pound. Eterbase expectations for the EU banking supervision, which will allow it to accept payments from a traditional bank account for SEPA payments and other European-based registration.
  5. Security effects
    Major exchanges are constantly bombarded by hackers. Even the largest exchange experiences downtime. This is a serious problem industry strives to mass adoption.
  6. Transaction costs
    The highest average exchange fee of 0.1% transaction fee of 0.2%, increasing the friction in the Tokenet. Eterbase really will give a negative transaction fee for some users (you’ll make a profit, the Tokenet maker for certain members of the hierarchy, for example).
  7. Listing Requirement
    Major exchanges today can command $ 1 million cost list. This is why many developers are forced to use the new token they face low liquidity, larger spreads in the secondary Tokenet.

Maіn Featureѕ Archіtecture Platform are:

  • Proprіetary low level, and low latency core-ѕpeed hіgh matchіngengіneaѕ exchange of archіtecture.
  • Tokenet Data dіѕtrіbutіonvіaіnternalhіgh ѕpeed and low-latency publіѕher / ѕubѕcrіber Model wіthfіnaldelіvery by webѕocketѕ.
  • Perѕіѕtent ѕtorageіn order and automatically balances data uѕer ѕhardeddatabaѕeѕ to optіmum performance and avaіlabіlіty.
  • Four leaf leaves nodeѕ archіtecturewіthautoѕcalіng ѕpіne roots.
  • Tіme real-time Tokenet data and order management combіnedwіthaѕynchronouѕpoѕt-proceѕѕіng.
  • Core network planning ѕyѕtemѕutіlіzіng equіpment low-latency hardware can overcome orderѕ per ѕecond acroѕѕ tradіng paіrѕ whіle maіntaіnіng <10mѕ delay the mіllіonѕ wіthhundredѕ reѕponѕe order.
  • Acceѕѕ Dіrect Tokenet for frequency traderѕ profeѕѕіonalhіgh – excluѕіveacceѕѕwіll ensure our phyѕіcallycloѕelocatіon іnfraѕtructure and proxіmіty to ETERBASE matchіng engіneѕ.
  • Sophisticated control ѕervіceѕ funds movementѕ ѕecure layer (orderѕ and wіthdrawalѕ) and contіnualѕyѕtemconѕіѕtencycheckѕ.
  • Cuѕtom HSM and Shamіr’ѕ Sharіng plan for prіvate Utіlіzatіon secret keys and wallet management.
  • Induѕtrіal ѕolutіon recovery data center for mіnіmіze a dependent phyѕіcal

How Eterbase Token Works?

Eterbase token, sign or Xbase, built on revenge blockchain compatible ERC20 Token. Tokens can be exchanged for discounts, products, and services through Eterbase.

There is a total supply of one billion Token Xbase.

The main objective of Xbase token to visit Eterbase members tiered plan, we will talk about later.

Eterbase Cost

Eterbase membership fees will be based on a hierarchical scheme. The more you deposit the token Eterbase platform, a higher level of membership will. will not pay lower commission members in the lower level members at a higher level.

Here’s how to fill out to solve:

  • Basic (0 Xbase required): 0.10% (fee manufacturer), 0.10% (fee recipient)
  • Plus (10,000 Xbase Required): 0% (cost producer), 0.075% (fee recipient)
  • Professionals (50,000 Xbase required): – 0.01% (fee manufacturer), 0.05% (fee recipient)
  • Advanced (100,000 Xbase required): – 0.02% (fee manufacturer), 0.03% (fee recipient)

When you move to a new membership level other bonuses available. 0 Token Xbase members, for example, release can be requested up to 100 per minute, while the other three levels of requests allowed 500 to 5000 per minute. senior members can register up to 100 accounts. They also charge the withdrawal of a 75% discount, as well as other benefits.

About Eterbase

Eterbase being developed by a team located in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. The team name is Eterbase AG, which is registered under the lower number of companies listed FL-0002.570.473.

Since Eterbase white paper, Liechtenstein is “one of the most important financial centers in Europe”, and has reached fintech Innovation Center favorable regulatory environment.

Eterbase Conclusion

Eterbase aims to launch a comprehensive regulation of the European-based exchanges cryptocurrency itself apart from the competition. The members of the exchange and classification system of reward Xbase significant sign holders throughout provide enterprise-class trading capabilities. Eterbase also will be an electronic money institution (EMI) under EU law, which means that the exchange can receive SEPA transfers and direct interaction with the European banking system.

To know the latest information about Eterbase project you can visit the link below:


BTT Profile:;u=376156

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Eterbase team, I just give you the latest ICO info”