EROSCOIN – Introduces A Next Generation Global Payment Solution

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EROSCOIN – Introduces A Next Generation Global Payment Solution

ErosCoin is an efficient platform that empowers and enhances payment systems. It increases the efficientcy of sending payments and at the same time decreases the cost associated with money transfers. You can send or receive money across borders instantly. In this article, we are going to review this platform to help you know more about it and why you should choose it.

The EROSCOIN platform has been under ideation and advancement for over a year now. The undertaking began at some point amid the Q2 2016 has accomplished a huge advance to date to come to the crowdsale organize. EROSCOIN influences on the blockchain innovation to permit free exchange of significant worth between individuals over the web, making it an alluring installment arrangement.

As the worldwide online business fragment keeps on flourishing, an installment handling arrangement equipped for staying aware of the changing circumstances is alluring, and the EROSCOIN stage is intended to fit that part splendidly. The stage appears to be that installment arrangement by being appropriate, quick and secure while obliging more than 500 sorts of digital currencies.

EROSCOIN influences it to calm for merchants to fuse blockchain-controlled installment door into their sites. Likewise, the installment door imparts a ton of likenesses to customary ones, making it simpler for everybody to work it. The EROSCOIN stage additionally has a quick exchange time of 15-20 seconds, empowered without anyone else executing keen contracts. These keen contracts can encourage, confirm, arrange and close contracts amongst purchasers and venders. A portion of the extra highlights on the stage incorporates P2P visit, receipt administration, item and request administration.

Integrated Features

1. In Chat Instant Payment

The in chat instant payment system is a very efficient feature that will allow you to send money via self-regulated smart contracts. Unlike other payment methods that force you to remember the address of the person that you want to send to, ErosCoin allows you to send payment without putting in so many barriers. Sending money is as simple as sending a message while chatting with your friends.

2. Micro Payment Services

Unlike other payment services that involve too many processes and are more expensive, ErosCoin transactions are time saving and cost efficient. This is because the platform has been developed on the fastest and most efficient blockchain network. You will be charged very little and in some instances you won’t be charged any cost at all. You can easily develop your own payment services when you join the platform that has been developed by ErosCoin.

3. Web Wallet Services

This is an outstanding feature that you will truly appreciate on ErosCoin. The web wallet feature allows you to make transactions that are both commercial and non-commercial quickly and efficiently. This means that you can collect donations, pay bills, and also accept payments instantly.

4. Mobile Payment Integration

ErosCoin created a very innovative mobile payment situation that gives you the convenience and flexibility that you need to accept credit card payment from anywhere in the world. You can integrate this payment method with mobile platforms such as person to person or one touch payments to receive mobile payments right from your phone. You will have the power to make financial decisions by using your mobile phone. All payments that you make or receive via your phone are fast and secure.

5. P2P Payment Services

Peer to peer, currently known as P2P, is the latest and the most talked about form of payment that is widely used in the payment industry. Many payment services are rushing to establish this form of payment.

However, that is not the case with ErosCoin because it has already established an efficient peer to peer payment that super fast, simple, and free to transfer money from one person to another. Peer to peer transfer give you the chance to make direct transfer of money without involving a middleman. This helps to save time and money by eliminating costs charged by middlemen.

6. Mobile Wallet

ErosCoin has an integrated android and iOS mobile wallet that you can use to send and receive payments. This means that you can send money instantly to other users in a secure manner without the need to have a bank account. For the purpose of ensuring that your transactions are secured, the receiver will be required to have an ErosCoin blockchain address that is authentic.

EROSCOIN will soon dispatch a suite of utilizations, making a whole digital currency biological system around convention. A portion of the applications are as of now accessible on testnet, prepared to be discharged after broad testing.

Vision of EROS Team

EROS Foundation is committed to develop fully qualified & professional global blockchain community by cooperating with the other blockchain communities, third party services, developers and companies. The goal of EROS Foundation is to innovate the experience of using virtual currency in real life. Ultimately bring it into finance, business, product management, gaming, payments and internet industries. EROS Foundation is the compatible ecosystem to develop, enhance and bridge the real world applications into the blockchain.

In the current era, there are many payment industries are in an existence based on the blockchain systems. The current market depends on the peer to peer payment transfers with proof of security. However, such a security are not possible with presently running systems.

Thus, EROS want to provide extra facilities then the current available payment system providers. In addition to that, EROS has planned to provide real-time solutions for merchants & customers. Integration of all new blockchain based technologies and upcoming currencies is our aim to develop the EROS ecosystem.

ErosCoin Conclusion

There are numerous new digital forms of money that have been made keeping in mind the end goal to fill a particular need. ErosCoin is one such cryptographic money and has been built up with a specific end goal to give better alternatives with regards to installment administrations.

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