ELAD Network – Create An Encrypted Network And Liquidity Of Real Estate Investments

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ELAD Network – Create An Encrypted Network And Liquidity Of Real Estate Investments

ELAD Network – This is the difference between a real estate platform. Part of the power to have, any property can be divided into a variety of sizes, from 50 to deliver 50,000 ££ block investment opportunities. There will be a monthly profit rate of return on the direct investment-related scale. Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to buy, sell, invest in real estate, and received a trend reversal has not been seen before entering the real estate scale to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of real estate transactions. ELAD network will combine Blockchain, intelligent contracts, and artificial intelligence to make cryptocurrency and real estate platform will provide real estate, liquidity in the world’s largest asset class that we visit.

Information about the ELAD Network

Housing is a basic human need. Demand for housing and working classes in the feed the world’s largest asset and generate huge cash flow from all sides. Total fair wealthy and profits have to intermediaries and large companies, which resulted in delays, inefficiency, high costs and barriers to entry. This cross-border applicant, owners, tenants, investors, and buyers from many problems. Most investments are made by large multinational companies, thereby restricting access to the average person or investor.

The total value of the real estate in the world in 2016, an increase of 5 percent of gross domestic product growth Erqian ○ ○ Shiwu Yi ShiLiu Fenzhi Erqian 2.3%, which means that the value of real estate around the world is growing faster than revenues. real estate company now has annual revenues of 2.8 times (GDP) in the world. The ratio of real estate assets and income from a range of 2.7 in 2015 will increase and growing, which means that not only the property size has grown from some far-fetched, but now will make more money as an asset, and stock appreciation annuities, of the average wage. In 2016, the world research report, the global real estate worth $ 217 billion. Our research in 2017 showed that this number has increased. global asset prices have now risen to $ 217 billion – a real growth of 5%.

The global real estate industry is an asset class with all stocks, shares, and bonds worth more than putting that together totaled $ 1.7 trillion. In all the history of the value of the gold extracted even more trivial only $ 6 trillion. In the United Kingdom is £ 1.662 billion, accounting for 21% of net worth. Build a £ 94 billion contribution to the UK economy – the gross domestic product of 5.4%.

Index of real estate transactions through the usual process of buying and raising speculation exchanged with millions of real estate prices through the online phase of the network ELAD. ELAD network combined in the same place P2P trading and speculation, open the door, cut costs, and destroy all boundaries.

A monthly income will be paid, depending on the duration of the company. Our scene structure, making it very easy for everyone to see, even technophobia.

Fragmented ownership can participate in some of the different costs and reduce the risk of liability correctly to identify the resources, the most common method of part of the fly, cruise or land resort. This is usually the cause of money but generally includes individuals visited a number of steps. One for retail purchases mainly maintenance element shared inspiration, not the ability to be a full day using cost-effective from the boss.

Every part of the commitment needed its own board of directors of the kind that the Secretary must determine before you buy, and maintain distributed in the ownership records of the principles and norms of the resource as a guide. In most cases, the manager will monitor the daily work more attributes, although this is not essential.

A local single source can be controlled by a single element. Is to ensure that every owner to make a profit, usually used to provide or recommend measures to hire or social contract, wages are usually part of the administrative organization and part-owner. In addition, each part of the annual management fee paid by the owner, and the support poles.

Easily create a diversified portfolio, or to buy encryption banknotes money from your portfolio, and securely erase your property distinctive flowers. We have engaged in self-understanding and application of artificial years. ELAD network stage will help to promote the exchange of money and encryption experts in soil, helping to provide information on costs, historically important data and methods.

Our team of experts will provide 24-hour reporter and his party, customer information management unusual, you can count on. We make every effort to ensure frank and honest, then solve the hidden motives or poor communication, some people might have a problem with the experts or dealers. Despite the excellent management of the customer, an advanced expert reduce costs, which make provision for our customers.

Our vision

ELAD is a network committed to using advanced technology to create new possibilities. Which, we believe, a way to communicate and connect with other people change for the better.
Our vision is trading in a fragmented real estate industry in general use.
We will make the entire process transparent to the average person the opportunity to be part of a closed deal has the traditional look.

