Eterbase – Benefits That Can Be Obtained When Becoming Membership

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Eterbase – Benefits That Can Be Obtained When Becoming Membership

Eterbase – With so many exchanges cryptocurrency where you might wonder why create another one? How will they be different? Why would anyone bother to use this new communication?

Well, even if there were a perfect exchange there, the reality is that most of them are not set, in fact, some of them an illegal edge. Eterbase is the first in line with European regulations cryptocurrency exchange. While this might not be for some people is very important, you must know, cryptocurrencies regulated worldwide, and the non-regulated exchange would soon disappear. This is in line with the European Eterbase cryptocurrency exchange regulations throughout a neat user interface that provides fast, secure transactions. Learn how today in our review.

What is Eterbase?

Obviously, there are many exchanges cryptocurrency already available today. What makes Eterbase different? How to exchange programs, in order to compete? The following are some of the core functions of Exchange:

  1. Heavy Trading
    Eterbase will use “private infrastructure and matching engine” to provide “safe, complex, high-volume transaction” at the level of “comparable only Wall Street,” according to the official website.
  2. Sub-Accounts
    Eterbase will have a sub-account system, you can manage your account from different portfolios and trading strategies across multiple accounts. You can see at a glance the value of the entire portfolio, while also allowing unique individual trading strategies.
  3. Compatible Regulations
    Eterbase established in the core of a comprehensive regulation. The essence of such KYC, AML, CTF, and GDPR, which makes it fully in line with the laws and regulations to comply with the European Union.
  4. SEPA And Debit Cards
    Another advantage of getting a license is the ability for system integration EMI Eterbase with Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). SEPA is 500 million people, 20 million in Europe access business. If Eterbase EMI application is successful, then the platform will be able to directly accept cash deposits and withdrawals account payments – such as banks. Eterbase also able to issue debit and credit card payment execution – yes, like a normal bank.
  5. Clean And Professional
    Eterbase designed to provide a strong compliment trading functions for professional and novice traders, including “human-centered design, intuitive interface, and support around the clock.”
  6. Individual Customers IBAN
    Eterbase implements into electronic money institutions, or EMI, in accordance with European regulatory standards. If successful, this would allow Eterbase problem of international bank account number in full operation, or IBAN. This means that they will be able to immediately remove the Euro, but in the entire European Economic Area (EEA), covering customer service 31 European countries. It will Eterbase same coverage and service as a European bank.
  7. Mobile App
    Eterbase plans to launch a mobile app in the future. The mobile application will provide a safe, fast, on the device humane trade and portfolio management of your mobile and much more.
  8. Social Trading
    Eterbase social transactions, you can follow and interact with traders on. traders on commissions received their copy of the transaction for everyone.

How Eterbase Token Works?

Eterbase token, sign or Xbase, built on revenge blockchain compatible ERC20 Token. Tokens can be exchanged for discounts, products, and services through Eterbase.

There is a total supply of one billion Token Xbase.

The main objective of Xbase token to visit Eterbase members tiered plan, we will talk about later.

High-quality Centralized Platform

Decentralized exchanges that many people consider ideal, in fact, are not as ideal as they seem, and they also have problems. One of the decentralized exchange’s problems is not the ability to serve a large trader and also lack of compliance with regulatory requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to work hard to improve such exchanges. The developers of Eterbase platform want to offer absolutely legal, transparent high-level tools. The huge advantage of the project is the speed of transactions. By deploying multi-core processors, the platform will process millions of transactions per second. Such indicators are likely to satisfy the requirements of traders and trading community as a whole. It should also be noted that in addition to direct access to the market, Eterbase special marketing program based on ETX token, which will allow trading even with a negative commission. Traders who own ETX token will have a wide range of opportunities. It turns out that the project offers a practically closed exchange circle, which is suitable for any trader; and for a beginner and for an experienced professional.

Special Functions

To all standard functions that exist in almost any exchange, the Eterbase creators have added following functions:

  • Integration of Euro pairings and IBAN accounts with Fiat.
  • A specially developed modular architecture allows processing millions of payments per second!
  • Permanent external security check.
  • Compliance with regulations, coordination with FMA, as well as legal firms.
  • Zero fees for all! both for participants and market-makers.

The Modular Architecture

ETERBASE core system consists of several micro-services, and various types of API modules, and to ensure the operation of the air conditioning system platform under extreme load and a zero fault tolerance. exchange methods rely on advanced communications and separate modules, interfaces to ensure high throughput and very low latency, low-latency communications.

Eterbase Architerture

ETERBASE support REST API (Application Programming Interface State Transfer), and who generally prefer a simple delay and recreation retailers using WebSocket API. In addition, FIX API (Financial Information eXchange) will primarily support the payment services and supports low latency data flow and high-frequency traders and market makers institutional management accounts and API FAST (FIX for streaming media).

