EMMARES – Email Marketing Provides Modern Marketers With The Highest Return On Investment

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EMMARES – Email Marketing Provides Modern Marketers With The Highest Return On Investment

EMMARES – E-mail marketing is part of a digital marketing concept that uses e-mail and the internet as a medium. Email marketing has the benefit of being a “direct” direct selling product, your sales, your goods or services. E-mail marketing is basically the same as general e-mail, but there are differences in the purpose of the persuasive content.

Since the introduction of the Internet to the world, email marketing has become an indispensable tool for businesses. However, some (even more) e-mail ads that make it into your inbox are “real trash” you do not know. Fortunately, by filtering on Google, etc., then it’s itself a spam inbox spam folder. I will explain the real situation of email marketing and why it’s different from regular email. Email marketing is an important part of many industries, especially building customer relationships with important companies.

Introducing EMMARES

Emmares is a platform for evaluating systems that are highly beneficial to marketers (senders) and email recipients. This platform connects high-quality email content to interested recipients, encourages a better quality of content, less frequently, and evaluates content fairly.

Project Emmares deletes all content and rewrites it with new rules. This is not an advertising model, but now dreams are mostly email marketing. So what’s good for both parties? Emmares allows you to assess the quality of content sent by your email campaign. The evaluator is the recipient of the e-mail and receives the EMA token to evaluate the e-mail received. Buyers can ask for their favorite places and recommend the best content providers associated with that field. If a buyer accepts a combination, he or she will send the best content to suppliers and sellers via email to the capabilities of specific parties and interested buyers.

They promise that anti-spam will have more services, use the API to filter spam and send anyone. With the help of new services, you will be able to attract more customers to destinations related to your email content. This will open up opportunities for Gateway to attract more people who want to see your content.


We envision a world where the content of email marketing is higher. Through our services, email marketers should always create better content. A reliable assessment will help us all to minimize spam. EMMARES will launch a new golden age of email marketing. We hope that email marketing will represent trust and quality in the public eye.


Email marketing is more than any other digital marketing channel, but the impact is unrelated to its substance. This is largely due to the poor quality of much of the content used in email marketing. Customers need email information provided to marketers, but they will not receive low-quality information.

By using smart services provided by EMMARES, users can end their marketing emails based on their own criteria and adapt them to their gender and territory. Our mission is to expel the world from spam and play a key role in uncovering the possibility of dynamic content delivery and intelligence systems.

Advantages of Emmares

Emmares offer benefits to the receiver’s publisher (marketer), buyer, and email. Here are the details:

  1. For marketers
    Create a reputation for high-quality email marketers, get new recipients with the right goals, and increase beneficiary participation.
  2. For tokens buyers
    Buyers will be given token privileges and get interesting content, and email marketers can get a higher return on their investment.
  3. Recipient email
    After getting an appraisal, you will get a chance to get a token as a reward.

They are all rewarded for investing in a basic set of all prizes that provide tokens to email recipients who evaluate content. They are always rewarded for receiving various marketing and assessment. For each assessment, the person providing the evaluation will sign the email sender to receive the email. Marketers or email publishers can get a unique and honest platform to evaluate their content and make it better. This will allow them to spend more time creating high-quality content. You receive a prize for a review and pick up tokens from a target audience. Basically, you get a reputation as a good email marketer, gain access to high priority leaders, and increase interaction in your email.

Token buyers buy tokens and use them to get special offers and ability to support new projects. You become part of the platform and only receive content that you deem relevant and sent. Evaluators will be able to receive tokens in exchange for email evaluation. They can also subscribe to emails they find interesting. They can basically exchange tokens with marketers or use them for their own set of gifts.

How does EMMARES work?

When signing up with the Emmares system, email providers can access marketing, which can make customers more interested? In content. When they want to send recipient content, they have the opportunity to use the system to expand coverage, Emmaus can improve results and get the greatest return on investment.

They invest in bonus funds, which are the basis for meeting Emmares (email recipients) who evaluate their content.

To evaluate recipient email for evaluation, they receive the contents of different mailing lists (senders), and recipients again receive group tags. For each evaluation, email recipients (users) receive emails from high-quality content providers.

The purpose of the project

Emmares’ main goal is to support and encourage marketers to continue producing better content while valuing trustworthiness will help minimize spam.

This is a potential platform for the digital market industry, and the return on investment is very good, more important than traditional online advertising. As the first-in-class service, this platform provides new methods for online advertising through email and offers a new dimension to email marketing.

Pre-sale and Crowdsale

  • Token Symbol: EMA
  • 1 EMA = 0.12 USD
  • Total Supply: 500,000,000 EMA
  • Softcap: 2,000,000 USD
  • Hardcap: 22.5 million USD
  • Pre-Sale: Mar 1 2018 – March 15, 2018
  • ICO: Mar 19, 2018 – Apr 19, 2018
  • Tokens for sale (Pre-ICO and ICO): 255 million EMA

Distribution Plan

EMMARES smart contract operations Email marketing provides modern marketers with the highest return on investment when applied correctly and delivered in conjunction with relevant customers. Nearly 3B users worldwide receive an average email marketing on a daily basis. This allows the marketing volume to send 9 billion emails per day to email marketing or 3.3 trillion email marketing every year. The target audience of EMMARES is email marketing and email marketing staff. With a penetration rate of only 1% in e-mail marketing, EMMARES will have 90mio e-mail messages through the daily EMMARES evaluation system, generating a value of 90 million Euro per day.

EMA Token Distribution

After the allocation phase is complete, placement and allocation of rights entitle receive EMA tokens. Prizes will be distributed within two weeks after the completion of the prize.
Contributors in the distribution phase will receive the token immediately through a smart contract.
Pre-sale gift tokens will be locked for 6 months.

To know the latest information about EMMARES project you can visit the link below:

Website: https://emmares.io/
White Paper: https://emmares.io/whitepaper.pdf
Tweeter: https://twitter.com/emmares_io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emmares.io
Telegram: https://t.me/emmares
Bitcointalk (ANN): https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2807216.0

BTT Profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=376156

ETH : 0xf684c669653b6cd2b606ecdfc69b69dff7935b2c