ENDO Protocol – Blockchain Protocol For Data Verification

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ENDO Protocol – Blockchain Protocol For Data Verification

ENDO Protocol – Delays and setbacks, the disease in the 21st century. Earlier, people feel the pain of regret and unfulfilled dreams. It seems to open up opportunities for self-realization of the Internet prior to the arrival of many people, but in fact nothing is no possibility of internal quality, as determined in the case of consciousness to achieve, but how to choose a target, if the world offers so many approaches to the development of specific markets, often name and ideals of beauty do? Though young, you can be anyone, but most modern, there rushed new flicker, the opportunity is often an illusion. sound information, mixing truth and falsehood – these problems can be summarized by name. And with each passing day, it becomes more and more lost or goes the wrong way easier. Blokcheyn information can be changed using. Show that there is a reality, it is just imagination. ENDO method to change the handling of information and commands used. ICO on this project, we are talking about today.

After verifying that the data for various types of data check data migration helps to do. This accuracy, and inconsistency to determine whether the system and from other data sources Baruch authentication. The process of accurate data decoded During support, and the ability to run both systems in parallel to identify gaps in the field, and to prevent the need to re-enter the data and calibration data verification wrong. Proofreading of data, including documents on the checks, which is time-consuming and expensive data entry.

Endo is to solve the authentication information and data in encrypted storage. Ecosystem enables companies and consumers to participate in the information and services through a token system application. All cars Endo has the goal of creating a safe environment for all of the tracking data and important exchange of authentication approval. All personal information, businesses and public, education, identity, medical history, etc., can be controlled by Endo.


Since 2013 the project has grown into a mature aspect in 2017, when it decided to organize a fundraising (ICO). Year of construction is expected to be a successful project. In general, I do not imbalance, but in this case, I pushed a little further, I will explain why.

Endo is the service, because I recognize in blockchain. Blockchain most common platform for building applications and the interface layer between the API production projects. In the autonomous mobile platform, and with a bit of currency blockchain protocols and interfaces retaliation, 2019, the EOS device can also shrink and data storage systems, is used as a safe and interacting Google engine drive safer or spread Storj, IPF issues like that. ,

Developers can access the platform, and is committed to producing their own purposes, which is used to develop your own application APIs. Not only. Developers can select data storage and security encryption mode, you can create your own database or preparing an Access database, build check price and conditions of use.

internal use, read data, and verify the automatic document integration at home, will help protect the Endo Protocol Blockchain technology companies, institutions and individuals fraud. Endo must understand the history of the world organization of human resources management candidate actual information data base, basic cutting HR.Platform expansion will confirm and validate new employee, to avoid fraud.

Endo Data Services solutions provide automatic verification is to identify the brand, pharmaceuticals and food producers, documents, including passports, diplomatic passports, driver’s license photo authenticity of long-term work visas, almost to examine international certification .ENDO, what test to use and more data sources is a great tool, and allows customers to quickly verify the identity of, at least the basic information. In, on the one hand, Endo automated process, saving time and money, the other side can accept new customers, improve service quality, to prevent fraud and reduce risk.

ENDO Protocol API

This Five Ecosystem are:

  1. Blockchain + reserves
    Information is stored in different repositories: Dropbox, Storj, Amazon, problems IPF, FTP / SSH
  2. Protocol
    Determining the level of ecosystem interaction rules
  3. Platform
    cycle dispersion sign data exchange and application logic verification
  4. Application
    For enterprise users and platform-based application development
  5. API
    open interface to create applications and automate business logic

ENDO application of the first Alpha version has administrative guidance by several companies, transportation and biggest university East region. military bases available to customers, including the creation of files of network test and process level distribution function, the allocation to confirm the cancellation of illegal launch and successful operation, upload and distribution, as well as the interface open application programming (API) and industry-standard OAuth protocol to ensure that the integrated data and security agencies and easy way to publish and secure interaction.

In practical reasons to sign an electronic platform electronic signatures and user authentication data exchange between decision making the user pay system. If wages or the hash stored in the storage ET conversion into other currencies such as the single currency Blockchain user data on a third party server.

ENDO users pay for the service brand needs to be provided through the platform. ENDO token, you can use it to buy and sell through data sharing information. ET organizations, ENDO.Jika platform sales data can be used to obtain user data, user ET% to enter or exit, choose not to exchange their personal data.


There are no problems associated with today’s world of information:

  • Feel – people can fool value;
  • lost deposits – expensive storage of official information. transferable securities also involves human factors;
  • Centralized data validation – valuable information monopoly agency management, delete and review;
  • Fake system – the problem is not enough, obviously. But we live in can fool the system into contact. And it is almost impossible to prove, fraud inherent in the system. For example, culture and history. Although in this example, we will be back.


ENDO – combined with the management application, to verify their information infrastructure, and the development and maintenance of the ecosystem.

Visually, this system can be summarized as follows. Picture.

Although the project has been basically formed a partnership and occupy various organizations, but the system can be used anywhere. The most important thing to understand the truth. For clarity, we give two examples.

ordinary people who live on the streets. When a neighbor asked to borrow money. In this case, to provide application and installation ENDO artistic, information to identify and realize the exchange. This process is similar to the documentary. Only more reliable.

Let us take another example. Owned business sector. fake diploma. When employees are now required to work diploma authenticity can not be verified, but the formal request, the university issued a document. But nothing was done. Here is the work of a number of experts and fake diplomas, people are not educated.

And there are thousands of problems. ENDO great technical scope, see below. There they find more possibilities.

ICO Endo

  • Name tags: Electronic Signatures (ET)
  • Emissions: 100 000 000 ET
  • ICO End: August 25, 2018
  • SoftCap: $ 500 Wan
  • Hardcap: $ 15M
  • Minimum investment: $ 3,500

To know the latest information about ENDO Protocol project you can visit the link below:

Website: https://endo.im
Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mR9BJBwFHX6spVL1u9LolkHSVpFEm3aZ/view
OnePager: https://endo.im/onepager/
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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the ENDO Protocol team, I just give you the latest ICO info”