Debit Cards

Eterbase Debit Cards

The successful implementation of the key members of the license and debit card payment processor following EMI, ETERBASE will issue debit cards first, at the same time will give the customer chooses to hold cash or cryptocurrencies and use it as a normal debit card capabilities.

Fiat Encryption

Anyone who wants to enter the world cryptocurrency, for the first time must first purchase coins or tokens through the exchange of legal tender and the euro, US dollar, Swiss franc, or other supported. After obtaining the necessary permits, the company will be involved in the completion of ETERBASE directly Fiat digital assets in major European currencies. Our long-term strategy, including access to multiple independent banks and financial institutions, which will provide liquidity to the strategic partnership platform as a market maker.

Eterbase App

Membership Token

member ETERBASE based ourERC20 signs compatible, Xbase, representing different levels of access platforms ETERBASE. The token member can be exchanged for discounts, products, and services through the exchange. While symbol may Xbase shares outstanding, they are not investing, currency, securities, commodities, financial instruments in currency swaps, or any other form. The utility is only possible to decide and tiered membership program in ETERBASE AG may be modified or terminated at any time on the court ETERBASE AG. ETERBASE company will use its policy of donations, donation, exchange or direct or indirect benefit or advantage Xbase transaction.

Membership Features

The main tool to motivate the transaction will be based on the amount deposited Token Xbase hierarchical scheme members on the platform ETERBASE.

  1. Fee Structure
    Minimize transaction costs and commissions have a significant impact on the merchant career. Our fees will be adjusted competitively against other major exchanges and is regularly updated to reflect changes in market demand. This can reduce the use of Xbase membership token transaction costs.
  2. Market Maker Program
    As we are a market maker incentive part of the plan, we will strive to build for market makers and large-volume traders a suitable environment. Market makers have a positive impact on the creation of liquidity and provide other traders with relevant price signal.
  3. Direct Market Access
    We packet DMA server hosting provides a convenient option to rent a transaction server close to our core switching infrastructure, so you do not have the advantage of trading in the DMA.
  4. Masternode Hosting
    Traders will receive the full benefit of their masternode, but without sacrificing comfort them directly transfer money in and out of communication. The service fee will apply to asset maintenance masternode equity and/or verification. The service charge will be the size of the current user’s membership status is determined.

Eterbase Cost

Eterbase membership fees will be based on a hierarchical scheme. The more you deposit the token Eterbase platform, a higher level of membership will. will not pay lower commission members in the lower level members at a higher level.

Here’s how to fill out to solve:

Eterbase Membership

  • Basic (0 Xbase required): 0.10% (fee manufacturer), 0.10% (fee recipient)
  • Plus (10,000 Xbase Required): 0% (cost producer), 0.075% (fee recipient)
  • Professionals (50,000 Xbase required): – 0.01% (fee manufacturer), 0.05% (fee recipient)
  • Advanced (100,000 Xbase required): – 0.02% (fee manufacturer), 0.03% (fee recipient)

When you move to a new membership level other bonuses available. 0 Token Xbase members, for example, release can be requested up to 100 per minute, while the other three levels of requests allowed 500 to 5000 per minute. senior members can register up to 100 accounts. They also charge the withdrawal of a 75% discount, as well as other benefits.


  • Q4 2017
    ETERBASE is established in Liechtenstein.
  • Q1 2018
  • 1 mil. EUR initial capital raised from founders and VCs.
    Q3 2018
    Launch of the BETA Crypto-to-Crypto exchange.
  • Q4 2018
    First round of Token Distribution Events.
  • Q1 2019
    Application for E-Money Institution license in EEA.
  • Q2 2019
    Launch of the Crypto-to-FIAT exchange.
  • Q4 2019
    Launch of iOS and Android applications.
  • Q1 2020
    ETERBASE issues its own version of pre-paid debit cards.

Eterbase Conclusion

Eterbase aims to launch a comprehensive regulation of the European-based exchanges cryptocurrency itself apart from the competition. The members of the exchange and classification system of reward Xbase significant sign holders throughout provide enterprise-class trading capabilities. Eterbase also will be an electronic money institution (EMI) under EU law, which means that the exchange can receive SEPA transfers and direct interaction with the European banking system.

Our goal is to provide a broad-based and listed asset blockchain. Despite many choices, and continuous monitoring of the coin marks a new environment pragmatic, provided can be traded more than 100 tokens support more exchanges.

To know the latest information about Eterbase project you can visit the link below:


BTT Profile:;u=376156

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Eterbase team, I just give you the latest ICO info”