EreCoin – Aims To Establish A New Order For The Production Line In The World

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EreCoin – Aims To Establish A New Order For The Production Line In The World

EreCoin – The development of technology is changing our lives at an incredible rate. Every day we see new things that are manufactured and marketed. New things usually make our lives easier. 3D production is also known as the production contribution is one of them.

EreCoin is the alchemy of additive production chain. It combines the opportunities created by technical development with blockchain technology and establish a process that would benefit both parties. Because the opportunities created by the application of blockchain technology, the production of a real object contribution will be free of technical constraints. Thus, designing and producing a complex object in the future will be as easy to produce color printing in house.

When technology enters a new market, it brings some problems as well. The issue in the music industry, where the intellectual property is not protected effectively, was in sight. In the digital world of 3D printing templates, need not repeat the same mistakes. Blockchain technology will give you the opportunity to create a smart contract, solve the legal and technical issues.

When you make a purchase, the contract is usually signed and approved by both parties. Settings that can be prepared in the form can be made; sometimes, even without the consent of the notary, the contract may provide sufficient guarantees for both sides. The situation for 3D additive production slightly different. It is sometimes difficult to agree on the product. The parties may say, ‘that’s not what I want.’ All these problems can be solved with smart contract blockchain.

Rules for data exchange and use integrated into blockchain chain. This is the basis of the trust relationship to all sides of the process. smart contract blockchain technology for low volume production very comfortable. In case of dispute, there would be no need to go to court, because the solution will take place in a smart deal.

Blockchain technology offers a variety of opportunities. From the first digital illustration of the final product, the entire chain of production to take advantage of this. Thus, the free production of financial and economic dependence rich center. Individuals or companies can design, modify and produce their products using EreCoin platform, no matter where they are in geography.

What is EreCoin?

EreCoin Platform aims to establish a new order for the production line in the world. This platform has the main purpose to direct the activities of manufacturing the additive manufacturing method starting from today. With the decentralization of power blockchain, the land is very safe and sustainable manufacturing can be established and the target EreCoin are at the heart of this revolutionary changes that inevitably will occur in the future and not soar from now. It is already getting a lot of interest from industry giants such as BMW, Boeing and ultimately, each production line will be required to change in this regard.


As expected, in the near future, so many experts involved in the manufacture of additives must work together to overcome the challenges constructively. This problem can only be regarded as a cross-border issue since globalization bypass restrictions limit. These challenges require more flexibility, consistency, reliability, security, and speed in order to establish a connection with the environment perfectly smooth and uninterrupted. Because of this argument, blockchain technology is the best answer to the resolution of this challenge.

EreCoin Solutions

Through harnessing the power of technology blockchain, EreCoin platform will clarify and ensure the assignment of the relevant data throughput 3-D related. Each type of file, data, records etc. can be transferred to the transaction are protected and preserved by utilization EreCoin sign. The smart contract is on the lookout for all connected agents in the composition of the 3-D process and provides transparency and the scalable system returns to the additive manufacturing market trends.

Additive production has a variety of applications:

  1. Development of digital products:
    Products produced using supported, digital production technology additive is an advantage to the competition. 3D modeling, visualization, and testing are critical to achieving this advantage.
  2. Space Engineering:
    It is one of the sectors that make the most of the technology contributions. Especially studies fuel savings of interest to this area.
  3. Mechanical Engineering:
    Production of additives for engine engineering is very important. Functional integration is essential, particularly by reducing the number of parts in a product.
  4. The automotive industry:
    Examples of the use of the highly successful seen in this field. Prints can be made easier by using additive techniques for body tooling (casting).
  5. Drugs:
    Various individual prostheses, orthoses produced using data from 3D scanners or computed tomography. dentures complicated mainly geometric and orthotics play an important role in the production of additives. Prostheses and orthotics production costs less improved quality of life due to meet the needs of people in need.

The main idea of the system EreCoin is to conduct operations in a transparent and secure production of additives. Blockchain and integration of artificial intelligence to solve problems in a 3D file permissions. service providers, such as providers of 3D printing and 3D digitizers, also acts directly on the platform.

The EreCoin Token (ere)

The EreCoin Token (ere) is based on the basic Ethereum. ETH is used when processing. In the process within the platform, tokens ere used. Customers of platform EreCoin have the opportunity to buy EreCoin token (ere) during the phase of ICO. EreCoin token (ere) increase their values as used in the service in the system.

As a result, EreCoin is the ideal platform to penetrate the market and technology. This provides customers with a secure service for the use and contribution of the 3D printer and makes sure that they meet their needs. In the future, the industry, which is expected to grow fast enough, EreCoin will be a big player.

EreCoin Token Allocation

EreCoin Token Allocation

EreCoin Team

EreCoin Team

EreCoin Roadmap

EreCoin Roadmap


Because I am so enthusiasm into cryptocurrencies and technology blockchain and consider them as a central element of software and financial systems of the future, I had the fortune to the extreme in additive manufacturing methods. This is the name of the revolution itself in the field of production and sooner or later, it will prevail in conventional manufacturing systems. For convergent blockchain with additive manufacturing, EreCoin is the most exciting projects I have ever encountered lately. This project definitely deserves more investment and public interest. I hope to see it in action.

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