Essentia – Framework That Allows Users To Fully Control Their Online Identity

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Essentia – Framework That Allows Users To Fully Control Their Online Identity

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What is ESS Essentia?

Essentia is a framework that allows users to fully control their online identity. Users can control whether they want their identity to be fully confidential, whether they want to reveal certain parts of their identity, or whether they want full site access. In their personal. In this role, the server pages that you visit can read your IP address, name, area, and other personal information.

The primary user or person called Essentia “seed” is the only person who has full access to this personal data. Obviously, for certification reasons, seeds need to share more personal data in some cases, but usually, this is not necessary. By using the Essentia framework, users will have full control over how and where their personal information is shared with other servers.


Private: Only primary users (also called “seeds”) can fully control the data. Computers, servers, or other third parties may access seed information without permission.

Customizable: Essentia is easy to customize for anyone using it. Essentia can be used to protect the machine and human identity. Each person or machine will have different requirements and need to customize the Essentia system to meet specific needs.

One environment: The Essentia environment provides a central location for storing different types of identifiers, personal data, asset information, and more. All this information is completely safe and decentralized.

Essentia Benefits

  1. Essentia solves the most common problems that occur in today’s highly connected world. Information is more valuable than ever and can be searched for high prices in the market. Essentia provides users with a framework that allows them to become completely anonymous as needed and allow them to store data on their computers.
  2. By using a security framework like Essentia, users can be sure that they are not being used. They can filter which entities can access data about them. This framework provides a way to distract your identity completely.
  3. The most prominent coagulation tool in the proposed product list is a single seed mechanism, which seems to be the same concept as the master code and is reinforced by advanced coding methods.
  4. It is initialized once and without it, the users (even Essentia’s engines will also target the IoT economy in the future) can not access the configured service range. That number works with it.
  5. Among third-party services – cryptocurrency exchange, wallet apps, file storage platforms and Essentia kernel machines, there are many middleware modules that provide third-party capabilities. Three Essentia solutions are integrated into their platform.
  6. This will be an API type module used as a bridge between user ID / kernel and browser plugins on desktop, mobile apps, and so on.

Who is behind Essentia ESS?

Essentia was developed by a non-profit organization called Essentia One in Amsterdam. The organization was established in 2017. As expected, team size reflects project ambitions. Given the high tech content, this is also a very heavy technology and not surprising.

The organization is primarily from Ukraine, LinkedIn personal information is provided to the 26 registered members of the website, which largely indicate the amount of health and number of networks involved.

Feature Token

Again, the platform economy is listed in a separate file that outlines four key tokens:

  • Anti-Spam: Some aspects of the platform require the use of tokens to implement the service to prevent spam.
  • Distributed Governance: Token will be used as voting currency to enable a wider platform community to contribute to democratic decision-making processes related to future project development.
  • dApp service access: Essentia-based decentralized app storage service and products only pay for the use of local ESS tokens.
  • Reputation Management: Reputation score – which can be hosted on this platform – needs to have a notification tag to apply ratings.

No detailed information – At the time of this writing (March 1, 2018) – Regarding token quotes, it is not the hardest time and the token circulation.

How does Essentia work?

Essentia aims to create a full-featured personal platform. The platform features are based on signatures, authentication, encryption and decryption and other basic cryptographic functions, built from “seed” outward.

Essentia magazine explained better than I did:

  • Essentia is a modular module that boots from Seed by taking its extensions hierarchically and combining them with relevant data that can be used for encoding. Scattered memory or local copy/backup.
  • This data is associated with an extension key that depends on the system and its components, “subscriptions”, configurations, and content used when the module is loaded. The appropriate impact template. “
  • The “seed” in Essentia refers to user data. The user (or machine) is the only person who has full ownership, access, and speed control, including all IDs, data, assets, and other connections related to the seed.
  • The Essentia framework can be used indiscriminately by humans or machines (machines may include servers, IoT devices, etc.).
  • Essentia framework of several modules including ID, login, keyring, DAPP center, wallet, non-Exchange account, decentralized Exchange, distributed storage, market forecasting, distributed VPN. , Social DApps, Encryption Nodes, and more.

These are just some of Essentia’s built-in front-end modules – with just one click. As long as the user has his own seed, even in a virtual environment, he will always be able from anywhere, any system or server to download and use his own distributed framework. Obviously, these are all highly technical, Essentia white papers detailing all aspects of the platform.

The teacher’s explanation for Essentia is that it’s a secure and durable digital identity that can be used by people and smart devices. This identification can be done through various applications and devices – such as social networking on smartphones and decentralized exchanges on home computers. The platform is designed to emphasize privacy, control, and lack of reviews.

You can sign in using unique IDs across platforms, such as regaining ownership of data and selectively sharing it with various parties. Currently, several major blockchain projects have been incorporated into Essentia. For example, Gnosis, Ethereum, EtherDelta, Status, IPFS, Storj and Aragon projects built Essentia.

Characteristics of Essentia

Essentia’s core features include all of the following features:

  • Modular layered models that can be adapted for human or machine use
  • Decentralization, personification, and identification of machines based on digital blockchain
  • Strong encryption support is reliable, reliable and secure
  • Private, only with full user rights and full ownership and platform control
  • A personally-tailored environment (similar to a desktop-based operating system) where users can manage and interact with multiple IDs, data, assets, and resources. Rights and Concentration,
  • Transnational Resources and Communication,
  • Decentralization, available 24 hours a day and 7 days
  • Available crosslinks, multithreading, and many protocols
  • Modular, flexible, and scalable
  • Centralized and uncensored security, sustainable and non-destructive data
  • Open source and open hardware, including available software and hardware
  • The language and server staff are inconsistent
  • Prove that there will be errors and evidence in the future
  • In general, Essentia claims that “decentralized real power” is a “moving needle weights.” Essentia rebuilds the hierarchy as a primitive and radical hierarchy, while others try to “transform” distributed resources by creating artificial human needs. The middle of the user. For ordinary people, they find themselves seizing the spirit of decentralization as soon as possible – they think we have gone.

Allocation of Token

  • For ICO: 46%
  • Group: 18%
  • Research: 11%
  • Masternodes: 10%
  • Advisor: 10%
  • 1 ETH = 15000 ESS


The roadmap is published as a separate document and outlines the three phases of the upcoming product and project milestones. Highlights are:

  • 2018 Q1: Create dApps platform, file storage platform, multi-purpose attribute example, start token for the first time.
  • 2018 Q2: Create a VPN platform, TOR platform, third-party eLogin ID management system, and a second token advertising program.
  • Fourth quarter 2018: Original mobile app version, ESS framework beta, ESS software version, third edition.
  • Fourth Quarter 2018: EOS Beta Released
  • 2019 S1: Interoperability, multilingual integration.
  • 2019 S2: Get out of the final product.


Essentia is a secure, uncensored, and private digital identity system based on blockchain technology. Consider systems for building hierarchies: teams expect to allow interaction between users and interactions between side chains on machines and third parties to provide full control of dispersion to users. In general, Essentia wants to create a framework for your digital life. This is the scope of the project, making it an interesting project. All product shipments will not be completed until the end of the fourth quarter of 2019. If the card is successfully sold, the project team needs to work hard to deliver clearer information to the entire project.

To know the latest information about Essentia project you can visit the link below:


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