How does the platform work?

  • Find a Property
    Please visit our property catalog until you find the one you want to invest in blocks (shares). See all the statistics, monthly returns, historical documents, and property.
  • Buy Shares
    Determine how many blocks, each block you want to appreciate the investment.
  • Get Your Share
    Get the hidden costs and real transparency blocking back monthly. Money from rental income and appreciation of the property to be included in your monthly return.


ELAD Technology Co., Ltd. will use the legal structure of government support, to protect investors and securing investment. We will pass the relevant provisions of all applicable laws and regulations as well as our business and investment in each geographical site.

This infrastructure is designed to support the government by promising template for another geographical encrypted hotspot. It also means that we can use the liquidity to provide critical transaction processes faster than a traditional online business account, which is required for direct payment smart contract. ELAD Technology Co., Ltd. Business account will be used to purchase, payments and rental income.

The ELAD network platform will use two types of certification, in order to protect investors and ELAD DAPP may require investment access to some autographs. Our website will automatically copy the data together with the virtual layer in a geographic region (data protection allows) cloud instances monitored in running, to protect the hardware and the constant threat and reduce costs.

Storage security

ELAD Cryptocurrency can be stored in hardware or a bag like Trezor Ledger nano-seconds. It allows users to “cold lay” (token delay) ELAD, dispersion and pressure to provide free ownership.

Statistics cab • ELAD Technology Co., Ltd., and ELAD blockchain network is stored in a hash.

• We DAPP and intelligent blockchain contract will interact with our platform and create a comfortable, safe investment for all.


Portfolio ELAD legal norms network of conversion products, market conditions, financial policy or other unexpected events, which can be prevented asset into a liability. a large number of lost profits and increase credit support from traders shield main memory along price increases to reduce the interest burden. This leads to an increase in the value of benefits.

Want to develop their password combination that buyers can experience a monthly bill to take advantage of a new asset class that quickly in the future.


  • 15% of all ELAD tokens will be available during the Presale with an early adopter bonus. Register to receive Presale dates and ensure early access.
  • Start date: TBC
  • Accepted currencies: ETH
  • Maximum Presale supply: 15,000,000 ELAD
  • Presale token value*: 1 ETH = TBC
  • Maximum transaction amount: 250 ETH


The final number of ELAD tokens available will depend on the number of tokens distributed during the Presale.

  • Start date: TBC
  • Maximum crowd sale token supply:60,000,000 ELAD
  • Main sale token value:1 ETH = TBC
  • Maximum transaction amount:500 ETH
  • 1st 15m ELAD tokens:1 ETH = TBC (50% bonus)
  • 2nd 15m ELAD tokens:1 ETH = TBC (20% bonus)
  • 3rd 15m ELAD tokens:1 ETH = TBC ( 10% bonus)
  • Remaining ELAD tokens:1ETH = TBC
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC

Token Distribution

100,000,000 Elad Tokens will be minted on a fixed supply, the reserve may be stored or burnt after Token sale which may alter the available supply.

A maximum of 15% of the total supply will be used as a long-term incentive, to ensure alignment of the founder’s interests with investors, engage partners into the platform community and grow app loyalty.

10% of Elad tokens may be held in a reserve to provide immediate liquidity if the tokens have high demand once listed on an exchange. Any unused tokens may be burned after 12 months or kept for future growth.

Elad tokens can be bought with both fiat or cryptocurrencies and can be traded and stored through exchanges like other altcoins.

  • Crowd Sale 75,000,000
  • Reserve 10,000,000
  • Founders 10,000,000
  • Partners 5,000,000
  • Total (Hard Cap) 100,000,000


Elad Network Roadmap


Elad Network Team


Elad Network Advisor

To know the latest information about the ELAD Network project you can visit the link below:

Website: https://www.elad.network/
Whitepaper: https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/elad-public/ELAD+Network+White+Paper.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elad.network/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/elad_network
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/eladnetwork
Medium: https://medium.com/@elad_network
Telegram: https://t.me/elad_ico


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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the ELAD Network team, I just give you the latest ICO info”