Eristica – To Invest In Challenges, Gambling And Online Competitors

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Eristica – To Invest In Challenges, Gambling And Online Competitors

Eristica is a progressive P2P-stage that drives interest in challenges and online rivalries. The venture was propelled in 2015 and has just got more than 1.2 million clients. The stage empowers every member to dispatch and acknowledge challenges, giving video film of difficulties finished and evaluations in view of the outcomes.

Eristica is a P2P stage for challenges. The test is demonstrated with video. Infection content with shrewd contracts that guarantees reasonable play and straightforwardness. With this stage, every member can challenge and make testing recordings, and Eristica clients can create the viral substance with video issues that get a huge number of perspectives on YouTube, and the victor is a star. You need to conquer the hindrances you look in making a solitary biological system for both disconnected and online challenges.

What Are Our Stage Focal Points

  • FunTech video stage for challenges with 1.2 + M client base
  • Advancement of 2 years Hack improvement
  • Normal time per session 13 minutes
  • Support from beginning time # 1 financial specialists on the planet: SOSV
  • Support from McKinsey, Winter Capital and a gathering of private pre-ICO financial specialists
  • Mentorship of the business hotshot
  • Understanding for month to month pre-introduce on cell phone in Asia

What Our Goal

  • Biological communities where clients provoke each other straightforwardly through brilliant contracts.
  • A decentralized prophet framework where everybody can wager and test members an objective to win tokens for any fruitful expectations.
  • Stage with incorporated outsider administrations and items in light of blockchain innovation.
  • Online test for e-sports rivalries for diversions based on Unity and Unreal Machines with the assistance of Game Eristica API.
  • Easy to use UI for purchasing and offering tokens in the present market cost without managing straightforwardly with the trade.
  • New sorts of difficulties: one-versus numerous and many-versus many.

The key element of Eristica is the capacity to challenge everybody on the planet to do anything by utilizing digital money.

The advantage of this innovation is blockchain – it keeps clients from deceiving and debated circumstances. On account of false or opportunistic recordings, the group turns into an honest to goodness 100% decentralized judgment framework. EGYPICA 2G is upgraded, that implies little application measure, little information utilization and advanced for developing business sector phones (<7Mb application estimate).


Eristica Roadmap

Eristica network token (ERT)

Eristica Token (ticker: ERT) is a vital part of Eristica’s network. ERT will be possible users to participate in bets even with celebrities, get awarded for winning challenges, making money from successful predictions and buy access to platform services.
ERT also operates in a decentralized government that allows users to have affected the resolution of a disputable situation when voting for the winner in a challenge.

Period Of Contribution

Start Time: December 7, 2017
End Time: December 29, 2017
Duration: 22 days or shortly when the hard cap is reached.
Cap Hard: $ 10 million

Allocation of Token

Eristica Allocation Token

70% of all tokens can be purchased from ICO.
10% only for Eristica team. His character is locked in a smart contract with 24-month strength and a six-month cliff.
10% of tokens are transferred to the Challenge Foundation for the development of platform ecosystems.
10% will be a reserve for initial investors, project advisors, and rewards programs.

Some Illustrations Of Our Benefits

Illustration Utilize Case: Difficulties And Expectations

Eristica administrations empower clients to move each other and further advancement of these administrations will empower the gathering of people to make tweaked bunches that will be tested. It will be conceivable to make mass difficulties that match with exceptional dates or time of day. By consolidating disconnected and online rivalry into one savvy contract, clients will get the full scope of instruments to make any wager or test. Eristica tokens will wind up plainly widespread money for making challenges, prize subsidizes and rewards for the champs. The Eristica task will charge a 3% expense for each wager. The charge will be paid in ERT tokens. The tokens got as charges will be conveyed to the undertaking pool, where they can be repurchased by clients through the individual record. Subsequently, the group of the venture will have the chance to purchase tokens, without the requirement for diving into outsider trades.

Illustration Utilize Case: Decentralized Administration

Decentralized voting will make it conceivable to discover the group’s supposition on exceedingly critical issues straightforwardly and rapidly, and select agents of client gatherings and resolve questionable circumstances. The ask for voting will be sent to the client’s sustain. Furthermore, contingent upon the significance of the subject, it will urge the client to settle on a decision. When voting on vital issues, clients will get tokens as a reward for investment. The namelessness of voting will help stay away from the weight of the larger part. The straightforwardness of the estimation will ensure a reasonable outcome. A brilliant substance channel will expel voting that isn’t significant to the client without cushioning the client with questions. With the assistance of decentralized voting, clients will have the capacity to have an impact on tackling debatable circumstances while deciding champs in a test. If there should be an occurrence of questionable circumstances, a video with the test will be sent to the clients’ nourish, where everybody can vote whether a test was finished or not. On the Eristica stage, recordings are one of the principle wellsprings of demonstrating that the test was finished. With the presentation of blockchain innovation, the validness of the video shot on the cell phone will be ensured. The hash21 of the video alongside the timestamp will be kept in the blockchain, where everybody will have the capacity to look at the validness and timing of the video recording. Along these lines, the group will be guaranteed of the proof displayed.

Illustration Utilize Case: Top Bloggers Challenges

Difficulties to star bloggers have turned into another well-known pattern on YouTube. Frequently the bloggers themselves urge watchers to provoke them. Eristica gives an instant and solid stage, where bloggers can make challenges for their endorsers and acknowledge difficulties of different bloggers. ERT tokens will give the chance to adapt the occasion at another level. The expense got from the occasion will propel bloggers to draw in their group of onlookers in support of the occasion. Additionally, remunerating the victors with Eristica tokens will start interests from the watchers.

Illustration Utilize Case: Mark Challenges

Understood brands will have the capacity to interface with the group recently. It implies that by making their own particular difficulties and remunerating members with Eristica tokens, brands will have the capacity to work with the gathering of people at another level. The current achievement of the Burger King22 offer (they gave tokens as a reward to all purchasers) demonstrated the genuine potential in another sort of cooperation in light of the tokenization of the economy.

Synergy Eritastica will also create a platform where different types of people can interact with each other and can adapt to this process. A young man, who may have been a critique course, never before had the opportunity to try products and services in the crypto industry. This will generate new user streams and speed up the process of presenting cryptocurrency in the community.

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